S2O Laundry Sheets Reviews and Complaints

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Doing the laundry is no doubt taxing if you like your clothes shining bright. You have to collect and add up a host of laundry products like the detergent, oxygen booster, stain remover, whitening agent, delicates, darks and fabric softener and the works, not to mention the care and astronomical amount of money you have to spend on them. If you want it all combined in one small but powerful solution and get rid of all the hassles, switch over to S2O Laundry Sheets, the amazing easy to use, light weight all in one laundry solution.

S2O Laundry Sheets

S2O Laundry Sheets are convenient laundry sheets the size of a folded paper napkin that are incredibly simple to use. All you need to do is put one laundry sheet into the washing machine when you switch it on. You won’t require any of the additions like stain removers, whitening agents, fabric softeners and others are needed to make your clothes bright white. This small SO2 strip is packed with so much power that your clothes turn out like new and that too without splurging the hard-earned money for the same results!

One S2O Laundry Sheet replaces loads of additions that have only made things complicated and fraught with tension. Now there’s no more measuring, no more mixing, no more pouring, no more storing of all the substances and chemicals. All you need is one simple laundry sheet that just needs to be tossed into the washing machine, which, regardless of fabric, color or even water temperature, makes your clothes look new.

S2O Laundry Sheets not only save you efforts, time and money, but also protect your clothes from looking dull from wear-n-tear. They make the colors of your clothes stay intact and fabrics last longer too. The sheets are safe on wool, cotton, and polyblends, silk and other clothes.

Besides, the additional laundry products that we use are known to be building up in the steams and pollute the environment. Itchy skin, reaction to laundry products are other problems that the new S2O Laundry Sheets will bring to an end. Just open the box, take out a S2O Laundry Sheet, put it in the washing machine you are done. It’s that easy, less expensive and that compact. While the laundry products can make you pay up to$1.40 per load, the S2O Laundry Sheets unique formula replaces are only pennies per load and actually can save you hundreds of dollars and all the hard work.



What do I get?
Make the right choice and don’t compromise on quality. Pay only $24.99 and get 100 packs of S2O Laundry Sheets for just $24.99 plus postage and handling additional as special introductory offer!


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13 thoughts on “S2O Laundry Sheets Reviews and Complaints

  1. I hate doing laundry… will try anything to make laundry go smoother…. I was actually mixing my laundry detergent and softener together in a container but with S2o sheets… everything has went much better in my opinion….. my husbands work clothes no longer need the shout it out, and no more fabric softener needed… clothes are clean, soft, no static and look awesome… whites aren’t dingy and the colors are bright… Thanks to S2O… I haven’t even bothered reading to see if the sheets can go into the dryer… but I will admit 9 times out of 10 that what they do on my end… it hasn’t hurt anything going into my dryer… can’t say I’ve pretreatment stains with them yet… but my husbands work clothes get mighty dirty and must wash separate from our other clothing but since using S2O even those clothes look great and sometimes a shirt will get mixed in with the regular laundry and all the clothes comes out clean and bright no more dingy looking clothes after wash because a work shirt got mixed in…. again thanks S2O… just like mcdonalds..I’m love’n it!!

  2. I ordered S20 Laundry sheets from QVC a couple of times, then I couldn’t seem to find them on their website the last time and ordered another brand they’re presently carrying. I am not as satisfied with this newer brand. The S20 worked really well for us and I also like the Mountain Mist fragrance. Hopefully, your S20 will be back on QVC!
    Thanks for a quality product.

  3. Been using SO2 Laundry Sheets Plus Stain Remover Laundry Booster HE Mountain Mist Scent for over a year and love it! Does a great job. No more messy, heavy bottles…. The sheets are full of the product but doesn’t drip, I just wipe any product I get on my fingers off on clothing, towel, etc that I’ve put into washer…(I always wash my hand after handling dirty laundry anyway, don’t you?) Still better than gooey, dripping liquids!

  4. I tried these and they are fantastic! Your clothes come out clean, smell and look great! Even the colours are brighter! And can be handled by hand even with sensitive skin….they are organic and 100% biodegradable, so great for our septic and camping and such…. I love them! Get rid of bulky plastics and harsh chemicals wherever you can and save our precious Earth!

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