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About Sixty Second Dry Clean

Sixty Second Dry Clean claims to be the first at-home dry cleaner that can dry clean any apparel in just a minute. Sixty Second Dry Clean assures that unlike other dry cleaning solutions it doesn’t damage the clothes. Convincing to be safe on all kinds of fabrics, Sixty Second Dry Clean can be sprayed on any outfit to make it look brand new and fresh again. It promises that it doesn’t leave any residue behind and is safe on the skin and even around kids.


How does Sixty Second Dry Clean work?

There is no need to waste time and money going out to get your clothes dry cleaned nor to use harmful chemicals at home. Dry cleaning your garment at home has never been easier as Sixty Second Dry Clean manufacturers proclaim. All you need to do is hang your garment and spray Sixty Second Dry Clean on it and the solution asserts to remove all the stains and the strongest odor from it to make it brand new.


Dry clean at home within a minute – Everyone likes being dressed sharp and especially for professionals it is the need of the hour. And for that we get our clothes dry cleaned. It often happens that you want to wear a garment for an interview or an important meeting but it is not dry cleaned. For such times you are convinced to rely on Sixty Second Dry Clean, the first at-home dry cleaner solution that will give you crisp and fresh clothes instantly so that you save time and money on dry cleaning. Instead of being left with no choice but to wear something else, with Sixty Second Dry Clean you are alleged to dry clean clothes right at home. Sixty Second Dry Clean guarantees that you just need to hang the garment and spray the solution on it. Sixty Second Dry Clean declares that it penetrates the fabric and gets rid of the odor and stains almost within a minute.


Effective on clothing of any fabric – Sixty Second Dry Clean proclaims that no matter what your garment is – a suit, shirt, dress, or trousers – it cleans them perfectly because it works on every fabric. Even though there are other dry cleaning solutions one can use at home they usually have chemicals that can be harmful. But Sixty Second Dry Clean claims that it doesn’t have any chemicals in the solution so it doesn’t cause any skin reaction when used. And for that reason Sixty Second Dry Clean is also alleged to be safe to use around kids and pets and safe also for kids’ clothes. Unlike other solutions, Sixty Second Dry Clean also maintains that it doesn’t dull the colors of the clothes and your garments will always stay looking new and give it a new look every time you use it. Sixty Second Dry Clean states to clean up to 50 garments and work out a lot easier on your pocket than dry cleaning at the dry cleaner’s.

What do I get?

Get 2 Bottles of 60 Second Dry Clean for $9.99 plus $3.99 S&H | Official website:

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