Perfect Fit Button Reviews and Complaints

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Are those pants too tight to close, is that button ready to pop…you need the Perfect Fit Button the quick and easy way to add or reduce waist size. Kids outgrow their clothes and then it costs you a fortune. Perfect Fit lets you add more room for big savings. Sewing buttons is a pain but Perfect Fit instantly replaces missing buttons.

Perfect Fit Button

Simply pop up the Perfect Fit Button and attach the specially designed secure lock fastener and your jeans close easily and perfectly. No-one will ever notice that you are wearing it. Just attach the fastener under the pin to hold firmly in place. Squeeze the fastener to remove it. When you loose weight just remove the Perfect Fit Button as you loose weight simply pop it on the other side. Perfect Fit Button is so strong it instantly works on corduroy, denim, suede and leather.



What do I get?

  • 4 Perfect Fit Buttons
    (For Jeans, Khakis, Brown & Black Pants)
    BUY 1 GET 1 FREE
    (Just Pay Separate S&H)
  • 4 More Perfect Fit Buttons
  • BONUS – Shoes Under (Just Pay Separate S&H)

You’ll receive four Perfect Fit Buttons for jeans, khaki, brown and black pants for just $10.00 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. Order right now and as a bonus we’ll double the offer. Plus you’ll also get the amazing Shoes Under; just pay separate $6.99 shipping and handling. That’s a total of eight Perfect Fit Buttons and the Shoes Under, a $70 value, all for only $10.00 plus shipping and handling.

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57 thoughts on “Perfect Fit Button Reviews and Complaints

  1. I was hoping that once I start looking for reviews of Pace Express I will find all there is to know about the product. I wanted to know if it was a product that lived up to its claims because many don’t. I wanted to know if there were any drawbacks in the product and if it really suited my needs. And that’s what I expect a product review to tell me. But clearly I was wrong because when I used Pace Express as keywords for my search the review sites that showed up had no helpful information about it at all. Couple of sites that I found had this wonderful content about the product but it was easy to see that it was a sales pitch. Other sites had a Buy Now tab, which instantly put me off. I am happy with your site though because it has helped me make up my mind about the product.

    • You have hit the nail in the head; what you faced is a problem many users are facing today. Yes all that you say are the functions of a genuine review and that’s what we try to offer. But not every review you find online is like that and many of them are put up by affiliate marketers who are making big bucks from manufacturers by posting dazzling content about products. It’s a huge con and search engines haven’t caught on to it.

  2. I think you could have an awesome product, but I have trouble keeping the back pressed on. It would work GREAT if it just screwed on. How simple would that be. Pressing it on does NOT work for me so this product is useless to me. I’m so surprised the the engineering for this passed. Make it stay on and I would purchase it again other wise looks like it will go on the garage sale.

  3. Once you use a pair of scissors to pull the backs off, they’re great. However, I’m having a hard time getting them OFF my pants so I can wash them. The little tiny part popped off. These are too hard to use. I’m giving it a huge thumbs down. I’m terribly disappointed. Nice concept…but they should have perfected the ease to release the backing and such before sending it out in the wild! I shouldn’t have to struggle to get the backs off – I now have a broken fingernail and I’m po’d.

    • Had to use scissors to get back off. Should’ve just sewn a button on. Lost weight, waist was too loose.

  4. These are awesome! Read Joy’s review for how to get the backs off and then you’re set to go. Had a baby and could not fit my belly into my pants. These are a life saver!

  5. I am a 43 year old man that lifts weights and plays guitar– strong hands and fingers. My girlfriend bought these and we sat here all day trying to get the backs off. None budged. GARBAGE. STAY AWAY. Use a safety pin.

  6. I was getting so very frustrated trying to get the back off and was about to give up when I used tweezers on the end while holding the button….snapped right open. Hope it works for you!

  7. I am VERY unhappy with these buttons. Once you got it on YOU CANT GET IT OFF!!! I’ve been squeezing, pulling, anything you can think of and this darn button won’t come off! Imagine being at your place of employment and really having to use the bathroom but you can get your pants undone!!! Yeah, now you feel my pain. I’m throwing them all out when I get home.

    • I don’t understand why you can’t get your pants undone? You don’t need to completely remove the button to go pee?

      • Something tells me instead of putting it near the hole they put it threw both sides of the pants instead of just the side where the button originally was.

  8. Hey guys, It’s me again I haven’t had any problems at all with these buttons, I can unscrew the back even when I have my pants on, just don’t put pressure when you are unscrewing the back, or your fingers are going to hurt really bad and you are going to get frustrated and another thing when you buy something online use a prepaid credit card. I been using one everytime I make a purchase online and never have a problem on over charges.

  9. I was excited about this Perfect Fit Buttons. Unfortunately, the buttons are pieces of junk. The theory is good, but the workmanship is shoddy. Two of mine broke almost right away. The others I had a terrible time even getting the backing off.

  10. I recently purchased a package of your so called “Perfect Fit Buttons” thinking that it would a great answer to fixing my wife’s pants. Today I opened the package to install one of the buttons on a pair of her pants.
    First of all I found it nearly impossible to remove the fastener from the button stud. I finally did get it apart but it broke in the process as did two more. It is not possible to re-assemble them when they come apart.
    I finally got one of them to actually work but it sticks out so far on the inside of the pants that she can’t possibly tolerate the pain of trying to wear them that way. I think this “Perfect Fit Button” is perfect junk and nothing more. I did not keep the receipt so I can not return it to the store but I need to let you know what I think of this product. It’s worthless and they are doing their customers a disservice by selling them.

  11. I bought these Perfect Fit Buttons at Walgreens last month. I lost a button on a favorite pair of pants. I don’t sew, so this seemed to be a great alternative. They worked fine, at first. The back of the button was jamming into my skin all day, really hurting. Then the whole thing broke! I went to the bathroom and when I pulled my pants down, the whole thing, back and all, fell off. The prong wouldn’t fit into the back. This really sucked, as I was at work. I ended up having to use an extra large binder clip to keep my pants up. Horrible.

  12. I purchase the prefect fit button and they do really work, you just have to know how to unscrew the back of the button, and after a while you will know how to do it.

  13. Agree w/ Rose.

    Listen if your thinking about buying these Perfect Fit Buttons:

    Don’t buy from them or anyone selling their product as it does not work well with the backs. Almost all of them break!

    DO!!!!buy them from the dollar store(found mine at dollar tree) they are the same thing, but for only a dollar and some change! Plus they actually work; the backing piece is so easy to remove and put back on you’ll be happy for saving money and having an item that truly works.

    Even if your like Anne(Ms.Moneybags) and don’t mind wasting money you’d probably like if what buy works.

  14. I just got my Perfect fit Buttons in the mail today and the backs wouldn’t come off, 1 back broke, one of the button covers came off. Don’t waste your money on these, go to the dollar store and buy the same thing but a lot cheaper and they work.

  15. Thank you Joy! Had it not been for her instructions, I would’ve never got these buttons to work!

  16. First used the black button and the black insert fell off immediately before I even put it on my pants. The second black button was stuck and the back snap would not come off no matter what we tried. I left it at that and put it all back into the package and now am looking for a way to get rid of these cheap things.

  17. The basic idea behind these buttons is great, but the design of the buttons falls short. They were not too difficult to put on, actually painful to wear. The metal pin cap that holds the button on jabs into my so that I don’t even want to button them at all. They were impossible to remove using just my fingers. I had to literally break them off using two pliers. So to review Perfect Fit Button, Great Idea…..TERRIBLE DESIGN !!!

  18. I rate PERFECT FIT BUTTON: Not just 2 thumbs down, but if I had 10 thumbs, well, I’d give it 10 thumbs down!!! BOO!!!! This product sucks.

  19. I bought Perfect Fit Buttons and I wish I could try out this product. Only problem is, which is a huge problem, I can’t even get the back of the button off. Three others tried too and no luck. My fingers and hands hurt like hell now. Thanks alot perfect fit. May as well have called it “Wish it fit”. What a waste of money. $10 on this fricking trash.

  20. I wish I read and will in the future the posted complaints before ordering from companies on line. I ordered the extra button and there was no “checkout” verification of what the total cost would be. I noticed the billing was $47.00 worth of shipping and “handling” charges. So I called the company up right away and of course they “couldn’t find the order and wait up to 48 hours” this is when they charged my account for the order. I called my credit card company and will have to accept the package then send it right back with delivery confirmation and if I don’t receive full credit they will get involved. It sounded like a good idea until there was no checkout page and the outrageous shipping and handling charges. Will be calling their customer service as I expect they will give a bs answer. So don’t even think twice about ordering anything from this company. Will be calling them on Monday but don’t expect them provide a positive outcome and will have to go through the postal and credit card abuse scam which will just take time.

    It’s a Perfect Scam Fit. Just say no!!!!!!!!!

  21. Don’t buy this product! It’s a great concept but these buttons are so cheaply made that they are nothing but trouble. When they arrived two out the two sets fell apart when I took them off the cardboard. Some of the others are so difficult to open, it hurts my hands. The front fell of of one pair and a piece fell off of the back, leaving a sharp point sticking into my stomach. Now I can’t get the darn thing off at all. My husband even tried with pliers and it’s ripping my pants. I wish I had never ordered these. Too bad, it they were well made it would be a great product.

  22. I bought my set of 8 buttons at CVS Pharmacy for $9.99. I attempted to use them yesterday but got frustrated when I couldn’t get the back off. I will try again tonight using Joy’s helpful tip. Thanks Joy!

  23. Bed Bath and Beyond has the 4-pc set of Perfect Fit buttons on sale for $10, so I bought it. I’ve been wearing one on my jeans for several hours now it’s working great so far. I was worried that the protruding back would be uncomfortable, but it’s just fine. Pulling the backer off is awkward, but if you do it correctly, it slides out smoothly with very little force. You have to pull back on the rear part of the backer while holding onto the front of the backer and, still holding them apart, pull the button out (you may find it helpful to have a friend assist). I’m using it for my super-stretchy skinny jeans, which otherwise slip down, especially when I squat (I have no butt). I hope you find this review helpful. I was half expecting to have a problem based on other reviews I read, but I am very happy with the product.

    • Thanks Joy! I could not for the life of me figure out how to get the damn backs off. The instructions say to “squeeze” the backs to remove, which is a bit inaccurate so I had to Google it to find out how to do it and came upon this site. Now that I know how to do it, I love them!

  24. I forgot to comment, if you go to you’ll actually see reviews from users. I think the buttons got 3.5 stars. Some had the same problem I had and others didn’t.

  25. I ordered these buttons from HSN and received them today. The offer says 2 sets (is actually 16 buttons) and of the 16 only 4 work!! By that I mean the backs are so hard to remove my fingers have indents from the task and then most of the pins broke. Once I finally got 1 to work I absolutely love it! I called HSN and they will send me replacements for the broken ones. Maybe I got a bum batch but that’s probably why they offer a “Free Set” Out of 16 maybe 1 or 2 will work! LOL

  26. Ohhhh no ! The “buttons”. What a screwy online order system and I have a feeling I’ve been screwed !! I have no idea if my order has actually happened. The customer service person says call back in 24 – 48 hrs. I’d be willing to bet I’ll be calling my credit card to cancel….I’m expecting a hassal now.

  27. I just saw the ad on TV and glad I’m checking reviews before I buy 🙂 Was hoping for some actual users of THESE to post though

  28. Just bought some perfect fit button at Walgreen’s. Tried one and it fell apart (the color insert that is glued on to the front fell off and the back would not stay on. I’m taking them back now.

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