Mister Steamy Review

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You would not iron your clothes with a dryer and you would not dry your clothes with a iron. No you can do both at the same time with Mister Steamy the revolutionary new as seen on tv steam dryer ball with the power of steam. Mister Steamy Works claims to work on all kinds of fabrics – cotton, poly, blends etc.

How does Mister Steamy work?

The new as seen on tv steam dryer ball with the power of steam. Mr Steamy turns your dryer into wrinkle releasing machine plus softens your clothes. Get soft, wrinkle-free clothes without an iron or dyer sheets.

The as seen on tv Mister Steamy turns your dryer into a wrinkle releasing machine. Just add water to the as seen on tv steam dryer ball and toss it in the washing machine along with the clothes. As your dryer heats up Mister Steamy steams up to release wrinkles and creases. Your shirts come out neat, clean and professional, pants and slacks look new and pressed and your kid’s clothes are wrinkle-free.

Even pillowcases and sheets come out hotel smooth. Plus Mister Steamy softens your clothes as they dry for fluffier fabrics without dryer machines saving you money. This as seen on tv steam dryer ball is the fastest way to get the wrinkles out without getting the iron out.



What do I get?
*2 Mister Steamy Dryer Balls (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
*BONUS – 2 Bottles of FRESH HOT –

Buy set of 2 Mister Steamy Dryer Balls for $18.00 and FREE SHIPPING at Amazon.com. Low price, No shipping/handling scams, no hidden fees, no “buy 1 get 1 free” scams, hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee.

Please Visit The Official Website MisterSteamy.com


Mister Steamy Video
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148 thoughts on “Mister Steamy Review

  1. Crooks ! On TV, your Website, your boxes you show the original green balls. Then you receive a
    box with again the picture of the original green ball, but half the size and blue color ! I never seen a scam like this. All the numerous negative review confirm it. I suggest you stick your balls when you certainly understand I mean it.

  2. Does not work as they say. After a while the inside comes out and gets all over your clothes. I bought 4 thinking I could myself and my children time but all I did was waste $60.00

  3. I bought a Mr. Steamy Ball and used in once. It hit so loud against the inside of the dryer that I couldn’t stand the noise and never used it again.

  4. I LOVE my Mr. Steamy. Wouldn’t be without one now. I have had several – – they last quite awhile, then I buy another. I highly recommend the Mr. Steamy — I don’t iron any more. Just hang clothes up from the dryer and they are ready to wear!!! Retirement is too much fun to spend ironing all the time!! No negative comments from me.

  5. I found that Mr Steamy worked fine. I hate ironing and tend to iron more wrinkles in something than I iron out. I have no complaints other than mine broke (poor guy cracked & lost a nipple!!). And now I am trying to find warranty information.

  6. When I entered “Mister Steamy reviews” onto Google it proved to be a monstrous waste of time, as not one single website had genuine reviews and customer reports about Mister Steamy. All I saw were fake reviews about how satisfied its so-called customers were, and needless to say, every one of them looked fake, falsified and phony. There was something oddly similar about their cheerful statements, bloated product utilities and this was the same even for the official website. I checked three of four sites, but they were all the same – and while all of these websites had a “BUY NOW” option, I got redirected to other site where I could buy the product. I finally this website and I found everything that I needed. Thanks everybody for your reviews.

    • It’s sad, but this experience is what’s called a classic case of websites conning the public with fake review. The scamsters fool the search engines and the general people with fake reviews. They got to do something about these sites

  7. I have no idea why all these negative comments. Maybe it is just certain dryers that have a problem. I do alot of wash and mine was fine for well over 4mos. EVERY time I used this product it worked wonderfully. As for not getting shipping charges reimbursed, Why pay shipping charges at all when you can purchase practically anywhere. Of course people charge a fortune to ship, have you ever ordered anything else online that they charge $3.00 to ship. I do alot of online shipping as well and I NEVER pay $3.00 for shipping unless you have a coupon or special MOST places charge a ton.

  8. Stuffing started coming out of Mr. Steamy. Told to mail it back to them and I would get a replacement, which I never received. Called them and left my name and mailing address with women with whom I spoke. Still never received a replacement. Forget about it. Not worth the time or money. I bought mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond and did not have to pay any shipping charges so not a great loss but a big nuisance.

  9. The Mister steamy is a complete waste of money!! Do Not Buy! makes a lot of noise and the clothes come out as wrinkled as entered!!

  10. Be prepared- It left our new dryer looking like it was hit by a major hail storm. Didn’t see any improvement to our clothes- Not worth it!

  11. My mom bought this junk and it didn’t work….It caused our dryer door to fly open..It put dents in there and now the dryer don’t even work.That thing was a waste of time and money…So I suggest you not buy that trash….

  12. This product…Mister Steamy is awful. It makes a terrible thumping sound and it eventually caused my dryer door to open. It is a total waste of money. DO NOT BUY.

  13. Is there any way I can use the Mister Steamy Dryer ball without so much banging around? I had company and it made so much noise, I couldn’t use it.

  14. Just tried my new Mister Steamy in my new dryer. First, very noisy as it tumbles around. Second, clothes did not seem any less wrinkled than usual. THIRD, BRAND NEW STEEL DRUM DRYER IS NOW FULL OF DENTS! DO not use this product!

  15. Bought a Mister Steamy and IT DOS NOT WORK! Rubber ball must have been defective because it MELTED all over my clothing. Complained to the company and salesperson on the phone cussed me out, called me a liar and hung up on me! When I called back the supervisor got on the phone and said it was IMPOSSIBLE THAT their product would do that!
    Have gotten many spams since then…DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT…use a wet wash cloth instead…or…wet down the cash you would have spent and use it instead!

  16. I purchased the Mr. Steamy at Wal-Mart and it works for me. I don’t like to iron and have tried many alternatives to avoid it: steamy bathroom; put back in dryer with wet towel; spray wrinkle remover; air dry; hang when still damp; hang immediately after dryer cycle ends. My shirts come out of the washer wrinkled and nothing except spending the time ironing would work.

    My first time using Mr. Steamy I put over 20 very wrinkled shirts in the dryer. I used 4 oz. water. Half of them came out wrinkle-free at the end of a 60 minute cycle. Because the dryer had been full I ran half of them through a second cycle, but at the end they looked better than if I had ironed them–both button-up shirts and cotton shirts. I’d rather be able to run around waiting through two dryer cycles than have to spend time ironing. I love the Mr. Steamy and am excited to have discovered it.

  17. Mr Steamy changed my life. I had a black tie event. Incredibly I forgot to get my tux pressed. Not to worry, Mr. Steamy to the rescue. God bless AMERICA

    • Chauvinist!
      I always hate it when people idolize their own country. IF GOD were real, he’d bless EVERYONE and not just the below average countries.

  18. Oh my God, thank you all. I was watching this commercial on TV and dialed the number but then hung up. Got on line and read all of your comments. Thanks, really. It is people like you who can help others – I did not read one positive comment about the product. I read those who want to be smart ass and were commenting on other side issues but not the product itself and whether it works or not. Again – thanks.

  19. DON’T EVEN THINK OF BUYING THIS PRODUCT! It does not work. Returning it to Walmart immediately. Thinking it was ME, I gave this product three chances – and noticed NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL. Complete trash!!! By the way, you don’t find out until you read the directions INSIDE that clothes have to be on HIGH HEAT. So, instead of unwrinkled clothing – I now will have shrunken wrinkled clothing. Waste of money!!!

  20. I have Mr. Steamy in my dryer as I read all the “positive” reviews on it. LOL! I got it at Dollar Tree and figured what the heck……….I’ll just play Mr. Steamy in the same trash can where I put the other dryer balls I had last week.

  21. Haven’t used mine yet, but I bought mine at a Dollar Tree store for a $1.00 Might take it back, since I have read all these reviews.

  22. If you have ordered “Mr. Steamy” or any other product you saw on an infomercial, SHAME ON YOU. Why would you put clothes that normally have “dry on low heat or delicate” on high heat? This rubber ball is made in China, (and I’ve never seen a real one) and cost less than 5 cents to manufacture. The shipping for all of this stuff is a joke. I can send you 70 pounds of these balls or anything else for $4.95 via the Postal Service. Then, to make matters worse, they all overcharge your credit card for anything they think they can get away with. They should combine this Mr. Steamy with the Fushigi ball and have a non-useful item combined with a shiny rip-off. (See “contact juggling” on YouTube). I’m thinking of offering a device that disables your television every time you start watching an infomercial. This means that your television will be off most of the night if you PAY FOR cable television. I thought I was paying for quality programming……not infomercials. What did you do before someone offered you male enhancement products made from South American, non-FDA approved, ingredients which could react with medications you already take and kill you? Not one of these products is geared towards you being a satisfied customer. They all are based on getting your money to feed someone’s insatiable greed. If you were thinking of ordering any of these products as seen on TV, back up to the word “thinking”, and ask yourself………….am I? Don’t think that because you can buy these items in the store that they are good. They appear in the store because everyone complained that if they are so good why aren’t they in stores. It’s because the stores get tired of processing returns and don’t want this crap on their shelves. P.T. Barnum said it best, “there’s a sucker born every minute”.

    • Yeah, all that may be true, but what about the product, Mr. Steamy? I am here for a review. Stick to the topic at hand, please or you are no help.

      • I like very much how Gerald gives his general opinion about the “as seen on TV” products. Elizabeth, come on, its always time for a philosophers moment!

        Right now I am watching an item about Chinese Tea from a certain doctor that will make you loose pounds effortlessly…Yeah….right.

        Say goodbye to Mr. Steamy LOL

  23. I complained previously about being billed $68.00 for a double order that was supposed to be 19.95 plus shipping. Their customer service person told me this charge was correct, after arguing over this I finally hung up on her. Several weeks later I did receive a $25.00 credit on my credit card however this still means I was billed $42.00 for a order that was suppose to be $19.95, buyer beware. I still think they are a scam outfit.

  24. Be sure and check your account after ordering this Mister Steamy Dryer Balls by phone or online. I ordered the buy one get one free plus shipping for both and they charged me $46.97. This is $13.00 more than advertised at $19.99 plus $6.99 twice. When I called and complained they said they could only give me back $12.00 and insisted I had ordered some spot remover. Which was not sent nor ordered by me. As far as the Mister Steamy reviews is concerned, I used the product and it worked fine on a blouse and shirt. I did not like the double-dealing.

  25. I bought a pair of Mister Steamy Dryer Balls through Publisher’s Clearing House for $21 and change instead of $34 that some people paid. I followed the instructions and they did work. The down side is I do about 7 loads of laundry once a week, and less than a month, the sponge inside the balls dried out and deteriorated and came apart in the dryer getting all over my clothes. I complained to PCH and they sent me a replacement pair at no cost because they did not last 3-5 months like the instructions said they would. I only used the replacement pair 1 day for my weekly laundry and I can tell that they will dry out and deteriorate again and get all over my clothes in the dryer. This is a bad product and I am contacting PCH again. Very disappointed with this product. My dryer is not extra hot either.

  26. I will be taking Mr. Steamy back to Walmart tomorrow. When you read the instructions inside of the box, you find that you are supposed to dry the items on high heat for a full cycle. If you wish to “freshen up” previously dried items, the instructions say to dry the items on high heat for at least fifteen minutes. There is not one item in our household which has a manufacturer’s recommendation to dry the item on high heat. Expect lots of shrinkage if you succumb to Mr. Steamy’s clever advertising.

    • I agree, they are totally useless, in fact my sheets are more creased than when I did not use the mister steamy dryer ball.

  27. Just one little comment. I too have at times ordered a new product & have been less than satisfied with the results. I have read all of these Mister Steamy reviews because I was contemplating whether or not to purchase this as seen on tv dryer ball. With this dryer ball, not everyone’s dryer is going to work the same-just like every other appliance. The big expensive fancy dryers that some people own already have a steam option. Those of us with inexpensive dryers that work like crap may benefit from this product. I live in an upscale complex with a laundry room in my apt. Unfortunately the owner couldn’t spare enough to give us all a decent washer, dryer so all of my clothes come out of dryer wrinkled regardless of the setting. Ive tried everything to help that. So, if you buy the Mister Steamy Dryer Ball, try it and don’t like it, send it back. Or like one other person commented: if you decide you don’t want it, don’t except the package and have it sent back. I’m just not sure what the big deal is. On the plus side, I’m certain that the maker of the product is grateful for the feedback so that they can improve on the product.

    • You missed the whole point about the complaints: You CAN’T try the product and return if you don’t like it without losing $13.98–$6.98 for each ball–that’s the nonrefundable shipping cost (which is also a scam, because actual shipping would be less than $3.50 for both balls). Wait until they appear in retail outlets like Walmart or Walgreen. Then you can return the item with a receipt and not have to deal with any far-out charges on your credit card.

      Beware of any product where a second item is given “FREE–JUST PAY SEPARATE SHIPPING AND HANDLING.” #1–Why would you want two of something if you may not even like it; and #2–the extra shipping and handling will cost more than the product once it appears on retail shelves.

  28. HEY…Send me ONLY $5.00, and I will send my cat over to pee into your dryer. It won’t smell as good as the Mr Steamy, but it’ll do as much, if not more for the wrinkles! I swear, the poor suckers who buy this crappola need to get a grip. What good does a wet ball do, when it is thrown in with a wad of wet clothes? NONE! WAKE UP!

  29. Guys… do you realize that there is already steam coming out in your dryer? The clothes you put in there are wet to begin with if coming straight out of the washer. If not, just use a spray bottle to wet the clothes before throwing into the dryer. The heat from the dryer will cause the clothes to steam. Now the guy on the youtube video simply took wrinkled clothes and threw them in dry. That is why MISTER STEAMY worked. If he had sprayed a little water on the clothes and then threw them in the dryer it would have done the same exact thing. The only different result you’ll get with MISTER STEAMY is dryer trouble (dryers were not made to handle anything other than clothes… go ahead and throw sneakers in there and see what happens).

    • I agree. A quick squirt of water with a misting spray bottle and you’re good to go. If you’re only de-wrinkling one or two items and are worried about the clothes ‘clumping’ in the dryer and making the wrinkles worse, throw a tennis ball or two in with them. You’d be amazed how well it works.

      • I also agree with this method. Once the dryer cycle is finished, take the clothes out right away, spray a mist of water on the wrinkly parts while still warm/hot, then hang them. The clothes don’t look like their pressed but the wrinkles are gone.This method saves me a lot of time ironing tops, golf shirts and especially jeans. And we’re all aware that as long as our loads aren’t too full, the wrinkling of clothes is minimized….

  30. Mr. Steamy is complete garbage. thank god we got ours at wal-mart so we can get a refund. I pity those poor fools that ordered from tv and can’t get a refund. the people who come up with this trash should be prosecuted. I hope wal-mart will pack all these up and send them back to their source.

  31. Mr. Steamy is just another tv rip off. thank god we got ours at wal-mart so we will be able to get our money back. wal-mart could ruin their good reputation by even carrying such worthless junk.

    • What good reputation does Walmart have? They are a company that has always sold crappy products and for years have put many small businesses out of business.

  32. If you want TWO of these Mister Steamy Dryer Balls and are willing to pay $6.99 EACH in shipping and handling then by all means order.

    I ordered on line, realized my mistake and sent an immediate cancellation via e-mail because Customer Service was closed on weekends. When I did phone I was told that the department that gets the emails, “unfortunately” does not process cancellations and my order had already been zipped through their terribly efficient system and was on its way- fat chance of that – so I would have to pay the $14 shipping costs even if I returned the product. I am usually so careful – I could kick myself for not taking better care. Just be sure you know what you are getting and what you are paying for.

    • You can dispute it through your credit card company, if you write refused on the package before opening it and send it back through the mail, you don’t have to pay return shipping. Then go online and dispute the transaction.

  33. I bought Mister Steamy and I love it. I saw a review on Fox 49 and they gave it thumbs up too! Seems like many unhappy campers, but I think they’re expected miracles.

  34. I have been using my Mr. Steamy (purchased through a catalog) for approximately one month. The foam ball inside has gradually shredded and stuck to clothing until it got so small it fell out. I still like the premise, but am trying to figure out with what to replace the foam ball. The thing that comes to mind is a Nerf tennis ball, but so far I haven’t found one. If and when I do, I will cover it with a mesh or netting — perhaps an old stocking — before placing it in the outer ball.

  35. Just bought Mister Steamy Dryer Balls at Walmart for $15.88. Gave it to my aunt. Doesn’t work. Easy to get refund from Walmart, thank God.

  36. This Mister Steamy Dryer Ball does not work. Save your money! The idea of getting a second one free does not work in this case because they double the shipping charges! The 2 plastic balls cost $13 to ship! It is too much effort to return the product and pay shipping yet again. Don’t be scammed.. ! DOES NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED! A wet wash cloth in the dryer would work as well.

    • That is what I have done for years…don’t have a buzzer to tell me when clothes are dry…so I take a washcloth and wet it a little…out come all the wrinkles in 5 min.

  37. Mister Steamy Dryer Balls do not work. I cannot use my e-mail anymore because they sold it, and I get 150 Spam every day. They did not return my money.

  38. If you’re thinking of spending your hard earned money on these steam dryer balls, DON’T. Instead, put the approximately $35.00 in the bank. BUT, If the temptation is too powerful, then go to Wal-Mart or Amazon.com, buy a ball, poke a few holes in it, add water and the results will be exactly the same. Plus you’ll have saved about $30.00.

  39. Why not just wet the money you would spend on this product and throw that in the dryer with your wrinkled clothes. It really works!

  40. I ordered Mr. Steamy out of one of those little books, like Miles Kimball. the shipping was free, and only $3.98 for handling. (I don’t understand handling: don’t they have to pay a salary to those folks to just work there in the first place?). But, I got my order ( I had 2 other items sent also) within one week. I got out some of my shirts that I had not ironed and put the ball in there and it worked. Maybe the iron would do better, but here in the hot south, everything is wrinkled within 10 minutes. My sheets were the main item I wanted to use this for. Even if the dryer doesn’t get steamy hot, the ball lifts and tosses the cloth and that does most of the job.

  41. Not impressed by these Mister Steamy reviews so, might not try it. What I do when not in the mood to iron and didn’t take the clothes out in time. I just put t-shirts or something (not dress shirts). No more 5 or 6 things in the dryer, spry lightly with water and put a wet wash cloth in for about 10 min and wrinkles almost gone.

  42. These mister steamy balls don’t work at all. For dry bed sheets it doesn’t remove wrinkles and for wet clothes putting a wet ball full of water doesn’t make sense at all when all the clothes are wet. The contents of the ball just dries up with the rest of the pile.

    Please don’t waste you money and even if you try to return them with money back guarantee they wont return the shipping and handling. $13.99 is the shipping for 2 small balls through USPS. Really?

  43. Hello! What’s with all the Mister Steamy negative reviews?
    Most people put too many clothes in the dryer to start with. If they pack the clothes in, of course they’re going to be wrinkled when they come out. (No matter what you use.) I only fill my washer and dryer 3/4 full and find I get a cleaner wash with much less wrinkles. I have used the “original” dryer balls and let me tell you they fluff your clothes and the wrinkles are minimal when they come out of the dryer. (I use four balls) Saved many dollars on dryer sheets over the last three years.

    I am not sure what I’d gain by using Mr steamy balls but it might be worth a try. They are making all the new dryers with steam now.

    For those of you getting double orders. Your ordering “2 ” mr steamy balls and getting a double order plus shipping for four. So when asked, order only “1” and they will send you “2” and charge you for double shipping. $19.99 + double shipping of 13.98 (2x 6.99) for a total of $33.97.

    DUH! They are a little shady on this point hoping most people will not go through the trouble of sending the extra product back.

    Most will do best to just wait till you can buy them out of CVS or Target. LOL

    • I use the regular dryer balls also. I love them, and I NEVER buy dryer sheets anymore. I don’t think the fragrance (perfume) in the dryer sheets are good for us and since I am trying to go “green” these dryer balls are great. They do fluff your clothing in the dryer…tennis balls work also. I have not tried the Mister Steamy.

  44. Mister Steamy doesn’t work, plus the company will sell your information to marketing companies which will know your credit card number. Don’t buy stuff from TV commercials ever.

  45. I have had very good luck with complaints being resolved by the State Attorney General in my state. Consumer protection. They respond in about 10 days and love to go after internet scams.

  46. Mister Steamy sold by The Master Scammer! Nice job con-artists! How you clowns sleep at night taking advantage of people and their hard working money is simply deplorable. Those of you who were scammed, rest assured the big wheel spins and they’ll get their lunch one day!

  47. Do not waste your money on Mr. Steamy- it is a terrible product- it does not work. The company is equally terrible- they send you extra products you did not ask for, then try to charge you for them- they do not answer the phone (they do eventually answer email). It took me 3 months to get my money (minus shipping) refunded. Buyer beware!!!

  48. Read all reviews for this Mister Steamy before you purchase it. Don’t throw away your money for this company.

  49. I cant believe people are stupid enough to add it to wet clothes and then ask why it doesn’t work!? lol. Mr steamys doesn’t actually release steam…dryers would have to get to 212 degrees (the boiling point of water) to make steam and no dryer gets that hot! Mr Steamys purpose is only to release small amounts of water (humidity) to dry clothes to help remove wrinkles. If the clothes are already wet why would adding more water help?? lol. Honestly you can achieve the same thing by adding a wet washcloth to a load of dry clothes for about ten minutes at the dryers highest temperature. Think about it…Mr Steamy is only a rubber ball with water in it…the rubber ball doesn’t actually do anything..its the water in it. Just add the water to a washcloth and achieve the exact same results! I been doing it for 30 years and don’t need to waste money on a stupid Mr Steamy! lol

  50. I ordered Mr. Steamy balls im early March 2010 for my son whom is autistic and loves to do laundry.
    I ordered express shipping to expediate the process. I still had to estimate a delivery date for him as I received NO confirmation OR notice that they were on Back Order.
    I started getting worried as each time I checked my email for some type of confirmation and even my debit acct. for fees clearing, there is no trace of a confirmation or way to assess the status.
    I finally called the number, and the callous girl, nonchalantly explained they were on back order due to the washer ball we also got suckered into purchasing with all of their pop-up specials.
    The order had not processed, she said I would have to cancel the washer ball and then they would process it the next business day- which threw it to Monday as it was a thursday late afternoon I called.
    I told them to cancel the washer ball and process, but I needed it asap due to my son’s anxiety over this crap.
    I ended up having to talk with a manager toward the end of the call to express the rationale and receive some sort of clarity. They were very impartial and inconsiderate. I went ahead at that point and hoped for the best..

    I was able to find some other brands of similar dryer balls (one is dryermax), but most stores were sold out. I found some at Bed,Bath and Beyond and called to verify that day. The clerk at Bed, bath &beyond were very courteous. I then called to cancel my complete order from Mr. Steamy, this time a man answered and knew my name, claiming he spoke with me earlier, I told him that was funny, as I spoke with two women when I called initially. They cancelled my order before I got billed, thank God. It is the most shady on-line ordering system I have ever experienced. Now, unfortunately for me, my son must have seen their false advertisement commercial, under the impression it will actually emit steam and is perseverating about it again.
    They do not yet have it in the local “all that’s seen on tv” store in the mall yet, and do not have a clue when they will, so I call at least once a week for my son’s benefit of having validation.
    I am afraid to try to re-order on line as it will be detrimental for him to wait without being able to give him some concrete info. regarding the shipping procedure/timeframe.
    I don’t care if the crap works at this point, I was willing to pay extra for better shipping service or drive to the mall to purchase, but neither of these options are even available.
    This business is even giving me anxiety at this point…
    I hope that they are held accountable for their deceitful ways, and I have a feeling they will. They may get away with ripping off and deceiving people and being rude on top of it all, but, GOD sees everything, so good luck to them in the end….

    • 3 weeks the foam tore apart, left stain on my sons jeans. Trying to think of what kind of foam to use. perhaps from a craft store might have one that holds water I did not use fresh step because of allergy. Will try the dollar general wrinkle release.

  51. First, the web site doesn’t work well. I placed an order, and suspected that it was duplicated because there is no mechanism to check wether or not the order went through. So, in spite of my effort to call and email the company of this, the order was duplicated.

    Next, I tried it right away on some items that I hoped it would remove the wrinkles from. Poor results, actually worse than when I started.

    I tried it next on a wet load from the washing machine and followed the directions again. Results were poor.

    Makes you wonder, does anyone tell the truth?

    For those of you that want a tip: I use liquid softener. When items are dry, I remove them from the dryer and spray them with a bottle containing 1 qt of water and about 1 T of liquid fabric softener. I then stretch the items by pulling them into shape to remove wrinkles. For instance, I stand on the bottom of pants legs and pull up to remove the wrinkles. This has been more effective than this scam by far.

  52. This is the worst purchase ever. First off I think they charged shipping to go around the world then to my house. Second: It’s useless!!!!!!! Dry or wet clothing or bed sheets and they come out the same with or with out the green mr. steamy miracle. I think this company should have worked on this product and make it a dog chew toy. I think it will have more use for it.

  53. Wow, like Mister Steamy the as seen on tv steam dryer ball. It did take nearly 8 weeks to receive it, I think it works like a charm. I’ve been using it 3 times a week instead of doing full washes. I have 3 kids and I have been using the Fresh Shots to get their uniforms smelling nice and presentable. I like Mister Steamy and honestly am happy with how it works. I don’t understand all the negative words. Not my experience.

  54. Mister Steamy Dryer Balls Review/Complaint 2/11/2010
    I ordered one Mr Steamy as seen on tv steam dryer ball with one free. I received 4 of each with a total cost of $67.94. Also, the covers on three of the Fresh Shot bottles were off and the liquid was all over the bag. At this point I do not even want to try the mister steamy dryer ball. Please send me a return label and credit my account in full.

  55. Here’s the deal: All these “As Seen on TV” products are produced by the SAME company. They have misleading advertising (buy one get one free but charge exorbitant shipping and handling), they always misconstrue the orders, they always give the customer the run-around, and their products do not work according to their claims.

    Just google “Awesome Auger” and you’ll see.

  56. I have not used the mister steamy balls yet; but, I have been overcharged for 2 sets at $19.99 plus $6.99 each. It should be only $53.96 — but Mr steamy has charged me $67.94 for 2 sets.

  57. The wet tennis ball thing is a joke…the tennis ball is too loud and no steam is produced. I too will wait until this mister steamy is in stores or at the “As Seen on TV” kiosk in the mall. Too many negative reviews about shipping.

  58. I ordered the mister steamy dryer ball, had an order number, waited three weeks, emailed them what was going on, and they said I must have ordered mister steamy through another website because I’m not in the system. I asked, “1) mistersteamy.com IS YOUR WEBSITE and 2) how the hell do I have an order number from you if I’m not in the system.” Worst company ever.

  59. Ummm unless your dryer (and Mr Steamy) gets hotter than 212 degrees there is not going to BE any steam. Some water might get on DRY clothes and get rid of SOME wrinkles but the entire premise is flawed if in fact the ball never gets hot enough to boil the water in it and produce steam. Last I checked the maximum temperature in the average consumer dryer is about 90 degrees c or 194 degrees f…not hot enough to boil water.

    Buy a can of tennis balls, wet them and toss them in with DRY clothes and save yourself 20 bucks.

  60. For everyone On the list with complaints About the “Mister Steamy” can I suggest they Use the following product which I have been Using for the past year. “Arm and Hammer Total 2-In 1 Moist Dryer Cloths”

    1-Softens and Freshens like Liquid softeners.
    2-Prevents Static like A Dryer Sheet

  61. My wife ordered, and received her “mister steamy” last week. We did a comparison test using the same three bath towels, three permanent press pants, and three button down dress shirts. First for a control we washed each load with only soap, no liquid bleach or fabric softener and dried on high heat for thirty minutes. As you would expect everything was full of static, but almost wrinkle free. Then same setup only used “mister steamy” in the dryer. Static was less but NOT gone. Wrinkles were same as control load. Then ran load using wet towel (small bath size). Static was noticeable but not too bad wrinkles were slot fewer than control. Next ran load with 2 damp tennis balls. This was the best outcome believe it or not. Last load for our test was liquid fabric softener in washer. ( all this was to avoid using the normal dryer sheets, which was the clear winner by the way but the test was to find an alternative). So, just to see I tried liquid fabric softener with the damp tennis balls. THAT IS WHAT I USE TODAY.

    • So Steve you used liquid fabric softener in the wash and then put just plain dry tennis balls in the dryer? Please let me know. I would like to try what you have done.


    • I just wanted to comment that I think its entertaining that you and your wife did such an extensive experiment with a control load. Cute and too funny. And to Bunnuh, Kinda harsh don’t ya think?

  62. i have seen a lot of reviews related to the customer care and ordering issues but has anyone used these dyer balls…i want to know….i am thinking of buying it…let me know

      • Mister Steamy Dryer Ball Review #16
        I got my mister steamy dryer ball after being on back order for nearly 2 months. I think the dryer ball works, but not quite to the extent that it’s advertised. I put one shirt and a pair of my pants for work in the dryer this morning and you could still see some of the real small, faint wrinkles, but for the most part they were wrinkle free.

      • I’m no physics expert; but it appears to me that Mr steamy does not produce steam but yet the small amount of water thats released from the ball onto the cloth which is being tumbled and heated by your dryer which lets off a small amounts of steam vapors which prevents the cloth from contracting into wrinkles(dried up). I think you can get the same effect from putting wet cloths throughout drying period of your drying cycle.

  63. Mister Steamy Dryer Ball Review #11
    I am somewhat interested by this mister steamy dryer ball…I went to the website to attempt to call the business, b/c I don’t want to order this online considering the only info I have is a quick infomercial. Surprisingly, there is no (800) # available on the site, which I find a bit odd b/c the only call to action is ordering the mister steamy dryer ball online with very little info (specs, reviews, etc.). I’m a bit wary about this dyer ball now.

  64. Mister Steamy Dryer Balls Review/Complaint #9
    I ordered one Mr Steamy dryer ball with one free. I received 4 of each with a total cost of $65.13. Also, the covers on three of the Fresh Shot bottles were off and the liquid was all over the bag. At this point I do not even want to try the mister steamy dryer ball. Please send me a return label and credit my account in full.
    I can be reached at. embhanover@verizon.net or 781-826-8093. I await your reply.

    • Are you really this stupid Elaine?!?!? This website you posted on isn’t the same website you used to purchase the crappy Mister Steamy Dryer Balls. Someone as stupid as you deserves to get ripped off by these scammers, and they prey on people like you.

    • Not sure why you would say that, I’ve used the BBB on three occasions and they’ve always helped resolve my disagreements with companies. I waited over two months to get a check for a book that I sold to a company that buys used textbooks, I went back and forth with the company and they just kept making excuses through emails. I know that they were just waiting for me to forget about the money. I filled out an online BBB complaint and was very excited when a check showed up within a week. I’m pretty sure that they didn’t just wake up and decide to send a check one day. I don’t work for the BBB and they have a lot more power than you think. Give them a shot when you have a disagreement with a company and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Don’t knock it till you try it.

  65. Why don’t you report them to the BBB?? It’s very easy and you can do it all on-line… I reported Emachines for making crapty computers back in 2001 when I was 16

  66. I ordered this product in September of 09, and today is January 2010. I still haven’t received Mr Steamy the girl told me this morning it’s still on back order. Yet I saw an add for it on TV last night. Why would they still be advertising this product if it’s not in stock. They should be reported to the BBB.

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