Lint Lizard Review

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Does your dryer take ages to dry your clothes? Here’s introducing the Lint Lizard to speed up speed up your dryer by up to 15 minutes. The Lint Lizard is a full 44 inches long and reaches the hard to reach areas of your dryer to clean out the lint that is clogged in your dryer.


How does Lint Lizard work?
With the Lint Lizard in your hand you can save your precious money and make your dryer more energy efficient.

You may clean the lint trap but that is not enough. If lint is trapped in your dryer your dryer may need to work harder and this may exhaust your motor or may even start a dangerous vent fire.

The Lint Lizard is very flexible and can be easily attached to your vacuum hose. The built in fan nozzle is specially designed to clean the lint catcher and the dryer vent screens.

The Lint Lizard cleans your vent system perfectly by collecting all the lint that is stuck in your dryer. Once you have finished using the Lint Lizard your dryer vent will be cleaner than ever before.

Unlike other lint brushes that help to pull out lint but messes up the whole place the Lint Lizard sends the lint right into your back pack. Using the Lint Lizard is very easy, simple, and mess free.

With the Lint Lizard vacuuming in between and under machines is very easy. You can even use it outdoors to vacuum your outside vent.

Order the Lint Lizard today and avoid spending money on a new dryer or on expensive repairs. The Lint Lizard is now available for just $10 plus S&H.

If you call right now you will receive 2 Lint Lizards, just pay separate processing. You will also receive 2 Dryer Balls that you can use to instead of expensive chemical fabric softeners. Simply toss the Dryer Balls in with your wash. The special design lifts and separates your laundry allowing the air to circulate. It helps to shorten the drying time and keeps your clothes soft.

If you are not completely satisfied with the Lint Lizard simply return it for a full refund of the purchase price but you get to keep the dryer balls.




What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
What do I get?
• 2 Lint Lizards
• 2 Dryer Balls
Official website


Lint Lizard Video


124 thoughts on “Lint Lizard Review

  1. Before you spend ANY money on this absolutely worthless apparatus, use that money on lottery tickets. That would be money better invested. I am not one to give negative feedback, but this one is well deserved. The hose length of Lint Lizard is not as advertised (much shorter) and is so stiff it stays curled up in the fetal position. I soaked this hose it very hot water to get it flexible and by time I got it dry enough to use, it returned to its unusable shape. It is impossible to get to all the lint anyway because of the dryers exhaust configuration. Whomever at TELEbrands that decided to sell this garbage should be MOMMA SLAPPED for false advertising and stealing by deception. My local TV station has a segment on TV products and I am sure they will have fun with this one. Lastly, If you are still thinking about purchasing this “Lint Lizard” send the money to me and I will send you something just as worthless.

  2. This Lint Lizard is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever purchased. The ad says 43″ long…….it IS 32″ long. The hose is so stiff it will not uncurl. Soaked in hot water to help but did not stay semi-useable for long. The fittings were nice and tight. This is a complete waste of my ten bucks I have experienced in a long time. I would NOT RECOMMEND Lint Lizard to anyone, not even my worst enemy. False advertising at it’s best here folks.

  3. If I’d read all the negative reviews BEFORE I bought my L-Lizard, I probably wouldn’t have purchased one. HOWEVER, I’m glad I did buy it first. It sounds as if there are Lint Lizards being assembled by different manufacturers. The lengths of the hoses and flexibility of said hoses are different than the one I got. One source for a more flexible and longer hose is your local pet store. lear plastic hoses of different stiffness and you get to pick the length. The hose comes on large rolls and you pay by the foot. I want to have hoses of varying lengths so I can get under larger appliances … the refrig, chest freezer and we have lots of places that are hard to reach. I used mine (first time since mine was delivered)n and it worked really well. One thing that helped a lot when using a Lint Lizard … I bought a Eureka Mighty Mite after seeing them used by the Molly Maids (I’m disabled and now my wife has reached the point where she cannot clean the place anymore. So I researched it and bought a Steam Mop, the Eureka Mighty-Mite, and I had bought the Lint Lizard over a year ago … but I couldn’t try the L-Lizard until yesterday (Wednesday) because we have an upright vacuum and it is up on the upper level. I am disabled but cannot get up there. I got a chance to watch the Eureka Mighty-Mite as my maids used them. They are light enough for me to carry around and use while I am carrying it. I also want a selection of hoses … more flexible and of varying lengths. All this can be had at your local pet store. They charge by the foot for clear plastic hoses.

  4. WOW!!! Do not buy this Lint Lizard. It is a waste of money! I purchased it today and tried to use it and it does not work like their advertisement shows. 1st, the hose is only about 12-15 inches long. 2nd its way to thick. I had to take the dryer apart just to get it into the filter area. 3rd, the hose is so stiff and coiled that you can’t maneuver it where it needs to go. I even tried the hair dryer to make the hose more flexible and it didn’t help. I am very very disappointed and completely wasted 10 bucks on this Lint Lizard product. I wouldn’t give this to anyone!

    • Just think of it this way – we’ve helped some moron retire at a young age to the Cayman Islands where he/she can spend our money without a worry in the world.

  5. I, too, am quite disappointed in the lint lizard. The lint lizard does not work on all dryers. The hose is way too thick and won’t fit in the vent. Plus the hose was so stiff I couldn’t unwind it straight until I let it sit for a couple of days. I was going to give it to my daughter or my neighbor but the hose is too thick for their dryers as well.

  6. Lint lizard is a piece of dirt! Do not waste your money. It is a scam. The lizard does not work. The return process is unreliable, as well. You do not get your money back. To talk to someone, be prepared to wait a long time and then you will talk to someone from a different country.

    Also, the lint lizard I received, does not look like the one in the ads. And the 44 inches is not the tubing but measures from the top of the connector, to the tip of the tubing. Tubing is 31 inches long. The diameter is too big to fit in your lint opening, rendering the whole thing useless! Another thing, when I tried to use the lizard, the connections kept falling apart. Save your money!!!

  7. This does NOT work on all dryers. The hose is way too thick and won’t fit in the vent. Plus the hose is so stiff we couldn’t unwind it straight. I don’t understand how magazines and consumer groups say this is the greatest thing, it doesn’t work! Not sending it back as it would cost more to do so than what we paid for it. Guess it goes in the donation box!

  8. Was going to buy Lint Lizard as Good Houskeeping gave it great reviews. However after reading all of the other reviews decided not to.

    I used a paper towel roll and taped it to the end of my vacuum hose. It reached in and I was able to remove the lint. I will go thru the lint line and clean it with a brush to make sure it is clear of a build up of lint.

    Thanks for keeping me from buying the lint lizard.

  9. I received the lint lizard as a gift. The hose is NOT 44″ long as advertised … more like 15″ … the tube is too large to fit into my dryer lint trap … but the worse part is that I can’t use it because it does not fit on my Dyson vacuum! I will put mine in the garage sale … for maybe $1.00 because that is all it’s worth.

  10. Gosh awful product! The plastic hose is so stiff you can’t straighten it to go in the dryer. It does NOT fit all vacuum cleaners. I have an Oreck upright and if I wanted to take the vacuum hoses up the back of the vacuum all apart to attach the lint lizard attachment then that’s more trouble than it’s worth. After a long time trying to get the hose down into the dryer, I gave up. Using my handheld Oreck was the only way and it was just plainly not working. I paid $19.99 at Walgreens and it is not worth one red cent. Save your money or find another product. They say it’s 43 inches, but that’s counting the connector which won’t go into any dryer. The hose is miserably stiff and unyielding and stays in a permanent arc.You can’t get it down in there! Terrible product.

    • My dryer also has the lint trap door on the top. When my Lint Lizard arrived today, I had absolutely no trouble putting it together, connecting it to the hose on both my baby shop vac or my bagless upright, and I headed to the dryer. It worked just as I expected it to, yet I knew that it wasn’t reaching as far as I thought it should. I twisted the hose a little bit, poked it around a few times, and with very little effort it went as far as the length of the tube. That’s when it really started pulling up lint! I then took it outside and used the same wiggling and poking method until it was all clear. I put in a load of wet jeans and the difference in drying time was impressive. It will easily pay for itself in lower electric bills. I love it!

  11. This is the biggest rip-off I’ve ever encountered. 1st when I ordered it you don’t get a person to talk to and in the end I wasn’t even sure of what I was getting because of how confusing they make the order. I called to talk to a person and got disconnected 3 times before I even got to speak to someone and spent 2.5 hours on the phone. They told me they would knock $5 off the price which was a lie. When I got the bill I had to pay the full amount. Then when I got it the hose was too big to fit in my dryer where the lint goes. It was also too short and was curved so I couldn’t get it to even pick up dust between my washer and dryer. I threw it in the trash after one use and will never buy anything offered on TV again.

  12. The lint lizard is not practical because the hose is not flexible enough to bend. I feel that it is a waste of money.

  13. Completely dissatisfied. Normally I would just give it away to anyone that wanted it, but I wouldn’t want to cause somebody to believe that they were getting something worthwhile. Horrible, terrible, useless product.

  14. I purchased mine at Rite Aid. First thing I noticed is that my tubing is only about 15 – 18 inches long – NOT 44 as advertised. But I needed something to clean out the tight space where my dryer vent screen goes as I could tell it was clogged. The crevice tool of my Hoover doesn’t go down far enough to get the lint that is stuck down in there. I must admit that it was limited on flexibility, but the suction was great (I closed all three of the little holes). I got large amounts of lint out, in fact I had to stop at one point to clear the Lint Lizard tubing because such a large clump came up at one time it couldn’t all go through to the nozzle of the vacuum. When I went from one side of the vent to the other I simply took the tubing off of the nozzle and turned it so that the angled edge pointed in the opposite direction. All in all I’m satisfied, just wish it would’ve come with a longer tube.

  15. Bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Never ever do by phone because I know they will try to sell 15 more things plus have my credit card number. As to how it works: well, it might have worked in the dryer. Long enough and maybe I’d just cleaned it out enough prior. However, I found it extremely useful, if clumsy, for tough corners of windows, door sills and such. So all in all I’m not unhappy. What took me half an hour with sponge/cloth only took a minute plus final wipe up in these tough areas.

  16. I wanted to get one regular Lint lizard and one deluxe, I did get them along with 5 others along with the bills and shipping charges. I called them and they said to open the shipping labels and write down some numbers so they would be credited properly. We took them into be mailed back written on the unopened boxes did not order. We were told since the shipping labels were opened we had to pay to have them shipped back, the cost was $31.00. I call that a dirty trick, so we are stuck with the shipping cost to receive them and the shipping cost to send them back.

  17. HA! HA! I AM SO ANGRY I COULD LAUGH!! I called customer service and they told me that my Lint Lizard had been shipped and that is why my checking account had been charged!! Over 4 months and then I receive a notice telling me they HAVE CANCELED THE ORDER since it was NO LONGER AVAILABLE!! Suddenly it IS available?? I DON’T WANT IT!! I had better receive a refund ASAP or they will know my wrath!! AND… hire people who can SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH!

  18. I ordered a Lint Lizard 4 months ago. I waited, waited, and waited… Then I received a card informing me that the inventory was low and it would be another 30 days before mine was shipped. Another month and 1/2 passed and no Lint Lizard but I DID receive a card telling me that they were NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! I had paid for it EFT- so when I received the order cancellation notice- I added the money back into my checking account. That was last month. Today, I checked my bank as I usually do on a regular basis and LINT LIZARD had TAKEN THE MONEY OUT!! NO product and THEY TOOK THE MONEY!!

  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I was going to order one today, but after reading these complaints I changed my mind. They are scamming people and I’m so glad for the feedback. God bless you!!

  20. Today I received 3 Lint Lizards, I had already received 2 of them, I called them, they gave me the number for directory assistance, what is that about, the person did not speak very good English, I asked to speak to someone in the united stated, ( I guess thats why directory assistance) I am sending them back unopened, it will be interesting if I’m billed not order this product….it does not work and its a big scam.

      • I will happily give my lizard to anyone who wants it. The tubing is too stiff and does not fit into the lint filter. The tubes fell apart and I never got out a single piece of lint let alone a dust bunny. The odd thing is I never ordered the Lint Lizard. I did sign up for one but I did not give any credit card information. Next I received an email to tell me I had not given the credit card information and I replied by telling whoever, I did not want the Lint Lizard!
        I received the Lint Lizard today, along with the LED lantern I looked at, at the same sight.I sent a check and it is in the mail (No it really is!) Too bad because, the Lizard is a waste of money and is of no value!

        • Anyone interested in a class action law suit? Anyone want to write their congress person or the Attorney General of Ohio? I am so sick of these television promos that charge more for shipping and handling and the products they are hawking, are worthless. It cost more to send the merchandise back! Please sign up and I will be glad to get the ball rolling. I would think someone should take responsibility for these scams. I did not have Size D batteries, so I am not sure how well the LED lantern works.

          • I have contacted my bank via email, to cancel my check. By the way, I made the check out to ‘PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE.” They have been involved in SCAMS for years. I really believe we ALL should contact our Congress people and the Consumer Protection Agency. And any other law or lawyers who might be interested in a class action suit. I have been sucker in for the last time!

          • Cost me $25.91 for the Lint Lizard and the Brooklyn Lantern, I NEVER ordered. It cost me $30.00 to stop payment on the check. It was worth the extra five bucks just to see what Publishers Clearing House will do next. I bet I receive threatening phone calls, to ruin my credit by someone from the United States, with no accent! I am going to contact my local TV stations and news paper. I hate when people take advantage of others!

  21. My information was sold to a third party which I am none too happy about. I was informed of this not only by Lint Lizard customer service but have gotten numerous unsolicited calls, magazine crap in the mail. If I want to be removed I would have to call to remove myself. Interesting. So you sold my information for money and now if I want the calls and magazines to stop I have to call each retailer to have it stopped.

    I placed an order on 1/30/12, we did not receive the product until 4/02/12. We cancelled because we read reviews and I sent the stupid post card back and they still shipped. Now I have to return the stupid thing and hopefully get my money back. Guessing this will take 3 months. What a waste of time and money. Buyer beware.

    Anyone else have these issues? We should start a class action suit. I am complaining to the BBB.

  22. The clear plastic tubing will not stay open once the vacuum is turned on. It collapses and is worthless. I do not recommend.

    • My problem is just the opposite. The tubing is too difficult to bend and it will not fit in the dryer vent. It odes not stay assembled and one or all of the pieces falls apart in my hands. Tomorrow, I plan to contact the Consumer Protection Agency STAT!

      • Hopefully the END of the story. And a HAPPY ONE AT THAT!

        My bank cash the check to PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE. PCH asked for a bank draft or whatever they call it. So, the bank refunded my account the $29.91 I paid via check plus the $33.00 the bank charged me to cancel the check, they DID NOT cancel. SO now, I have this worthless, dead lint lizard, lying on my counter and a Brooklyn Lantern, that requires to size D batteries, to work. I am going to sell both of these products at a garage sale, with a note stating. BUYER BEWARE!

  23. Lint Lizard does not work. Well small plastic hose that is sent with it is entirely too stiff and extremely hard to get down in dryer, and is also way too short to reach any distance down in dryer. I wouldn’t recommend this thing at all. It is a waste of money. If it had hose that is less stiff might work but needs to be longer also.

      • I totally agree.The plastic piece is too short. Luckily I did not order online.I read the reviews and would not want any of my information sold to a 3rd party.I am wondering what all the hype is about with them,not that great a tool.Took it back to where I bought it and they gave me a refund. Thank God!!

  24. I ordered the Lint Lizard on 2/22/2012 and still have not received it. I did receive a post card a few weeks ago stating that due to demand for the product that it would be another 6 weeks until I would receive my order. They asked me if I wanted to order an additional Lint Lizard!! Went online to track my order and it said that my order cannot be tracked and to call them. I haven’t done so yet. I don’t think I’ll get anywhere with that!

  25. I did not want to order over the web site, so I called. What a nightmare, they tried to sell me at least 10 items, I did not want, I finally hung up. I will say. Do not phone in an order, I wanted to curse at the damn phone.

  26. Attachment does not fit on my older Dyson Animal at all. The 800 number for customer service is a joke. You press one for the Lint Lizard and you get a recording that due to overwhelming demand, no one is available but to press the star key for more options. Apparently the star key disconnects the call altogether. What a joke. I’m just going to send the thing back with the return label provided and pray for a refund. Don’t waste your money!

  27. Read reviews and went into Lint Lizard website. Although I entered my credit card details, I decided AGAINST this purchase and exited via my web browser WITHOUT selecting the Begin Order button. Consequently I di8d not receive an order confirmation.

    You can imagine my surprise when a few days later I receive boxes of Lint Lizard. When I called them to complain that I did not proceed with the order nor get a confirmation, the call center lady (sounded like it was in the Philippines) said to send back the parcel unopened and I’d receive a refund less S&H. When I raised my voice and insisted I did not complete the order, she said to send back the product unopened and she’d cancel my order online as she was surprised I had received the product so quickly.

    I spoke with my bank Visa and they said that under International Visa protocols, the minute you give anyone your Visa number (whether accepting a purchase or not), you’ve just written a blank check. As a courtesy, they’ll refund my S&H provided I return the product with a tracking number which cost me $9.

    Beware, this company will SCAM you so don’t enter your credit card details unless you are good and sure you’ll be buying the product.

    • I wonder if it would do any good to complain to the TV stations that run the commercials for Lint Lizard. Maybe they would stop running them if they knew they were scamming people.

      • I got my money back when after repeated phone calls and a complete run around, I googled their corporate management and fax number and sent a strong letter to their COO. Had a full refund within two days.

        • I did not give my credit card information but received the Lint Lizard anyway. I sent a check BEFORE I tried to use it. Now my only home is to cancel the check. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

  28. Bought the Lint Lizard at a local Bed Bath and Beyond store.
    Wouldn’t recommend you purchase current product.

    Clear plastic tube that inserts into dryer vent area lacks sufficient flexibility to be maneuvered to extract debris.

    The other end did fit the tube from my canister vacuum. The only way to actually use was to duct tape the canister tube to the end of the Lint Lizard.

    Overall, they need to go back to the drawing board and redesign the Lint lizard.

    For now don’t waste your hard earned money on this product.

  29. WOW … When I heard of this, I was a bit skeptical and glad I have not ordered Lint Lizard…reasoning? Sears who contracts out their extended service contracts to another scam outfit never let us know they do not clean the entire venting system.

    You as the owner must do the Vent cleaning from the wall connection to the outside Vent grill.

    15-months ago the same service rep. Took the dryer away From the wall and disconnected the vent from the dryer. Upon his finish he failed to connect the dryer to the wall Connection … Result a huge mess of lint and scum Glued to the wall of the entire laundry closet. Lucky we did not have a major fire.

    Upon a recent service visit the service agent did not fix the problem but informed me that they are not responsible.

    Spent 3-hours with their extended service agent who agreed to send me a $60 gift card my direct cost with Home Depot for the materials was about $80 in materials.

    No satisfaction here … Do not purchase Sears Extended Service Contracts the cost for the 20-years has been huge and felt it was a good deal.

    Sears is no longer the Company we once knew …on to legal action for cost of Time and fraud … We were never informed to clean the vent System expecting it was maintained for 18-plus years without an event such as above … No lint lizard yikes.

    Plan to purchase chimney type brush and rods $19.99 at home depot you can clean the vent system up to the dryer. Keep the screen clean and above all not but sears products.

    • You begin with “WOW … When I heard of this, I was a bit skeptical and glad I have not ordered Lint Lizard…reasoning? Sears who contracts out their extended service contracts to another scam outfit never let us know they do not clean the entire venting system.” What does Sears have to do with the Lint Lizard? What do their contractors have to do with the Lint Lizard? Sears and their contractors have absolutely NOTHING to do with the Telebrands company. What are you talking about? Are you retarded, on drugs, just plain stupid or all 3? No wonder you people get scammed so easily. You don’t even have ANY idea what you talk about! You’re about as smart as a box of rocks… minus the rocks.

      • Geez… time got you stressed? What a nasty response! I thought BOTH bits of information was useful, whether they had anything to do with each other our not! They are related in that BOTH companies Don’t stand behind their products ~ whereas Sears always used to, no questions asked! Jimmy, give Sal a break …. You’ve got to CHILL! This is a site to HELP each other ~ not SLAM! b• r• e• a• t• h• e

        • Thank goodness for Wal-Mart, I bought this piece of junk at Wal-Mart and it’s as useless as boobs on a boar hog.

          Wal-Mart accepts returns and my Lint Lizard is now in wal-Marts junk pile where it belongs.

          Joe in Santa Maria CA

          • LOL Joe, with my experiences at Walmart it was no doubt put back on the shelf to sell again! They are famous for restocking broken, returned products!

  30. I have never bought any of these things from the actual TV ads…I always wait til they come to Bed Bath and Beyond, and they usually do, fairly quickly. The lint lizard is sold there, but after reading these horrible reviews, I won’t buy it – even for $10 (-20% with coupon), it sounds like junk…too bad

    • I was about to buy this, but when I clicked on their website to order, I noticed it was not a “secure” site (https)! This is very suspicious – don’t order anything from any site without https in their address. It’s like advertising your credit card info to the world.

      I could probably make one myself for same price.

  31. Ordered a lint lizard on January 30, 2012. Today is March 12, 2012 and still don’t have it. Call the 800 number twice, no one picks up. On hold each time for more than 10 minutes. Try their website to track shipping?? Website does not open. I guess my money is gone. What a scam.

    • I also ordered a Lint Lizard when I saw the advertisement on TV, ordered by phone on Dec 26, 2011. To this date have not received the product. Have called several times and get the runaround. My check has been cashed and still no lint lizards. Guess I am out 35.96. Even though I only ordered one, somehow they charged me for three orders. I have reported them to Better Business Bureau.

      • Everyone!!!!!!

        PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE is behind the scam for the Lint Lizard and The Brooklyn Lantern. See my previous posts. Publishers Clearing House is the longest lived scam artists, in the history of tele-marketing! When is the Consumer Protection Agency going to investigate the PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE? PCH has robbed people of millions, not billions of dollars of the years. I would love to see PCH investigated up to their LINT LIZARD!

  32. I’m glad I read these Lint Lizard reviews because I was going to buy one. A few days ago my dryer started smelling really hot and my smoke alarm even went off. I knew I had a lot of lint below the removable lint trap but my vacuum cleaner attachment couldn’t reach it. I knew I needed some kind of hose I could attach to the vacuum.

    The only thing I could find was a wrapping paper tube. I cut it down to about 20 inches and jammed it on the the end of my vacuum hose. I had to kind of flatten the tube so it would fit in the dryer, but I was able to get out a TON of packed in lint. It took a while and soon the tube flattened out due to the strong suction, but I used 2 or 3 pieces of the tube before I was done. I think I will try to find some plastic tubing from the hardware store in the future, but I think the cardboard tube did fine in a pinch! I hate the scam telemarketers that take your money and cheat you!

    • I am so glad I read reviews first before I order anything! Great idea with the wrapping paper tube. I was also going to order the Worx RS weed trimmer. Once I read all the reviews (even the ones on Home Depot) there is no way I would order it. Almost bought the Lint Lizard when I was at Walmart yesterday, but I wanted to read the reviews first. Really glad I did! Thanks again for the idea. Will try it a.s.a.p.!

  33. I think the Lint Lizard is a scam! I bought one and the long plastic tube that is supposed to go down into the dryer kept bending . Then
    the lint igot stuck between the clear plastic tube and the part that connects to the vacuum! I would never recommend anyone to buy the product! I am seriously thinking of returning it!!

  34. Lint Lizard website’s ordering process is a scam. It works slowly so you are not sure if it is going through. They keep trying to upsell you after they have your CC#. You don’t get to review your order before it is placed so I ended up buying two of them when I only wanted one and there seemed to be no way to reverse it. Maybe buying it on eBay is better.

    • I suggest that you pay better attention to the website and actually READ the product details. It says clearly that you’re buying 1 for $X.XX + $X.XX P&H and getting a “bonus” one for $X.XX processing. It is NOT POSSIBLE to buy just one, this is a BOGO (buy one get one) offer people. It’s no wonder so many of you feel “scammed”, you don’t read or listen to any of the details. Everyone hears what they WANT to hear and then say people are scamming them. The federal government makes them disclose everything BEFORE you purchase. It’s the law! The “TSR Rule” says that the seller “must disclose all costs associated with a purchase in a clear and concise manner prior to collecting payment….” Everyone needs to clean their ears & glasses and PAY ATTENTION to what’s being said. You’re all a bunch of sheep, I don’t feel sorry for any of you.

      • I did not give my credit card number nor did I press the submit button. I filled out my name, address and email address. I got the Lint Lizard today! Don’t act so smug Jimmy, this is a scam and the Publishers Clearing House is the source. They have been nothing but con artists since they began “giving away” money! NOT!

  35. Bed Bath and Beyond sells the same thing, buy it there. Keep receipt sp you can return for refund.

    STOP buying from As seen on TV!

    They have no incentive to provide good customer service, most are off shore, not subject to US Law. That means they can lie about refunds, debit your credit card for outrageous amounts.

    Plus if the produce is worthwhile it will end up on sticks and bricks retailers. Who depend on good service to survive.

    I got my Lint Lizard at BB&B. It didn’t work for dryer vent for machine but worked dandy for sliding glass door rails, cobwebs, dust on wood moldings.

    To relax the plastic hose, try high heat setting on a blow dryer.

    Later today I’ll try on outside dryer vent.

    • Hello? McFly? Anybody home? You state “They have no incentive to provide good customer service, most are off shore, not subject to US Law. That means they can lie about refunds, debit your credit card for outrageous amounts.” If they sell in the U.S. then they ARE subject to our laws and restrictions. Is the entire country retarded or just plain stupid? No wonder it’s all going to hell in a hand-basket!

  36. While the Lint Lizard idea is not that bad implementation is terrible.

    1) Lint plastic hose is so thick (diameter > 3/4″ or 2 cm) that is simply doesn’t fit into the lint filter opening on my Whirlpool Duet drier (2008).

    2) Lint hose is unbelievably stiff: after trying to flatten it to be able to get into the filter opening, it is impossible to bend it to be able to get inside of the drier.
    I’m going to return it back. Piece of crap.

  37. I just received my Lint Lizards. Before I tried it, I was annoyed that the Dust Lizard (the real reason for the order) was not in the box.

    I ordered the deluxe version and a regular model. Both are exactly the same… if that is the deluxe model, I would hate to see the regular version.

    I put it all together – the 40″ hose they advertised as not even 30″. The hose was so stiff and inflexible, that it was difficult to jam into the dryer. And, nothing came out.

    I put in my lint trap brush (about $5) and it picked up lint – but not the Lizard.
    This is the biggest hoax – and it costs me $39.97. Anyone out there know how to get my money back? If I return the shipment, I am afraid that I will have neither product nor money.


  38. Please, please do yourself a favor and do not reply to the TV ad for Lint Lizard. I did at my husband’s urging. After the automated operator took all my order & info she did not give me a confirmation # or amount that was to be billed to my card. She said I won a free cruise and transferred me to Caribbean Cruise Lines. The man got mad at me and said he could not return me to the operator, so I hung up. I was suspicious, so I went online and that’s how I found all the complaints about this company and their product. I immediately went to the bank and closed my card so the will not be able get my money.

    Thank all of you for your postings.


  39. I just bought the Lint Lizard from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $10.00 less the 20%. My lint screen had been broken since I received my used dryer and my clothes would take FOREVER to dry. I just used the Lint Lizard connected to my Dyson and I am so surprised by how much lint I collected. I cannot even believe there was that much lint in my dryer. My clothes are in the washing machine as I type this but I am so excited to see how much faster my clothes dry after the Lint Lizard. Even if they don’t dry faster… I feel better that I got all of that gross lint out of the dryer.

    Mega con of the Lint Lizard- the hose is enormous so I had to force it into the lint trap area to collect lint. I’m pretty sure I came pretty close to breaking the dryer lol.

  40. DO NOT BUY LINT LIZARD!! total scam…made of cheap material that bends and does NOT do what ad says…POOR INFERIOR construction!

  41. Do NOT buy from them. I ordered one Lint Lizard and so far they have sent me 3 and charged my account for 3. Can’t get through to co.

    • I had ordered this Lint Lizard and after ordering saw that my shipping charges were more than the actual product, so I called their toll free number, I believe it was this one 1-800-777-4034 (M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time) and I told them I wanted to cancel the product, they asked why I told them and they wanted to offer me a discount and I just said no; they never charged my account. Hope this helps.

      • I ordered this Lint Lizard a month ago and it did not give me a total $ amount until I checked out. It was $44, I called and canceled it and here I am one month later and was just billed for it and have not received it. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT

  42. I was thinking about buying this product, (took back off dryer and cleaned it that way) but after reading all the reviews, FORGET IT !!!

  43. I tried to call the customer service number and the person who answered said the number on the lint lizard site is not the correct number for them. And they suggest calling the BBB!! There is no way to get to a real person unless you are ordering, and you have to give credit card info and place and order before you even get to a live body!! I am very upset!! I want to cancel my order after reading these reviews. Wish I had thought to do this before I placed my order online!!

    • This is the second time I have gotten myself into a mess like this. I ordered mine several weeks ago and after reading all the post tried to cancel also. No luck..When will we ever learn. I intend to not open it if it comes and return to sender. Call my credit card company and lodge complaint. Will do that tomorrow, hopefully the charge will not go through.

  44. I just placed my order so I cannot speak to the quality of the product, just the online ordering system at They get your credit card info upfront before you get access to the product info. Like all other online items I’ve ever ordered, they try to sell you additional items. I thought I was pretty savvy about these methods. Ha! I hit “no, thanks” a number of times, one item, the “DELUXE” model included an item I thought was worthwhile – can’t remember now what it was since they upset me so- it was displayed as $9.99 and buying it eliminated the $6.99 shipping, so it looks like adding it on costs $3.00. So now my order is $12.99, right? WRONG! When I clicked on what I thought was the “Review Order” button, lo and behold I had purchased it! And NOT for $12.99 – are you sitting down? I am paying $20.98 for the Deluxe AND $16.98 for the “SUPER DELUXE OFFER”!!! I will see if there is any customer service now to cancel but DON’T GET SCAMMED by this practice. LINT LIZARD, you may have the best product out there but if you cheat people right at the get-go, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

    • I feel the same way Julianne does. I wish I had read the Lint Lizard reviews before I called the number on the web site. I felt funny about the web site so I didn’t order it on line—no secure web site. I think I only ordered the one lint lizard, I never was told the bottom line of what I ordered. Called the credit card company to put a hold on the order but Lint Lizard has as yet not charged my account. When you call the phone number they give you offer after offer and I only listened to about 10 when I just hung up, they never gave me a total of the order. Do NOT order this product!!

  45. Dear sirs I got the Lint Lizard but cannot get the hose to fit into my dryer where the lint filter is. It is too big. Do you have a smaller hose to fit on the Lint Lizard. I’m sure it would work better.

    S Mull.

  46. I called the Lint Lizard order number and was put through a 15 minute list of options for the Lint Lizard. Then anothe long sales pitch for 5 or 6 other offers for other products which I was not interested in AT ALL!!! After all the 5 or 6 recorded product offers, I was sent to a live operator who was trying to give away Carnival Cruises. Boy what a mess. I told the operator I was not interested. She continued to push that IT IS FREE. I only wanted to hear my final price for my order of the Lint Lizard, (being sold by the way through a company called TeleBrands). Finally the recorded message came back on and said my order would be shipped blah blah blah. Never was I informed of the final cost to my Credit card. I then went online and got the number for order information, called and told the customer service rep to cancel my order.

    I was informed that the order would not show up in the system for 24 to 78 hours. And to call back. I asked to speak to a supervisor and after 10 more minutes of questioning, she told me she could put in a request to stop the order when it showed in the system. WHAT??? If you are not persistant, it will be you calling them back. I suggest never ordering from this company. Just make your own Lint Lizard with supplies from the local hardware store. I will be much easier than going through the ordering process. What a bother!

  47. Ordering on the Lint Lizard website ( is very misleading. I was asked to upgrade to lintlizard deluxe for an additional $9.99 and free shipping. The additional $9.99 was not on top of the base price of $10.99 but on top of the lintlizard deluxe price of $20.99. In addition, I was charged a processing fee of $6.99 (the promotional price for the lintlizard was $10.99 plus $6.99 for S&H). So not only did I not really get free shipping, my bill came out to be $20.99 + $9.99 plus $6.99 for handling). My credit card was charged before I was allowed to review the final charges. Now I’ve been on the phone twice to cancel the order and not been successful. Don’t be duped.

  48. I purchased the Lint Lizard from Bed Bath and Beyond for $10.99 less 20%. (no web site or telephone hassles) I haven’t tried it on my dryer but it works great cleaning the cooling fins on the refrigerator.

  49. I placed the Lint Lizard order weeks ago, saw it ($35.00 ……more than I expected for 1 item). It went on my visa over a week ago and I haven’t seen it. When I tried the customer service phone number and followed the prompts, the one I wanted (customer service) hung up on me multiple times.

  50. If you want to reach people who have completely stopped looking in their Spam Box, then you could 1) send a message that will go into the Inbox indicating you will send one with pictures that will fall into their Spam box or 2) see if you need all of those pictures for your sales.

    I am assuming the pictures and not the company is the reason for falling into the Spam Box.

    John W

    I would suggest to the New Jersey company for Lint Lizard to consider altering your emails. The pictures are probably the reason it fell into the Spam Box. In 2008, about five percent of spam messages were from good companies and organizations which were probably contacted by hundreds of us. Their emails now are received in the Inbox. Often I do not bother looking in the Spam Box anymore.

  51. Save your money, when I first seen the lint lizard what a waste of money. I fix dryer and the first thing I do is blow it all out. The shop-vac has the blowing opening for the hose. Blow it out and suck it up.

    • I’m a appliance technician and I can tell you that for cleaning out your dryer this will not do it. All because not far from the lint screen is your blower housing and if your lint screen is on top same thing the blower housing will block the hose from going any further, as for that commercial showing how much lint they got out its tv trickery. This is a scam from hell. People need to know how bad this product is and we need to spread the word somehow.

        • Thank you so very much for your professional opinion and honesty. You have saved me and hopefully a lot of others precious time and hard earned money, God bless you.

  52. I was planning to buy Lint Lizard since the time I saw its advertisement on television. But as any other cautious person I thought about checking the internet to know what people have to say about the product and its ability to help increase the dryer speed. The moment I searched for “Lint Lizard Reviews” the search engine returned with a lots of websites. The websites that topped the list were,,, and Initially the positive reviews on these websites did make me confident into buying the product but later I realized that the reviews on all the websites were exact replicas. Such replicating content would only mean that these reviews were not in fact real but actually a spam. The sites also gave me option of buying the product right away with the link of the manufacturer on it. This surely confirmed my suspicion about the genuine nature of the sites. Finally this site has the real and honest user review about the product. Thanks for helping me to make a decision.

    • The sites which are listed above are actually the manufacturer sponsored sites. These sites are a part of malpractice associated with black hat SEO technique where the search engine is fooled with similar and keyword rich content to list them as top websites. Users who do not surf beyond these sites actually get scammed into buying products even if they are crappy. Hope the user review has helped into making the right decision.

  53. Unbelievable the things we as consumers allow ourselves to get suckered into.

    Go to any hardware store and ask for their clear vinyl tubing sold by the foot. Get about two or three feet. Usually goes for around 50 – 90 cents per foot. Some sizes come in 20 foot rolls for $6. You can buy any size from half inch to 1 inch that will fit to your existing extension wand on the vacuum or your shop vac. In some cases you may want to simply duck tape it on.


    • That’s exactly what I did. $2 worth of tubing attached to my vacuum hose with duct tape and it worked fine. Although I only vacuumed out around 2 handfuls of lint and dog hair from our 12 year old dryer. Not sure that it will make that big of a difference in our dryer performance.

  54. Thanks to all for your comments and advice. I was thinking of buying this product, but now I will follow your wise recommendations to make my own. I hope this company is listening to its customers.

  55. I have never ordered from such a frustrating website as the Lint Lizard. I tried first by internet. I wanted to ask questions about the mis-leading prices, and add ons. I couldn’t talk to a person, or customer service. It was only automated. They have no one to talk to you. When I did order it over the internet, and I saw the add on price, there was no way to cancel the order. I will not accept the package, and have contacted Visa. I will contact the BBB about their (in my opinion) fraudulent website and sales technique.

    • I experienced the same frustration when trying to order on line. I simply wanted the advertised special…$10.99 + $6.00 s/h…plus a second lint lizard FREE, just pay an addition $6.00 for S/H. It kept offering me additiona items that I could not opt out of, then when I tried to back out and cancel the order I received a confirmation for $68.94 which consisted of:

      1 Dlx Lint Lizard $20.98
      1 Dlx BONUS Lint Lizard $9.99
      1 BONUS Dust Lizard (n/c)
      1 $15 Telebrands Gift Card (n/c)
      1 Dlx Add’l Lint Lizard $20.98
      1 Dlx 3 year warranty (n/c)
      1 Shake Stop – Set of 4 $10.00

      Plus $6.99 processing fees – that’s about $50.00 more than I was planning on spending!!

      The $10.99 special isn’t even listed??? I called to try and cancel but was told the order had not be “uploaded yet” and to call back tomorrow. What an order scam!! I too will refuse delivery if it doesn’t get cancelled!

  56. I’m not really happy with the process they have to purchase the lint lizard. I was on hold for ever, then all the other stuff they try to sell you is crazy. I was on the phone for over an hour. I finally hung up! I will Not purchase the lint lizard, My friend bought one and its not worth 2 bucks. So research this before you buy it, I think its a scam. Good luck!!

  57. I am so glad I read some of the reviews for the lint lizard. I went to Home Depot and got some flexible plastic hose and with a little ingenuity attached it to my vacuum. I have a “lint lizard” and it only cost me $1.70 and it works great

  58. I called to order it yesterday. After 16 mins. on the phone with their automation and listening about all this other stuff they wanted me to buy, I finally hung up. Be smart wait a little while and they will be in one of the Drugstore or Walmart.

  59. I got a product similar to the Lint Lizard from another source. It was junk. Yes, it is flexible–but the tubing was so thin that it collapsed from the suction of my vacuum. I did get my money back, but not the postage. If you have a hassle the first thing you should do is CONTACT THE ISSUER OF YOUR CREDIT CARD!! They just take the money back from the bad guys and you don’t have to pay. Don’t use debit cards!

  60. Thanks to all for leaving feedback on this lint lizard. After looking at the picture of this thing, I went to Home Depot, bought a piece of clear flexible tubing. I coupled the tubing with my Computer vac attachments, connected it to my own Shop Vac and I have my own Lint Lizard. Best of all, I have peace of mind after reading just a few horror stories. I must be honest and tell you I searched Google first because 90% of ad’s on televisions are absolute fabrication or else a lead-in to purchase additional products.

  61. I was going to buy a lint lizard but after reading the reviews I’m not going to. Thanks every one for being truthful unlike the company selling the Lint Lizard.

  62. Never, ever, buy any product from the companies who advertise on tv. 99% of these products can be purchased from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (store has no shipping and handling charges which are the biggest rip off around–or online which can be returned to one of their stores if unhappy.) Many of these products can also be purchased at Walmart and Target. Google the product and type one of the retail stores and see if it comes up on their website.

    But…if you do decide to order from the tv website first check for an e-mail address/or an address (no p o box) with city and state and phone number. Also be sure and check at the bottom of the page for terms & conditions. Some real slimy restrictions are there. If you cannot find either of these, your chances of honest straightforward business transaction are nil.

    Good luck

  63. I also received a card on December 11th, saying my order was cancelled, it said if I paid by credit card I was not billed, BUT I WAS, on November 29th, so I am going to call them tomorrow.

    This sort of thing really makes me mad, I will never order from TeleBrands again.

  64. I ordered the Lint Lizard and also received a card saying my order could not be sent. After many irritating transfers for other “deals” then being put on the phone with a real person trying to sell me a cruise, I became very aggravated and angry. This was over a period of time of about 20-25 minutes. Thank goodness they decided not to send me the product. I just hope the information I gave them stayed confidential. If you are considering this product – lots of luck.

  65. The Lint Lizard is a crock. After waiting for weeks and weeks to receive the Lint Lizard, I got a postcard telling me that the bonus, the “Dust Dragon,” had been cancelled. In other words I received only half the order and still paid full price, which in my opinion is outrageous! There is not even any place on their website where you can send the Lint Lizard company an email to telling them of this. How very convenient for them!! This TV ad, is very misleading! So everyone, be LEERY if you order from this company!! And yes there are hidden charges, by the time you realize this, it’s too late!

    • hope this helps you

      TeleBrands Customer Service

      Telebrands Customer Care
      Lint Lizard
      79 Two Bridges Road
      Fairfield, NJ 07004

      1-800-777-4034 (M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time)

      For your convenience you can now track your order status on-line by visiting To get your tracking information, just enter Billing Phone Number or your Zip Code and Last Name.

      Please note that due to heavy telephone call volume at our customer service centers, it may be difficult to get through to our customer representatives and you may experience busy phone signals. However, should you wish to phone us and to avoid a long wait, it is suggested that you call on Thursday or Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm EST.

      You satisfaction is guaranteed or simply return it and we’ll refund your purchase price less shipping and handling.

      • Michele, I had made a call n hung up cuz I had changed my mind. They called me back a week later and they talked me into buying. After listen to the trip I won free and told that got no another gentleman got on the line to hit me even harder about the trip. I said are u kidding me I said no now 4 times just forget it. So now I want my order canceled and the 800 numbers get me no where. When I go to Getmyorderstatus. It does not even show that my phone number exist though. But how do u cancel all this if they screwed up on my phone number. I feel like they have me n if u can offer any advice on making sure to cancel this order I would be very appreciated. Thank you, Tina

    • After you reading all the negative feedback above, you still have to ask? PLEASE GO BACK AND REREAD IT IF IN DOUBT!
      In answer to your questions:

      Has anyone tried the Lint Lizard? Is it any good?
      YES and NO.

      Does the Lint Lizard really speed up your dryer by up to 15 minutes?

      Does it collect all the lint from the dryer?

      Is it mess free?

      Is it easy to use?

      Can you use it to clean vents outdoors?

      Can you use it to clean under machines?

      Are you satisfied with this product?

      Do you recommend it to others?

      Do you know a better alternative to Lint Lizard?

      How was your ordering experience?

      How is the customer service?

      Did you receive the product on time?

      Are there any hidden charges? YES. USUALLY IN SHIPPING AND HANDLING

        • I am a appliance technician and I can tell you that for cleaning out your dryer this will not do it. All because not far from the lent screen is your blower housing and if your lint screen is on top same thing the blower housing will block the hose from going any further, as for that commercial showing how much lint they got out its tv trickery. Even if you buy something from Lowes you will get the same effect, all because the blower housing is blocking, , they say that you should clean your dryer at least 2 times a year and and what you are going to buy isn’t gonna work you have to dismantle part of your dryer. If you need help I can help guide you through the steps, Just e-mail me at For subject put dryer help.

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