Lint Genie

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What is Lint Genie?

Lint Genie claims to be an effective, quick, and easy way to eliminate the problem of lint buildup from your laundry drain. Lint Genie asserts that by preventing lint, hair and fuzz from clogging your washing machine drain system, it can save a lot of your money on expensive repairs. Lint Genie assures to be great for pet owners especially.

How does Lint Genie work?

Now there’s no need to call for professional help to deal with the issue of lint buildup clogging your washing machine drain system. Lint Genie assures to be a lot more effective, easier and quicker way to give you clean and lint-free laundry. Lint Genie states that you just need to drop the small balls in the wash and let it do its work. The patent-pending microfibers of Lint Genie proclaim to catch fuzz, lint and hair so that your washer drainer will be free of the problem for good.


No more clogging in your washer drain
Most people end up coughing up a lot of money on repairing their washer drains. This is because lint and fuzz from clothes and pet hair tend to clog the washer leading to damage in the long run. But Lint Genie guarantees that you can tackle the problem right at home and by yourself anytime you want. Lint Genie maintains that it is a set of small ball like device that just need to be dropped in the washer. The lint, fuzz and pet hair are alleged to stick to the patent-designed microfibers of Lint Genie. This prevents all of these from building up over time and clogging the drainer of your washing machine and thus saving your money on repairs, as the creators of Lint Genie convince.


Ideal for pet owners
Lint Genie maintains to be a great solution for pet owners especially. Because of pet hair that clings on to clothes and upholstery, the washer drain clogs more frequently and results in a bigger expense than non pet owners. But Lint Genie emphasizes that it can keep pet hair from clogging the drain every time so that you won’t waste time cleaning the drainer or money on getting a professional to do it. Lint Genie promises that in spite of grabbing fuzz and lint, it does not damage your delicate clothing. Whether you want to wash something as sturdy as linen or a garment made of delicate silk or satin, you are assured to get it as soft and delicate as it goes in. Lint Genie declares that it is reusable so you can use them over and over again and prevent the issue of clogging for a long, long time easily and quickly.


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