Instant Zipper Review

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Why Instant Zipper – If you find yourself constantly zipping, ripping and tearing your stuff then Instant Zipper is the product for you. Your bag is broken and you have nothing to wear then you must try Instant Zipper. It is the only product that can instantly repair any broken zipper.


How does Instant Zipper work?
Simply clip it and zip it. The secret of Instant Zipper is the patented jaw design that snaps opens and snaps close onto any zip. Just clip it and zip it. It is simple and easy to use.

The average home has over 500 zippers. Fix just one and the instant zipper pays for itself. If you have ripped a zipper of your favorite dress, just clip it and zip it. You can use it on your jeans if your zip is ripped. Simply clip it and zip it to save your costly winter jacket. Zippers that have gotten off track are no match for the Instant Zipper. Simply remove the original zipper, clip it, and zip it.

Big or small Instant Zipper can fix any size bag. The instant zipper repairs them all. You can even use it to save an old sleeping bag or a tent. This piece of bag costs a few hundred dollars, but with a broken zipper, it is useless. Instant Zipper is the only product in the world that can fix a broken zipper in just seconds. It comes in many sizes and in three universally used colors. You can use Instant Zipper on jackets, pants, luggage, purses, boots and more.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Buy 2 Instant Zippers for just $9.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling. 30 day money back guarantee. Official Offer.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Instant Zipper Video


7 thoughts on “Instant Zipper Review

  1. Tried it on my old leather jacket and kept coming unlocked. So gave it a try on a old sweet shirt that I did’t care about anyway just to see if it was just the leather jacket but kept coming unlocked again,,,,,$20.00 down the drain. ( Bought it at a As Seen on TV store so no shipping charge )Having trouble getting money back but waiting to hear from company as the people in store won t refund money. And product is returned like new,never used,and receipt I have. I willnot recommand

  2. I have never used this Instant Zipper. However, since the size of zippers vary, I believe one would need to know if this package contained the size you need. If the size is right, it may work very well. If not, then you will probably be disappointed.

  3. After being told by manufacturers through every channel possible that Instant Zipper is a fantastic product, I was naturally tempted. But after going through reviews of the product I began to doubt the credibility of the product. It’s common sense that if a product is genuinely good or authentic, you will find relevant reviews of it online. There might be people who might not find it useful and would say that, but you won’t just get promotional plugs about a product. That’s what I found with Instant Zipper, which made me think that the product must be really bad for its manufacturers to stoop to such levels to promote it. I really wish such practises are banned from the Internet.

    • And one hopes that search engines wizen up to this underhand method used by manufacturers and penalizes them too. You are absolutely right, often crappy and badly made products are sold online and such fake reviews keep harping about their quality. But nothing can be farthest from the truth; unfortunately many users only realize that after spending their money on the product. And of course wasting your time going through such fake reviews is bad enough on its own.

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