Instant Tailor Clips Review

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How many times have you ended up buying a top or dress that is supposed to fit you in size but looks frumpy and dumpy when you actually put it on? Such kinds of problems are faced by majority of people since the standard sizes do not account in different shapes of body but just a general measured size. Such clothes can make you look sloppy and you less attractive. In such a situation custom tailoring is the final resort but can end up being a costly affair. Well, now you can fix such clothes instantly using Instant Tailor.


Instant Tailor Clips
Instant Tailor is a simple solution to fix and create a seam in any clothing within minutes. Its revolutionary design makes it very easy to assemble unlike regular methods of complex and messy stitching or tailoring expertise. It creates seams in 3 quick and easy steps which starts with folding the fabric inside out keeping in mind the right measurement required for the dress to fit. Once the fabric is folded, the place where the new seam is desired should be pinched and kept ready for the final step where Instant Tailor is slid over the pinched area similar to the use of paper clip.

Instant Tailor holds the seam throughout the day since it holds and grips the fabric so strongly that it stays on in position even after washing the clothes in a machine. It helps in adding a seam to any type of clothing including pants that need a lift from the bottom, dress and shirts that need a tuck for a custom fit, T- shirts to help make them body fit to show off cuts and curves etc. Instant Tailor is the perfect choice for people losing weight on a diet and suddenly has all their favorite dresses becoming loose. Apart from grown-ups, it can be best used on clothing for kids who have faster growth rate and need custom fitting. Instant Tailor also serves the purpose to tuck a table cloth, lift a drape or making the bed skirt look neat. A pack of 12 Instant Tailor comes in a single purchase which for a limited time offer comes bundled with 12 more Instant Tailors as a free bonus.



What do I get?
24 Instant Tailor Clips for just $9.99 + $9.98 S/h. Official website

Customer Service – 1-800-275-7494 M-F, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. PST.



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