Gleener Fuzz Remover Review

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Are you frustrated every winter when you pull your sweaters out and find that pills, lint and fuzz have ruined them badly? Even if you buy the most expensive knitwear and have worn them just once they are not safe from pilling, linting and fuzz. But now you can get Gleener Fuzz Remover and de-pill, de-lint and de-fuzz your knitwear easily and wear them as often and wherever you like.


Gleener Fuzz Remover
Even though there are many products in the market for de-pilling and de-fuzzing, they often cause other problems to the fabric like pulling and tearing, leaving nasty odor and residue behind or then they use batteries that are environmentally unfriendly. But Gleener is free of all these problems and is very easy to use.

Gleener Fuzz Remover has three blades that are detachable, fabric-sensitive and designed to target different size of fuzzballs depending on whether they are heavy wool that produce big pills or delicate cashmere that has smaller pills. You can select the blade – for big, medium or small pills – by following the guideline provided. The blades are very easy to attach and detach too and it is just as easy to use Gleener Fuzz Remover.

All you have to do is lay the garment flat, hold it firmly with one hand and roll Gleener Fuzz Remover over the pilling and fuzzing with a firm hand and in the same direction as the weaving. All your fuzzball and pills will come off. You can repeat these steps if necessary and remove the pills from the blade as they will pile up after use. As the final step, roll the velvet lint brush on the garment and your rejuvenated clothing will be ready to wear.

Gleener Fuzz Remover works not just on woollens but also on your T-shirts, jackets, trousers and even on cushions and upholstery. The remover has an ergonomic handle that also attaches to the lint brush that can brush off your pet’s hair from your clothes and furniture. So Gleener Fuzz Remover works as a two in one product!



What do I get?
Your Gleener Kit Includes:

  • 3 specially designed, fabric-sensitive blades
  • Ergonomic handle (Choose from: slate blue, burnt orange, taupe) with attached lint brush
  • Handy travel pouch

Gleener Replacement Blade Set of 3 specially designed, fabric-sensitive blades for just $4.99.

Gleener Wrap n’ Roll Super absorbent mat to quick dry your hand-washables for just $9.99.

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Gleener Fuzz Remover Video


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