EasiPress SteamPro

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What is EasiPress SteamPro?

It is an incredible and efficient steam iron with a 2400W power that promises to heat up quickly. Designed with a 3-metre no-kink rubber cord the EasiPress SteamPro iron does not need to be plugged into an extension board.


Features of the EasiPress SteamPro

The EasiPress SteamPro iron is simple and easy to use. It is designed with amazing features that you are guaranteed to love. It is designed with a 2400W power for efficient and speedy heat-up. This steam iron features a CeramaGlide ceramic soleplate.
It also has a long approximately 3-metre/10ft no-kink rubber cord. This amazing feature ensures that you will never need to plug the EasiPress SteamPro into an extension board. You will also never get kinks or frayed powercords. You can simply use the EasiPress SteamPro in any place you want to.


Additional Features of the EasiPress SteamPro

The EasiPress SteamPro iron also comes with other features such as: 2400W power, spray, shot of steam. It also features a 350ml water tank and has a self-cleaning function too. This ensures that you don’t need to clean the iron yourself. The self-cleaning function does it all.
Order your EasiPress SteamPro iron today and enjoy ironing your clothes.


    What do I get ?

  • You get EasiPress SteamPro for £29.99
  • Official Website : teamuki.com

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