Dryer Sheep

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What is Dryer Sheep?

Dryer Sheep are wool balls that convince to give you softer fabrics and dry your laundry faster naturally. Claiming to be made from New Zealand wool, Dryer Sheep assure that your clothes will be fluffier and free from wrinkles with each wash. It also proclaims to let you do away with chemical solutions in our laundry and thus be gentler on your clothes and sheets.

How does Dryer Sheep work?

Fabric softeners have chemicals that are harmful but Dryer Sheep declares that it is a 100% natural way and based on science to soften and dry your laundry faster. Using the Dryer Sheep has 3 easy steps – you just need to toss the wool balls with your clothes in the dryer or washing machine when the dryer cycle is on. Dryer Sheep proclaims that it lifts and separates clothes so that the hot air of the dryer flows through the clothes more freely and easily. This dries the clothes while softening them to give you fluffy clothes and soft garments.


Dry and soften fabrics naturally, quickly and easily
To get fluffily soft and dry clothes easily and in a 100% natural way, Dryer Sheep guarantee to be the most effective and simple solution. Dryer Sheep state to be New Zealand wool balls that just need to be tossed into the dryer or washing machine while on dryer cycle. It separates clothes from each other to let hot air flow through them to dry them quickly so that your washing time will be reduced. Dryer Sheep promises then gently massage fabrics so that they fluff up. Dryer Sheep declares that it is gentle on your delicate garments like silk or satin that will turn out ultra soft and it will fluff up thick cloths like towels. This will make your clothes turn out fresher, softer and fluffier.


Super quiet and hypoallergenic
Even though it lifts and separates clothes, Dryer Sheep maintains that it is super quiet in the dryer and you won’t even know that it’s at work. Dryer Sheep proclaims that it gets rid of wrinkles and creases from the clothes so that are ready to be folded and stored or worn. Unlike fabric softeners and conditioners, Dryer Sheep asserts that it does not contain any chemicals and is hypoallergenic so that you won’t suffer any skin reactions when they are used to treat your clothes. Eliminating the use of softeners, Dryer Sheep also states to save your money on these solutions. Dryer Sheep claims to be reusable and lasts up to as many as a whopping 1000 loads. Dryer Sheep asserts that it is easy to maintain and you just need to machine wash it for cleaning.


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