Dryer Maid Ball Reviews and Complaints

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You just washed that outfit but there is still lint and pet hair every where. You brush it, roll it but can not control it…Not anymore. Introducing Dryer Maid the amazing Dryer Ball that gets rid of pet hair and lint from your pullovers, sheets, towels while they tumble in your dyer and then automatically releases them in to the lint trap for easy disposal.


Dryer Maid Ball
Dryer Maid Ball works like thousands of tiny lint brushes in every load, plus its electrostatic technology attracts hair and lint. As Dryer Maid spins it gently brushes your fabric and absorbs static electricity that attracts pet hair and releases it in to the lint trap. Plus Dryer Maid saves you money as it tumbles and separates clothes, dries clothes faster, reduces static build up.

How often have you taken out freshly washed clothes from the dryer and realized they are covered in pet hair or lint? It makes washing them seem like a complete waste of time. But now you have Dryer Maid Ball, which will get rid of pet hair and lint like magic. This brilliant product gets rid of pet hair and lint from towels, sheets and your clothes while they tumble in the dryer. And for your convenience the hair and lint is collected in a special trap too.

It works on different types of fabrics and is safe for them too. It also helps reduce static, which means your clothes come out cleaner and wrinkle free and feel fresher. This chemical free product also helps dry your clothes a lot faster saving your money. It’s like having thousands of tiny lint hair brushes doing the job for you.



What do I get?
*Dryer Maid Ball

*Free Bonuses

*BONUS 1 – Self Cleaning Hair and Lint Brush for quick cleanup. Use it on clothes, furniture, bedding and more. Just pop open the tray and throw the mess away. Its a $20 value but yours absolutely FREE.

*BONUS 2 – Set of 2 Dryer Brushes – These flexible dyer brushes dig out lint you can’t reach, from inside the trap, under and between the machines, and even in the dryer vent. Its a $20 value but yours absolutely FREE.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee less P&H (Certain Restrictions Apply). Sales tax will be added to NY orders.
Customer Service
If you have questions about this product or to inquire about the status of your order, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-866-459-4920 between the hours of 9:00am – 5:30pm Monday through Friday EST.

Please Visit The Official Website www.DryerMaid.com



Dryer Maid Ball Video

Demo Video of How Dryer Maid Ball works


9 thoughts on “Dryer Maid Ball Reviews and Complaints

  1. I ordered two Dryer Maid Balls in April and have yet to receive them from the manufacturer. Buyer beware!!

  2. The Dryer Maid Ball deflated and will not get it shape back. I also noticed that it does not remove all of the pet hair that the ad says.

  3. Dryer Maid saves you money as it tumbles and separates clothes, dries clothes faster and reduces static build up. It is very useful technique.

  4. WATCH OUT! the shipping is $15.90 and you are not notified until you order is already processed. That is wrong!

    • Thanks for your post, I.ve noticed that a lot on items seen on tv do not tell you the cost of shipping before it’s too late, very bad practice, thanks for the warning on this one. Just because of this dishonest practice I definitely will not order them.

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