Dry N Steam REVIEW | Wrinkle Removing Dryer Balls REVIEWED

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Official website: DryNSteam.com

What is Dry N Steam?

It is a unique object designed like a ball that removes wrinkles from clothes when put into a dryer.


Crisp, wrinkle-free clothes without ironing

Dry N Steam is what you’d desire if it does what it claims- making your clothes in the dryer come out really smooth and free of crumples without slogging it out. A ball-shaped tool that goes in a dryer after filled with water, Dry N Steam releases steam from inside when the dryer becomes hot. That, according to its makers, makes outfits crisp and plain when it glides through them. Dry N Steam also reduces drying time of clothes by half as it uses steam to use them


For Added Convenience and Speed

Using Dry N Steam does come across as a fast and easy procedure as you just need to pour water into it and then keep it in the dryer. You also don’t need to use fabric softeners and dryer sheets if you use Dry N Steam. It ensures that pants and other cloth articles turn out static free, and even pillow cases and quilts turn soft and cozy with it. This laundry article is compatible with all dryers and is BPA-free too.

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