Button Genie

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What is Button Genie – It a button that lets you expand or reduce your waistband without the need to sew.


Button Genie promises to come to your rescue whenever you need to loosen or tighten your waistband but cannot take the button off and sewing it again in a new place. There are times when you are trying to get into your pants but they are too tight or even loose on the waist and you don’t have the time to change into a new pair or do not have anything else to go well with your top. Or you could be in a lunch meeting and after a heavy meal you want to loosen your waistband a bit but you cannot. Button Genie claims to help in all such situations.

Easy to use and needs no sewing

Button Genie is believably very easy to use – you just need to take out the screw-back, press the button pin into the cloth of your waistband, place the screw again and button up. This will save you the embarrassment of adjusting your pant in public or being uncomfortable because it’s too loose or too tight. Button Genie is meant to work on your pants, your kids’ or even your husband’s. You apparently no longer need to waste time trying to needle the thread and sew the button or keep your kid waiting till you sew a new button when it breaks. Just attach Button Genie and your kid will be ready to go.

Can be used to shirts and jackets too

Not just your trousers, Button Genie can supposedly be used on shirts, cardigans or jackets too. If your button has come off or if you want to close it only halfway you can apparently use Button Genie without it looking awkward. Button Genie is said to come in different styles and colors to match your formal pants or denims and any color you wear. And it is just a small button so you can carry it in your bag or wallet and use it anytime your button accidentally pops.


What do I get?
Get 8 buttons, 4 different models ( white, black, silver or gold) for just £21.95. Official website: ISLShop.co.uk



Button Genie Video

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