Bra Ball Review

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How does Bra Ball work?

Protecting your bras from the onslaught of a washing machine has never been easier. When you bring Bra Ball home, you give yourself freedom from having to hand wash your bras every time with the fear of ruining them if you put them in a machine. It also saves you a lot of money you might end up spending in replacing your old bras that lose shape and are battered because of being caught in the agitator of the washing machine.


Bra Ball will make sure your soft, comfortable bras stay as good as new and will not suffer under the weight of heavy clothes in the machine as well. Moreover it’s ideal to pack your bras in the luggage when you are travelling and ensure they don’t lose shape or get damaged.

Bra Ball not only saves your bras from tangling in the machine and being ruined, it also maintains contours of your padded bras. And you have several features of the Bra Ball to thank for that. The inner ball in the Bra Ball makes sure that your bra stays in its present shape without being pulled and stretched, which is one of the reasons that make this product so special.

It also has a secure latch that can be opened easily by you but will not open in the machine, thus protecting your bras at all times. Bra Ball is strong and sturdy, thus it will bear the weight of your heavy items in the washing machine but it is soft enough not to damage the delicate clothes you need to wash as well.

A Bra Ball can hold up to three bras at a time depending on their thickness of course and works for cup sizes 32-36 AA, A, B and C.


You can buy Bra Ball for $24.77 at

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