Block Out Clothing Spray Review

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Have you ever lost your favorite clothes to a stain that is irremovable and would do anything like that from happening? Block Out serves as one true solution to such problems like muddy water splashing on the clothes due to vehicles passing by, stains of wine on the clothes due to spilling, etc.

How does Block Out Clothing Spray Work

Existing solutions in the market are about getting the stains removed but imagine if you had the chance to not let that stain take place on your favorite shirt, trouser, dress, etc at all in the first place? Such a situation is almost unimaginable until the makers of Flex Seal came up with Block Out.

Any clothing item or other upholstery like sofa seats, car seats, etc can be kept stain free using the revolutionary formula Block Out. It is a spray that is to be applied on the desired surface to keep any liquid from spreading over and keeping it as good as new. The idea behind Block Out is to create an invisible barrier that slides off any liquid from staying and keeps fabrics or even stone, brick and wood safe from getting wet. Block Out is safe and universal since it is odorless to make it safe for use by people having scent allergies and gentle hence it does not irritate the skin or harm the most delicate fabric.

Applying Block Out is very easy; the can, which can cover between 10 to 20 square feet of surface, can be sprayed over the fabric from a distance of 6 inches in a well ventilated area. It quickly becomes dry to touch but requires at least 2 to 3 hours of proper drying time in a room temperature area and can require a second coat of Block Out for thick fabrics. Depending on the way the fabric is used, many a times Block Out has lasted for about months letting the fabric being untouched from any type of stain. It has been tested to work on all known fabrics like nylon, cotton, wool, polyester, microfiber, etc but is not recommended for patent leather or vinyl.



What do I get?

  • 2 Large Block Out Cans
  • 2 Travel size Block Out Cans

All this for just $19.99 plus $19.90 S&H. Official website



Block Out Clothing Spray Video

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