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Do you have to turn your dryer on two or three times to have your laundry dried? Do you still have to contend with wrinkles and embarrassing static clings on your clothes? Well, now you have a simple solution to get over these problems in the form of Better Ball. It’s a dryer ball that will reduce drying times drastically. It will ensure that your laundry is dried the first time itself. Moreover it also does a fantastic job of reducing wrinkles and eliminating static cling as well.


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Better Ball
Better Ball is a path breaking product that gives you a shot in the arm when it comes to your regular laundry needs. With the help of Better Ball you will ensure your clothes dry every time without the need for turning the dryer on a few times over. If you have to wash a smaller load, you can simply toss one Better Ball in or two if you have to dry a larger load of clothes. Better Ball will do its job to perfection without damaging your clothes one bit. In fact, its soft wool surface is known to be a brilliant softener, which gives your fabrics that soft, comfortable feel.

Better Ball works its magic by lifting and separating fabrics so that hot air can circulate through it without any difficulty. Now you won’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive chemical sheets because Better Ball will do the job for you. Better Ball is perfect for sheets, knitwear, jeans and blankets too. What’s more, Better Ball can eliminate the need for the tedious chore of ironing, thus saving you a lot of time and effort as well.

Beware of As Seen On TV Scams
Late night tv commercials promote “as seen on tv” products like Better Ball. Products like “Better Ball” simply catch your attention by cheap attention seeking mechanisms, and make you ignore its value and worth. “As seen on tv” only captivates your attention so as to make sure you buy their product. And for this purpose, they promise you discounts, greatest quality, free coupons and use a buttering language. But products are of extremely cheap quality. Neither do these products give the results they are supposed to, nor do you end up paying less.

They charge you extra for shipping and sometimes without even you having a hint about it. At times, you are not even given a chance to wrap up your order one last time. The service is horrible most of the times, to top it off. Since your personal information is already given, they might keep calling you up for adverts and promotions. Sometimes it gets difficult to reach the “human” receiver since automation and machines are easily configured. These websites add their own charges to the MRP and then display the price. So if possible, buy products from physical stores at a reasonable price. In this way, you purchase products like Better Ball only after actually seeing and reviewing them, so that it does not disappoint you.




What do I get?
You can buy a Better Ball two-pack for an incredible price of $10.00 plus shipping and handling fee of $7.95 at You also have the option of doubling your offer by paying additional shipping and handling fee.


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