Who Knew Books Review

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If you want to save time, money, get free stuff, save up to 50% on groceries, and more, then you need the Who Knew? books! First you’ll get Who Knew? with almost 400 pages filled with ten-thousand-one easy solutions to everyday problems! Next, you’ll get more Who Knew?, with almost 500 pages of money saving secrets! Make food last longer with secrets your grocery store doesn’t want you to know! Learn safer, healthier ways to clean without chemicals! The books feature large print, and are easy to use!


Who Knew Books
10,001 Easy Solutions to everyday problems! You’ll also receive-Who Knew? Thousands of Money Saving Secrets for Cooking, Cleaning, and All around Your Home, plus 3 bonus books: Free Stuff, Extreme Coupons and Beauty Secrets

Why should you get who knew? Books:-

Ignorance is not bliss in 21st century and times to come ahead. With thousands of worthy tips that can improve upon your lifestyle and get you uplevel with trend is supremely unique and possible only catering by who knew?

Save money on bills, Groceries, Gas, Medicine and much more with coupons, offer know-how, sale details, factory outlet offers and many more.

Get simple shortcuts for solving complicated problems in life. One life and many complexities is not a good equation if at all one think of it. Keep it simple guide to simple solutions to put the end to sorrow and the beginning of happy family never ending saga.

Learn tried and tested true beauty secrets and cooking tips. Who knew? helps in finding ways to make money from home.

Learn money saving ways to make some of the finest beauty products. Learn how to make your food last longer thus helping you save on time and wastage of food. Get pro tips on cleaning without chemicals.

Who Knew Books II by Bruce Lubin

Do you believe that in the recesses of your home lie the best and the most powerful solutions to problems you encounter in daily life? Do you feel that the wisest way to tackle everyday problems is right in front of your eyes, waiting to be discovered by a keen sight and smart thinking? If you don’t feel satisfied after solving a problem by spending lots of time and money and wish you there was some other way, get hold of Who Knew? II Home Solutions Hardcover Book, which is a treasure trove of a multitude of home remedies, tips, secrets and quick fixes that will ease out problems in day to day life.

Who Knew? II Home Solutions Hardcover Book by Bruce Lubin has been compiled by Bruce Lubin and his wife spanning a period of twenty years which offers the lucky readers the most valuable tips that’ll not only save time and money but also efforts in getting rid of routine problems. You’ll learn how common household things hold so much potential to do extraordinary things for you.

The book has tips ranging from how you can actually put things to tremendous use which you normally burn or throw away. There are tips on how you can save time in kitchen, extend the life of food, have natural solutions, free prescriptions etc. At the living room front, there are tips on how you can clean a showpiece by just putting in a bag with salt and shake it, how you can eliminating around-the-collar by by using baby powder, remove shiny marks when ironing with vinegar, make stubborn water rings on furniture disappear by using mayonnaise, revive the shine of clothes by blowing hot air on it etc.

You’ll also be amazed on learning innumerable kitchen tips and learning big time secrets on extending the life of food, clean greasy clothes with lemon-lime soda, cut heating bill with aluminum foil, get rid of roaches with cucumber skins and many more in this superlative hardcover 704 pages book that can also be a perfect gift for the one you care for.




What do I get?

  • Who Knew? 10001 Easy Solutions for Everyday Problems
  • MORE Who Knew? Thousands of money saving secrets for cooking, cleaning and all around your home.
  • 3 Super Secret Supplement Books – Free Stuff, Extreme Coupons and Beauty Secrets.

All this for just $29.99 + Shipping. Official website www.WhoKnewBooks.com




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21 thoughts on “Who Knew Books Review

  1. If this site and product is so negative, why in the world is it still airing on TV paid product channels in Phoenix AZ. TV station, get rid of this advertisement immediately please!!!! Does anyone know how to contact the TV station that is still airing this product?

  2. I was just about to go online to order these books when I noticed this site. I am so glad. I think I will just wait and see if they turn up at a yard sale! Thanks

  3. I ordered who knew book as advertised on TV that included an additional book if ordered right away and to ask for free shipping which I did however, I was not able to ask for the free shipment and additional book because I could not speak to a live person. I was not given the exact total amount of my order or what I was to receive. What am I to do, if things don’t go as advertised I am going to complain to the better business bureau.

  4. Forgot to say, if you know the page info about strawberries to whiten teeth, please send me that information.

    Thank YOU

  5. I got book, Who Knew, 10,001 ETC. but nowhere can I find , as said from TV ads, how strawberries help to whiten teeth?? I called number to order book, but can’t get to a LIVE person, to ask where it is in the book (if it is in the book), all I get (on phone), ordering book??? Please give me a number to talk to someone who can help me about this issue, and not 888-235-2093, all I got from him was, it is in book just read IT ALL????? I really got the book because that solution, strawberries to whiten teeth, really got my attention. Now I can’t find it in the book. And, YES, I have gone through the whole book, still can’t find info on strawberries to whiten teeth. Please help me out. Thank You !!!!!


  6. I also think this is a shame ..these people should be ashamed of themselves,they are nothing but liars and cheats. there are honest people out there and these crooks are taking advantage of them. hopefully it will stop I ordered two books and have already been charged almost 50 dollars. I guess I will just have to wait and see because you cannot speak to a person.

  7. EVERYONE PLEASE STOP COMPLAINING AND CALL THE BBB and report these jerks so that they can be forced to STOP THE BS!

  8. Very upset!!! Should have investigated this company before I ordered. As advertised, you get one book for $10.00 plus $7.99 shipping. I ordered one book with none of the extras and was charged $10.00 plus $17.99 for shipping with no option for backing out of the order. Now I’m wondering if I’ll ever see that book.


    I bought theses books on 7/17 they stated it would take 4 to 6 weeks for them to be delivered it is now 9/20 never received books. Called the company the guy on the phone was very rude and told me he didn’t have me or any such order in there computer and that i basically am liar. He told me to fax him a copy of my bank statement showing the charge!! WTH are you kidding me!!!! I told him I would not fax my bank statement and that I would allow my bank to handle this situation He became irritated with me (oh well) I then called my bank they have refunded my money and are now dealing with these scammers/thieves!!

    If you want the books you can buy them off of HSN for less then half the cost of the WHO KNEW BOOKS web site and you will actually receive them with in a few days!

  10. This company is a complete scam ….I ordered one set of books but received and was charged for two. Then they told me that i would have to pay s&h to return them. They tried to offer me a ten dollar gift certificate to keep them and even suggested that i give them to someone as a gift…TOTAL RIP OFF !!

  11. I think everyone should contact the Better Business and also notify your local tv station to do some investigating on your behalf.

  12. I got two sets of the books which I DID NOT ORDER. I was charged the amount of $60.84. They wanted to give me a credit of $10.00 then $15.00 . I didn’t want either credit I just wanted my money back. I sent the books back on the 12th of April through the post office luckily I kept my receipt. So I called back two weeks later still they have not got it. So I sent them a fax a copy of my receipt on the 26th. So far they have not got the books back. Then they were only going to give me credit of just the books. Well that didn’t go over too good with me. They gave me all of my refund now I have to wait 7 to 14 days to wait on my credit. Well they didn’t wait that long to take out the payment. So why I cant I have it now. They are just a bunch of rip offs.

  13. I ordered the set of Who Knew Books and got a confirmation page with a total of $74.97 which, I am OK with the pricing, because its everything I ordered. BUT my confirmation page didn’t have a confirmation number. when I try to track it with my phone number, its telling me that there are no orders with that phone number. When I try to call the 800 number, they are always closed. is this common?

  14. So far unhappy and totally agree with others complaints!! I was asked if I wanted the books priority mail for an extra $10 which I agreed too. Instead of the estimated 3-6 week. Then when the billing information came up it did not have that on the charge, but it did have a charge of $7.99! I thought I got free shipping if not getting priority mail? That’s what was advertised! Guess you have to get screwed over before you save money with these books! They better be worth it!

  15. This is false advertising. On TV it was advertised 2 Who Knew books for $29.99 and three helpful books with free shipping if done right away. This is all I was interested in. Also I went on-line to check this out. Same information was given. I never received a confirmation of what was ordered. When I received a pkg with an invoice for 6083A Who Knew book – $29.99 plus 6083B Who Knew book -$22.50 what is this?? then 6213A lint lizard $10.99 what the heck is this??? something I never ordered. Plus shipping charges (which were suppose to be FREE). When I called I couldn’t get anyone to answer my questions was only told if I didn’t want – to return the pkg, no return slip included, but I did get a return number. It cost me$16.89 to return – which I SHOULD BE REIMBURSED FOR…THIS IS A REAL SCAM!!!

    • I couldn’t get through to a “live” person to order per phone. I was unsuccessful ordering online and it seems there is a $7.99 S&H fee in connection with the three free books. The infomercial was very misleading. I don’t have time for this so I didn’t order. I’ve never had problems before ordering online.

  16. I was going to order the Who Knew Books but could not get a real person via online “contact us” or via telephone to find out if there are other charges for Canadian customers such as border crossing fees.

    really bad customer service to not give customers who want to ask questions an option of doing so

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