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What is InnoTV?

InnoTV claims to be a TV-connected educational system primarily for pre-schoolers between the age of 3 and 8. Operated by a kid-friendly wireless controller, InnoTV declares to be the perfect first gaming system for the little ones. It comes with four games that introduce language arts, math, science and arts in a very easy manner for curious innocent minds to grasp. Plus InnoTV also includes multiplayer games which the entire family can come together and enjoy. With a provision for left or right handed users, InnoTV promises to provide a unique gaming experience. All these sound too very interesting, but how helpful they really are can be determined only when InnoTV reviews prove it.


How does InnoTV work?

InnoTV comes with an AC Power adapter and HDMI cable that can be easily attached to the TV. This feature ensures you do not require any additional cords or cables. The console has 8GB of memory which can be further expanded up to 40 GB. InnoTV also claims to have a built-in Wi-Fi by which you can download and store additional learning games and videos apart from the already existing four games that comes with the console. These additional games and videos can be downloaded from a library on the Learning Lodge. The credibility of these claims and how effective they really are can be verified only when we analyze InnoTV reviews.


Easy-to-use console – InnoTV is an educational gaming system that can be easily connected to the TV with a user friendly wireless controller. However before the first use, InnoTV may require a firmware update. In such a scenario one needs to download and install the update.


Enhances the kid’s motion control – InnoTV maintains that it was designed for multiple ways to play. Specifically made for young hands, the joystick and smart wheel have motion control for the kids to shake, tilt and move it in certain game actions while they play and thus thoroughly enjoy. Moreover, this feature of InnoTV can be helpful for both left and right handed kids. Sounds too fanciful? InnoTV reviews will soon reveal the truth.


Fun for the entire family – Apart from the existing four games of introduce language arts, math, science and arts, InnoTV also includes a multi-player family game for everyone in the house to play along with the kid and get the most out of the gaming system.


Educator-Supported Library – The gaming system proclaims that it is compatible with the Vtech’s educator- supported InnoTab cartridges and learning game downloads. You can connect it to a Wi-fi connection and easily access VTech’s Learning Lodge to download games, videos and music.


Parental Controls Passcode – Kids nowadays are way smarted than earlier. They tend to grasp technology much faster than what we as adults would if we were in their shoes. Hence it becomes pivotal for parents to supervise at all times. InnoTV has a provision to set up a Parental control Passcode that prevents the kids from accessing the control panels.


microSD Card to store more games – With an enabled Wi-Fi connection, InnoTV can download additional games, apps, videos and music. Insert your microSD card at the allotted slot into the InnoTV and instantly expand the total available memory storage capacity of 40 GB of downloaded content, photos, videos or music. InnoTV asserts that it is compatible with microSD memory cards upto 32 GB which is a promise that can only be substantiated once InnoTV reviews are out in the open for everyone to analyze.


Connect with your mobile device – Almost every household today has a smartphone of a tablet. InnoTV convinces parents to join in the fun by connecting it to their mobile phones or tablets. This feature facilitates the parent to personalize the child’s profile and home screen background choosing photos stored in the smartphone. Plus, the parent can also play multiplayer games and customize the learning content in select game downloads.

InnoTV Price

Get the InnoTV for $69.99 at

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