What Did We Use Before Toilet Paper? Review

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About What Did We Use Before Toilet Paper?

It is a new book packed with over 200 fascinating questions and answers on a variety of subject matters sure to pique anyone’s curiosity.

A treasure-trove of interesting facts and tidbits

What Did We Use Before Toilet Paper? is an exciting and thought-provoking hard cover book that promises to bring lots of fun and thrills anywhere you open it and browse. It contains a wealth of information in the format of curious and interesting questions and answers compiled in it which its promoters claim are sure to create a buzz anywhere. According to them, in this age of technology and the Internet where information is available at your fingertips thanks to gadgets like computers, smart phones and more, a book that you can hold in your hand, touch and feel is sure to bring you some different kind of an experience. It’s the pleasure that bookworms find only in real books and not in digital pages. A whole lot of interesting and peculiar questions and answers have been ingeniously assembled in this unique book, which can fill all your hours with lots of interesting experiences, discoveries and new learnings with a generous dash of amusement. As the title of the book connotes, bizarre and rib-tickling questions like what people used before toilet paper was invented are featured in it, guessing and coming up with answers for which will be no less fun for you and everyone.

Endless excitement and fun with loved ones

Instead of going for the usual group activities like some games or adventure with family or friends in a group meeting next, you could carry a copy of What Did We Use Before Toilet Paper? and start something different altogether. According to its sellers, posing questions from the book and discovering interesting and weird answers for them is the best way to impress everyone. Those who have a mind buzzing with hunger for knowledge are sure to appreciate it as well as the one who introduces the group to this activity.


Highly informative and stimulating

Apart from the attention-grabbing question that figures as its title, the book also poses a host of equally gripping questions such as Did you know that drinking too much water can actually be bad for you? Want to be able to tell when people are lying? What is hypnosis and how is it possible? Why was Stonehenge built and many more. It is being promoted as the perfect source of information combined with fun and challenge. Those who picked up a copy are raving about it everywhere so maybe you could grab one too and share a new experience with others or even by yourself.

What do I get?

Please see official website whatdidweusebeforetoiletpaper.com


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