Kevin Trudeau’s Free Money 2012 Edition Review

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Has just the thought of money always been a stress for you? Is debt the cause of most of your fights with your loved ones? Are you always worrying about paying your regular bills? Haven’t you thought of quitting your job and live your dream life but haven’t been able to do it because of money? Help is finally at hand. Introducing Kevin Trudeau’s International bestseller Free Money, 2012 edition.


Kevin Trudeau’s Free Money 2012 Edition
Read about the techniques which will help you in financial gain, learn the tricks to get your money which the government or corporate firms are already holding. Learn the techniques which the government and corporate firms don’t want you to know.

People have made upto 2 million dollars worth of free money, just by following the book. Now with the free money you can pay for things you need, like college education, buy a new vehicle, repair your home, mortgage payments and so much more. You can now take advantage of new strategies and techniques to become debt free for life. Doesn’t just the thought of it give you a sense of relief?



What do I get?
You can now order the Kevin Trudeau’s Free Money right now for just $29.95 plus S&H and with it you will get Kevin Trudeau’s other best seller a “Debt cures” Book, “Free money-25 ways to $10,000” book and an audio CD of “Free stuff” that shows you how to get free stuff, just pay an additional S&H. Official website



Kevin Trudeau’s Free Money 2012 Edition Video


8 thoughts on “Kevin Trudeau’s Free Money 2012 Edition Review

  1. Hello, Kevin, your 2012 free money book, works great, however I have not receive my news letter, please advice. I wish very much to have that asap. Thank you, again the book has paid for it self many time over, thank to it I get a check each month for over $1400. Much love and get me my news letter, asap. Grover from Texas

  2. I seen the paid commercial on tv and was really interested in it. I call to placed the order for the book which was $29.95 plus shipping. While on the phone with the rep she was talking about other things that I could add on when I asked her how much I have to pay she said my bill was like over $150 I just hung up the phone. So I look up the website it’s not even up yet so if I did pay for everything I still wouldn’t had access to the site. I see that any grant money I need would be posted on a government web site which we have free access to. Or call up Washington for a list of grants that available right now. They also have free training on how to apply for one.

  3. Unfortunately I did not receive the book for 2012 instead I have two copies of debt cures ii , how to build wealth… Two copies of free money, they don’t want you to know about also I received 25 ways to $5k per month from home of course I will keep one copy of each of the above mentioned books and return 2nd copy however I did not receive the info on making $10k. Also because I am on disability permanently and can’t pay my student loans will this affect my chances of getting any grants. I am on disability due to having cerebral palsy and now blood pressure and a few heart problems. The doctor said no go working for someone else. My wife said I should work for myself since I can then go at my own pace instead of trying to keep up with normal people unfortunately I am not fast like normal people. My big dream is to buy an RV called the freedom express and now I am 57. I can’t stand being a quitter any suggestions?

    Happy holidays!!

    • I’ve been disabled for over 20 years but received disability in 2007. I have a lot of the same concerns. It’s a constant thought in my mind. I want to work, but my curse is to keep the job for 3 months and then I end up leaving.

      I’m not sure what to do with my life. I’m 47 (look 35), fit and want to be productive and needed. But I’ve been w/out a sig/other for two years now and w/out a clue for a heck of a lot longer.

      Who can help people like us? Is there a website that disabled people tell how they cope and make money too? You can send any info on this subject to dep no more at yodeling dot com. But write “not spam” in subject!!!!!


    • GREG i too am disabled and 59 yr old but not like you i have free money for you at my linked name my website also how to make nice money on your own minimum $200 a week. SEE my You tube show billybillscrapper !

  4. Omg..the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. What a dumb mistake I made in getting these books. Check out the stupid CD he gives away for free. One minute he is saying get rid of directv and cable and then stop going out to eat and you will save money and within the next 1 minute of the CD, he tells you to get friendly with a certain organization and take them out to lunch. This guy is just getting richer by dumb people like me and I am getting poorer. I completely went through the entire 2012 book and found nothing that would make me money. He just writes about other people that made money, not how I can do it and where are all the promised websites for me to get free money? Come on people, lets save our money or better yet lets just all go out to eat and talk crap about Kevin Trudeau.

  5. Is it easy to read?

    Is it easy to understand?

    Does it really help you become debt free?

    Does it really help you get “Free Money?”

    Do we never have to repay the money?

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