EDUSS Personal Math Tutor

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What is EDUSS Personal Math Tutor

It is a personalized math tutoring software that is designed to improve math weaknesses in kids from kindergarten to 8th grade in a very interactive and fun way.

Personalized Math Tutor:

EDUSS Personal Math Tutor guarantees that it can helps kids overcome their weakness in Math and advance a whole Math grade by practicing on it for just 30 minutes a day for 3 times a week in total. Math is one subject where most children fail to reproduce results and personal tutors can only provide their services for limited hours regardless it produces results or not. This is why EDUSS Personal Math Tutor is allegedly developed so that there is a solution that is around 24/7 on the computer for kids to master their math easily.


Fun creative learning solution:

EDUSS Personal Math Tutoremphasizes on the fact that it is designed keeping in mind the Core Curriculum protocols that is been used by more than 4,500 schools. In this way kids are only learning math that is targeted towards developing their skills in the curriculum they are studying at schools. EDUSS Personal Math Tutor maintains its stand on being better at tutoring kids since there would be no need to force them to sit and study as the whole interface is designed to be quite entertaining, fun and creative.

Proprietary features:

EDUSS Personal Math Tutor claims that it comes with a proprietary feature called as Gap Scan Assessment (Pre-Test) which helps in finding the missing links in the child’s knowledge through a series of interactive, fun questions. This helps EDUSS Personal Math Tutor to judge what kind of learning program is to be chosen for the growth of particular child’s learning. EDUSS Personal Math Tutor states that it is quite capable to not just improve math skills of kids but also a great way to help them advance or accelerate through studies to fill their knowledge gaps. EDUSS Personal Math Tutorstatesto provide real-time results and reports. It is a perfect math tutor for kids studying in kindergarten to 8th grade.


What Do I Get?

  • Get your “RISK FREE” trial of EDUSS Personal Math Tutor for $14.95.
  • Official website:
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