Dream Books

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What is Dream Books?

As per the infomercial Dream Books claims to be a series of interactive learning books for kids. It enhances the learning experience by way of interactive and immersive techniques which help the kids to acquire knowledge and have fun at the same time. On being connected with a smartphone or tablet, it displays interactive 3D games, animations, educational videos and fun facts. Dream Books promises to bring books to life before your eyes which is a claim that can only be corroborated after going through Dream Books reviews.

How does Dream Books work?

Dream Books, a series of read-along and interactive learning books claims to capture your child’s imagination through its stories and games. It could be argued that this technique is a new take on the multimedia stories which were fairly common in the 90s. So far there are no Dream Books reviews to help us affirm the authenticity of these claims. It would be great if you could share your kids’ experience in a Dream Books review.


Plug and Play – To start using these Dream Books, you have to plug it onto your smartphone or tablet. This is how the makers claim to enhance the learning experience for the kids by bringing the images to life. How real the experiences really are can only be verified once we analyse the Dream Books reviews.


Award winning educational books – Dream Books asserts that it has gone to great lengths in creating these books where the images seem to come alive for the kids. There are about 7 books to choose from. While one invites to embark on a major safari of wild animals in their natural habitat, another travels back in time to take a walk with the dinosaur. There’s also a book about the planets where kids can launch a space shuttle into the solar system. Plus the book on Construction Machines claims to help the kids learn about building machinery parts. The book on Sea Life takes the kids underwater to set sail along with the dolphins and explore Sea Life Odyssey.


3D interactive animation – Dream Books further claims to engage the kids through its interactive sessions where they are invited to visit the enchanting castle to meet the princess. Dream Books facilitates interaction by letting the kids take pictures with the princess and her pals.


Games, Facts and Educational videos – Besides stories, Dream books assures to maintain the level of curiosity and excitement through fun-filled games, facts and educational videos. A kid who can explore an open question with imagination and logic is learning how to make decisions, as opposed to just memorizing information. The idea behind Dream Books sounds promising but how effectively have they delivered is a judgement best left to Dream Books reviews.


Engaging read-alongs – Unlike the regular multimedia programs of yesteryears, Dream Books has been designed as an accompaniment for actual books. The purpose we presume must be to ensure that the kids retain their reading habits and not just get hooked on to the interactive sessions.


Official website: GetDreamBooks.com

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