Millionaire Memory Reviews and Complaints

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If you are someone who forgets peoples names, struggles with your exams or misplaces things then you should get yourself the Millionaire Memory CD. This memory program was created by Dave Farrow the world’s foremost memory expert and he holds two Guinness world records. He is often featured on national news shows and engaged by top companies. His memory techniques are very effective and really work. With his CD’s you will learn how to remember names, important numbers, new languages, scriptures, speeches and even improve your vocabulary and more.


How does Millionaire Memory work?
Millionaire memory is a 4 CD memory audio program. The first two CD’s are basic memory techniques and languages. These CDs will train your brain to remember names, recall facts and perform better in exams. The third CD teaches you how to recall peoples names and in CD 4 you will learn how to remember numbers.

With this innovative breakthrough memory program, you can create a mental filing system that not only categorizes and organizes information, but also lets you retrieve it every time you need it. This program also teaches you to double your reading speed in just one hour. So you can now impress people with your mental rolodex of phone numbers.

This breakthrough visualization technique also helps corporate executives to excel in business and helps military officers and government agents remember significant pieces of information.



What do I get?

  • 5 Millionaire Memory CDs
  • Basic Memory Techniques
  • Languages and Tools
  • Names and Faces
  • Memorizing Numbers
  • Instant Speed Reading
  • Workbooks


    Reviews and Complaints
    Please see the “Reviews” section below.


    Millionaire Memory Video


    20 thoughts on “Millionaire Memory Reviews and Complaints

    1. I just started using it. I’m a 61 year old actor and started experiencing memory problems a couple of years ago. You can’t be an actor and not remember lines. I used the first method he describes in his dvd for a short scene in class last night and it worked! Obviously, this is just a start and it takes work and practice, but it is working for me.

      I don’t understand all the pricing differences, but it is upsetting to pay a lot for the program only to find that you could have purchased it for significantly less somewhere else.

    2. I am a grandmother raising my grandson . I paid $150.00 money I still owe. I dont understand why some are paying only $ 19.00. It did not work. The doctors said that my grandson had ADHD and he goes to a special school. I understand that some of your research was done in Montreal. If you realy care Mr.Dave Farrow would you contact me I need this the work.Thank you and God bless you

      • This is Dave farrow. My program has been licenced in several forms to different marketers. One of the things an author has to do today to be successful. The price difference is the difference between a basic intro program Nad something much more comprehensive. Feel free to call my office at 1 866 949 6868 and we will try to help you with your adhd challenge. I had adhd myself and have a soft spot for this myself. I will do what I can to help.

    3. I paid $ 150.00 . I needed it for my grandson . It did not work . I am a grandmother raiseing my grandson . I still owe money for these tapes. I dont understand why some people are paying only $ 19.00 and i was charged $ 150. The doctors said my grandson had adhd. He goes to a special school. I understand that some of the research was in done montreal. I you realy want to help, then help me, contact me at my email. I Pray you realy will contact me Mr. Dave Farrow. Thank you and God bless you.

    4. I can’t believe these reviews. ..Some much talk about shipping and handling and prices, can someone please tell me if the product really works?

    5. Infomercials about Millionaire Memory seemed very good and they managed to entice me completely. But then I thought that’s what they are meant for; what I needed was product info that would help me decide if I wanted to spend my money on the product. So I used Millionaire Memory Reviews as my keywords and searched for reviews online. Undoubtedly a lot of sites showed up but none of them really had a review about the product. One after the other these sites led to utter disappointment for me till I came across your site, which was really helpful. But I am confused; how come these other sites with no reviews on them get called review sites in the first place?

      • That’s one of the loopholes with search engine optimization that has been made the most of by manufacturers who are trying to sell their crappy products. What they do is promote these sites with the help of affiliate marketers and create dazzling content about their products. They have managed to get away with it so far because search engines have been helpless in nabbing the culprits and penalizing them. Hope is that it will happen sooner rather than later.

    6. I bought this Dave Farrow’s Millionaire Memory DVDs 2-days ago for 20 bucks at FRYES Electronics. It is obvious of the benefits after the first disc. Grant it the process right now is clumsy but I remember every thing I try to, I mean every thing. the process is supposed to get faster the more you practice it. I have the worst memory of all, if I don’t write it down its gone or at least that’s how it used to be for me. Don’t think you going to do this and instantly your a memory Guinness. The technique is very odd and weird but after you try it and notice the benefits who cares. I hope you give it a try I doubt you will regret it.

    7. You can buy Dave Farrow’s Millionaire Memory Review at QVC, then if you don’t like it you can send it back in 30 days, full refund, $20.00. I haven’t decided yet if I will try it, I am older and I think if I forget something, it wasn’t worth remembering… Well, it might be fun to do it, I will check more on it all. Peggy.

    8. Somehow I ended up with two Millionaire Memory CD packages and two charges. I refused one and sent it back to MM with tracking. That was 6 weeks ago and they haven’t yet refunded my $81.00. When I phone them all I get is excuses and it’s impossible to talk with anyone in authority. I think they forgot.

    9. Your website indicates $6.99 for shipping and handling (see below), but when I complete all the info to order this, it shows $13.98 for shipping. Is it $6.99 or $13.99 – BIG DIFFERENCE


      Where to buy Millionaire Memory
      Get the Dave Farrow’s Millionaire Memory Program for just $19.99 plus $6.99 p&h. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Official Website

    10. I got this package in a local store and I love it. I am only about half way through it and it already is helping. But you do have to work and do what the CD tells you to do. It is not magic. But I love it.

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