Brainetics Math and Memory System Review

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Can you imagine squaring a 3- digit number in your head, without a calculator? How are you at doing advanced calculations, mentally? Most people have some degree of Math fear and are unable to enjoy the joys in learning. But, now ordinary kids are learning to use their brains in extraordinary ways with the help of the new breakthrough Math and Memory Learning System called Brainetics!


How does Brainetics Math and Memory work?
Mike Bryster, a Math genius developed this program to create fun and cool ways to generate interest amongst the kids and motivate them to learn Math. And now, the amazing Brainetics is inspiring students, teachers and parents, across the country, to do new and amazing things. It is teaching skills to the children for not only school, but life itself, with the help of fun games, memory building techniques and all kinds of math shortcuts.

It builds up confidence of the child and improves his or her self-esteem as well as improving concentration and skills to overcome the dreaded Math fear; to be more engaged in school and giving them the advantage they need to face college and beyond. Brainetics is the winner of the 2008 ‘Parents’ Choice Foundation’ Gold award and a host of media publications including the Chicago tribune and Reader’s Digest have applauded it for its role in engaging more children in learning and doing wonders for igniting their interest and confidence.



What do I get?

  • DVD 1 : focuses on following directions, concentrating and detecting patterns in numbers.
  • DVD 2 : helps students overcome math anxiety through the use of fun tricks and games.
  • DVD 3 : introduces math shortcuts enabling kids to do complex math in their mind.
  • DVD 4 : develops mental multi-tasking to help solve any math problem.
  • DVD 5 : applies Brainetics skills to mental organization and memory-building
  • Be a “Head” Coach – A brainetics Manual for Parents- outlines the lessons on each DVD and includes tips on how you can encourage your kids to show you what they have learned
  • 1 Deck Brainetics playing cards.
  • 1 Deck Brainetics custom flashcards.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Brainetics Math and Memory Video


2 thoughts on “Brainetics Math and Memory System Review

  1. The ultimate just seen on tv deal! Brainetics math and memory system deluxe set 7 DVD $109.99. Brainetics math and memory system a breakthrough math and memory system ages 9 & up as seen on tv and featured on 20/20! Just $79.99+s&h

    Spread the word! And if you get just 20 people to you refer you . And they buy from us you get a complete brainetics math system for free!

    • The product being offered by “Hot Billion” (Mashawn Garrett) is counterfeit product. Please do not purchase from his site.

      Oscar Alcantara
      Counsel for Brainetics, LLC

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