Brain Games Books

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What is Brain Games

Do you have problems remembering names? Do you sometimes find yourself standing somewhere with no recollection of why you are there? Are you losing the ability to focus on a task; are you finding it difficult to concentrate on anything for too long? You need to act now and get the help of the amazing Brain Games Books and get your brain working the way it was meant to be!

Brain Games Features and Benefits

The Brain Games Books contain activities that will help boost your powers of memory even as you have a lot of fun doing them! The renowned and prestigious Mayo Clinic has rated puzzles to be the number one tip in their seven tips for improving memory. Just as your body needs a physical workout to keep fit and healthy, your brain too needs its daily dose of mental stimulation with brain activities like puzzles, to keep healthy and alert. The Brain Games Books are a compilation of hundreds of exciting and fun crosswords, mazes, word scramblers and many more similar activities, from their most popular books, that are sure to entertain as well as stimulate your mind.

It contains puzzles like for instance, if you have a problem remembering names, just name fourteen things that begin with the alphabet ā€˜gā€™ in the picture puzzle; if you want to improve your focusing skills just guide and navigate a spaceship through the solar system! These are just two of the many games that have been designed with the specific aim of stimulating all parts of your brain. You will find a perceptible difference in your concentration level, ability to focus on a task through these really fun puzzles. You can now keep your mind active by just playing the puzzles in the Brain Games Books! Your brain will be challenged in a fun way!

The Brain Games Books are a five book set. As a part of a special offer you’ll also be able to get a second five book Brain Games set along with the Jumbo “Lower Your Brain Age in Minutes a Day” Puzzle Book that also contains hundreds of more wonderful brain stimulating puzzles!


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