Vietnam: The 10000 Day War Review

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Lovers of history and those who like their documentary films have a reason to rejoice because they can buy Vietnam The 10000 Day War. This set of four DVDs takes documentary film making to a whole new level altogether and depicts the true picture of the longest war in the modern history, which is also the most controversial one. If you want to take a look at the past, know more about the war heroes and stories that will touch your heart then you don’t have to look beyond this amazing collection.


Vietnam: The 10000 Day War
It has been written by a voice of authority, CNN correspondent by Peter Arnett. The collection gains credibility knowing that it comes from a Pulitzer Prize winning author and it shows the real and balanced story of the war. From the closing days of the Second World War to the fall of Saigon in 1975 these documentaries chart the complete course for the benefit of users.

One of the reasons this documentary works as a lovely commentary on the war is because there are no judgments involved and there’s no blame game either. It just talks about the long standing, 20 year old commitment from America to the Vietnam War. The collection includes film clips that have been shot by both sides and it lets you into that important time in history that went on the shape future generations. The 13 hour of footage on four DVDs will make a lasting impression on you.



What do I get?
13 hours on 4 DVDs for just $39.99 + Shipping. OR Over 35 Hours on 11 DVDs for just $119.96 + shipping. Official website



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