Top Chef University DVDs Review

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Do you want to know the secret of the amazing food cooked by top chefs and do you want to learn to cook like them?


How does Top Chef University DVDs work?
Now there is an easy and affordable way to learn how to cook like a pro. Introducing Top Chef University, DVD cooking courses that will teach you how to cook like a pro.

The DVD’s features talented and creative Chef’testants will show you the secrets to cooking incredible food. This culinary program is filled with lessons, tips, tricks, and secrets of top chefs.

With the help of these DVD’s you can get trained to cook delicious tasting meals every time. Your favorite Chef’testants will guide you through every step of the cooking process.

The best part is that since it is on DVD you can rewind and repeat any part giving you the convenience to learn and cook at your own pace.

You can even watch the DVD’s on your laptop or TV while you cook in the kitchen.

With the Top Chef University you will definitely be able to cook the way a top chef does. You will learn to make a variety of dishes for the whole family to enjoy and relish. Your friends and family will be impressed with your home cooked restaurant quality food.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
• DVD for Courses Number 1 through 3 of 12 courses on 16 DVDs
• Quickstart DVD with our favorite lessons,
• Collector’s Case for all DVDs
• Hardbound Spiral TCU Recipe Book
• Free membership in the Top Chef University Buyer’s Club for all your kitchen needs

You can call now to start your 14 day free trial of Top Chef University with the first course which is loaded with over 2 hours of cooking lessons. Each month you will receive the next course until you collected all 16 DVD’s which includes over 60 hours of cooking lessons so you can learn to cook like a top chef. You will also receive the Top Chef University Collectors Case to keep your DVD’s and Top chef University Recipe Book.
At the end of 14 days if you are completely satisfied with your purchase you will be conveniently billed $14.95 per month payable quarterly—previously sold for $24.95 per DVD or download—with Custom Auto-Ship (Risk free offer because it is a 60 day money back guarantee) — (Custom Auto-Ship can be cancelled at any time and you can speed up your delivery so that you get your exciting cooking lessons sooner). Official website



Reviews and Complaints
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Top Chef University DVDs Video
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3 thoughts on “Top Chef University DVDs Review

  1. I ordered the DVDs from the website on October 8, 2011 and the package never arrived. It has been over 6 weeks with only the order confirmation email and nothing else. The only mode of communication with the website is a mailing address based in TN. I would like the DVDs, but I wonder if they will ever arrive. Maybe I will write them a letter to find out why I have not received my order.

  2. I would not buy the DVDs because I did try the online version of Top Chef University and it was a waste of my money. I didn’t learn anything that I wasn’t getting for free online already, like on YouTube. I say don’t waste your money on something that is free.

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