Planet M3D DVDs Review

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Gift your children the edge in learning with the incredibly informative Planet M3D DVDs, a set of DVDs that provide excellent knowledge and learning experience to them in a wide range of subjects and topics. Planet M3D DVDs is a fabulous state-of-the-art way rightly equipped to enhance language and problem solving skills, encourage imaginative play through music, celebrate everyday experience and increase self-esteem and social skills of kids.


Planet M3D DVDs
We all know that children love audio and visuals, so watching Planet M3D DVDs over and over again while singing along with the characters will help children learn tremendously. Planet M3D DVDs makes use of music, live puppets and two and three-dimensional art. The DVDs help kids learn about the value of self-esteem and friendship, problem solving skills and the basics of important subjects such as nutrition and science and more.

Planet M3D DVDs are available in two wonderful sets, Pigasso’s Place and Digimouse. Both come with excellent animated features and are designed to address various learning needs of children. The characters figuring in the DVDs have highly developed and personalities that kids will love and easily relate to. They are perfect to help children acquire valuable knowledge the easy and fun way.

Children having problems getting along with the other kids can opt for “Making Friends” episode from the Pigasso’s Place DVD set. They’ll enjoy the show and also learn a wealth of valuable lessons. Little wonder then, that Pigasso’s Place was awarded the prestigious Dove Award for Excellence! They are even approved and endorsed by Child Safety Network, Harvard University, Yale University, Brown University and Cornell University.

The music and content on Planet M3D DVDs are very much safe without anything objectionable, so they have a positive influence on children. They’re a valuable source of information and the perfect collectible for parents who want to have a great collection of DVDs for their kids. What’s more, they are in the multi-language format, which will make children familiar and even comfortable in languages like Spanish, French and others. So make sure you get them and bring home endless moments of knowledge combined with fun!



What do I get?

  • 3 DVD Set of Pigacco’s Place
  • 3 DVD Set of Digimouse

All this for just $29.95 +$7.95 S&H. Official website



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