Mama’s Family Complete Series

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If you love sitcoms and especially the ones that tickle your funny bone then you probably know about Mama’s Family Complete Series. The hilarious comedy sitcom that flourished in the 80’s era still claims to have a lot to offer with each viewing. The sitcom originated from The Carol Burnett Show and ended up being one of the most popular sitcoms in its era. Mama’s Family Complete Series consists of total 6 seasons, boosting a total of 130 episodes that you may believably not find anywhere else.

Mama’s Family – The Complete Series

Thelma “Mama” Harper in the Mama’s Family Complete Series is known as the most famous lady in sitcom history and is described as the most crazy lady who sits at the table at Thanksgiving and says the most outrageous of things. Mama’s Family Complete Series supposedly includes not only the 130 episodes but also a chance for fans to collect the comprehensive collection that includes 10 hours of bonus features. Mama’s Family – The Complete Series is also said to feature with exclusive 1-on-1 interviews with Vicki Lawrence and Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence interviewing Mama, bloopers and much more.

Mama’s Family Complete Series brings the most engaging of seasons comprising of stories that introduces recently-evicted Vinton and his kids. The plot follows Vinton love affair with Naomi Oates and the children growing up. The Mama’s Family Complete Series follows Mama and the escapades of the crazy family providing lot of entertainment. Right from each and every character trying to settle in Mama’s house and Mama’s typical characteristics bursting all over the scenes Mama’s Family Complete Series DVD promises to be one of the best sitcom that anyone would want to collect and cherish it for a lifetime.




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Mama’s Family Complete Series 130 Episodes on 24 DVDs. Price $199.95

Signature Set signed by Vicki Lawrence For just $199.95 + $100

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