Inappropriate Comedy

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If you love offensive comedy and are looking for a rare collective gem, Inappropriate Comedy claims that it can be one of them. In the world where comedy movies are released every now and then only few of them leave behind a memory that would keep tickling your ribs. Inappropriate Comedy is a sketch movie which is made by Vince Offer, the Shamwow guy and deals with a computer tablet that has world’s most hilarious offensive apps, stirring up cultural anarchy and pure offensiveness in every passing minute of the movie.

How does Inappropriate Comedy Work

Inappropriate Comedy is claimed to be not just any sketch movie and is backed with an excellent star cast itself that includes Academy award-winner Adrien Brody who is famous for his pensive roles. He plays a no-nonsense cop who loves fashion and is famously known as “Flirty Harry” in Inappropriate Comedy. The second most featured cast making its claim to be the funniest movie ever is the addition of famous stand-up comedian and actor Rob Schneider. In fact, the fun is doubled since Rob plays dual roles in Inappropriate Comedy – one as a sleazy, horny psychologist and other being a curmudgeonly porn critic.

Inappropriate Comedy promises to not stop surprising with the male cast but tweaks up the oomph factor with the addition of Michelle Rodriguez and Lindsay Lohan who takes a daring ultimate revenge on the paparazzi who haunts her throughout her real life. Additionally Inappropriate Comedy has Vince Offer himself and Ari Shaffir who is said to the amazing racist due to his hidden-camera encounters with people of different ethnic and minority group. With such a cast Inappropriate Comedy’s claim to be the funniest movie can be just true and a great collection along with a copy of the famous “The Underground Comedy Movie” by Vince Offer.




What do I get?

  • 1 InAPPropriate Comedy DVD
  • 1 Underground Comedy Movie DVD

All this for just $19.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling. Official website



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