Family Bible Films

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What are Family Bible Films:

They are a collection of DVDs that claim to be the most entertaining way for your kids to learn the stories from the Bible.
Family Bible Films have brought out a Friends and Heroes Collection of DVDs that promises to be the right option for kids to learn Bible stories. You want to inculcate best values into kids so that they grow up to be fine human beings. You also want them to know more about the stories from Bible, which could be important to your faith. Now Family Bible Films collection of DVDs can do that in a fun way for your kids.

Family Bible Films are fun and entertaining for kids

Family Bible Films maintain that they have been specially put together to ensure that kids have a lot of fun following them. They have been built around fascinating animation, which is appealing to kids. In fact, the Friends and Heroes series claims to be the most entertaining way for your kids to learn about Bible stories. You might have tried to initiate your kids into these stories but their attention span is often a deterrent. But Family Bible Films promises to present a way that will go down well with the little ones.


Family Bible Films has all the stories you want your kids to know

Family Bible Films promise to be high on content and each of the stories in the Friends and Heroes collection feature a group of friends from the Ancient World. Thus not only do they talk about those special times but they also make the stories more relatable to kids today. Family Bible Films includes stories like Daniel and the Lion’s Den, Jesus and the Miraculous Catch, which are hugely relevant for kids.

Family Bible Films make for ideal presents

You know how easily kids get bored of the toys that you get them. But the animation movies from the Family Bible Films will be entertaining and educational for them at the same time, according to their claims. If you want your kids to have a positive influence in their lives at a young age, then these DVDs can be the right option for you. Family Bible Films collection of DVDs make for perfect presents for kids on special occasions including their birthdays and during the holiday season when the learning becomes more poignant.


What Do I Get?

  • You’ll receive a new episode around once a month for $11.95 plus $4.95 S&H.
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