China Beach – The Complete Series Review

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There are war dramas that leave you impressed and then there’s China Beach – The Complete Series, which shakes you up and leaves you spellbound. When the series debuted in 1988 it was considered to be a ground breaking effort and now this classic in all its four seasons is available to you in a brilliant DVD collection. It’s a gritty war drama that looks at the perspective of women who were affected by The Vietnam War and is a truly touching story that you just can’t miss.


China Beach – The Complete Series

The show was produced by William Broyles Jr. And had 62 episodes in all; right from the first credits to Reflections by Supremes, the show had the audience gripped. The show was named after the My Khe Beach in Vietnam and takes a brilliant look at the war, mostly from the 510th Evacuation Hospital. This DVD collection contains all 268 songs that were included in the original broadcast a feature that is likely to go down well even if you missed the show in the past.

In fact the collection is just perfect for everyone who loves war dramas as it pays amazing attention to detail and there’s a major emphasis on realism as well. The stellar star cast of the show was another highlight and it was spearheaded by Dana Delaney who went on to win an Emmy for Best Actress, in 1992. Michael Boatman, Marg Helgenberger and Robert Picardo comprised other members of the outstanding cast that reunites in this collection for your viewing pleasure.

About China Beach TV Series

Who would have thought an American drama series set in an evacuation hospital during the Vitenam War would turn out to be a classic? But China Beach got instant recognition and critical acclaim after its launch in 1988. While the world and its famous directors were making movies and series about the war with stories driven by male characters, this show stood out because it brought women’s perspective in the spotlight. It focussed on lives of women military personnel and civilians, giving it a unique touch that went down well with viewers.

The title of the show is based on My Khe Beach, which is in the city of Da Nang, also called the China Beach. 510th Evacuation Hospital and R&R facility remained the setting for the show and the cast included many US army doctors, nurses, soldiers, officers, Red Cross team members and civilians too. Moreover the series also talked about experiences of the characters from the show when they returned home for holidays or after they’d finished their duty. The characters itself remained iconic for the time and had their own following.

The show did not hold any punches when it came to gruesome depiction of the war and innovative story telling ideas were incorporated to make things more interesting. Scene shown in reverse chronology, introduction of animation cartoons and the story moving back and forth from scripted scenes and interviews with former military nurses added to the impact of the show.


What do I get?

  • Over 10 Hours of Bonus Features + Collector’s Booklet

All this for $199.95 + Free Shipping. Official website



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