China Beach – The Complete Series Review

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The fascinating television series captivated the minds of viewers like few things did in the 80s. And now it’s back to recreate the same magical moments all over again. Welcome China Beach, the groundbreaking television series of the 80s in DVD and VHS version and relive the revolutionary different perspective on Vietnam War that it portrayed.

How does China Beach – The Complete Series Work

China Beach has been one of the most sought-after television shows in American viewing way back in the 80s. It has never been available in state-of-the-art DVD and VHS format until now. It indeed is one of the boons of technology, as it brings the complete series for its fans and everyone who’d love to watch it. This is an incredible opportunity for you to experience the best of the entertainment of the days gone by and revive those memories!

No more missing out on what was loved earlier and needs to be shared with today’s generation. A great series like China Beach is meant to be watched and enjoyed by everyone as it subject matter holds a truly in-depth knowledge about war from a different point of view, of women and civilians who happened to witness Vietnam War closely. The backdrop of the series was not the warfront as in case of most war stories but more unconventional places like an evacuation hospital where the war was not experienced first hand but still depicted it realistically. It portrayed the grim reality of war in quite a different manner and laid bare how it affected the common man.

Programs aired in the 80s had a charm of their own. If you are lucky to have caught them live in those times, you can revive it all over again and if you are a new generation viewer, this is your chance to appreciate a popular series like China Garden. China Beach is now available in DVD or VHS format, which is a symbol of advancement in technology. Buy this precious China Beach series in a beautiful, deluxe collection right away, which includes 62 episodes along with its music score and loads of add-ons too!



What do I get?

  • 62 Episodes on 21 DVDs for $199.95
  • 62 Episodes + 3 Scripts for $274.95

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