China Beach – 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Review

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China Beach was a TV series that turned war dramas on their heads and gave audience something unique that would go on to make a lasting impression on them. Till then war dramas were heavily testosterone infused and kept the men, war heroes as the focus of their story telling. But this TV show revolutionised things in many ways because stories were told from women’s perspective and that seems so relevant in today’s times as well. That’s why it seems fitting that China Beach – 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition has been brought out for the benefit of fans and those who missed out on this brilliant TV show.


China Beach – 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

The collection consists of all 62 episodes in a set of 21 DVDs. While the story line, innovative narration and performances in the show were outstanding, so were all 268 classic hit songs that were featured on the show. And they are included in this collection as well, which is clearly going to tick the right boxes for many. Besides that the collection includes 10 hours of new bonus features, a deluxe collector’s box and “Tales from the Five and Dime” booklet.

While you get to relive those amazing moments from all four seasons of the show, you can also get your hands on commemorative scripts of three fan favourite episodes, which in many ways will take you on the journey that the show’s cast did. Simply, no war drama fan can miss this collection.

About China Beach TV Series

Those were the times when war dramas, especially about The Vietnam War, were on the rise. They were making their presence felt in Cinema and on TV, but nothing had prepared audiences for what was to come in 1988. Producers William Broyles Jr. And John Sacret Young launched China Beach, a TV series that derived its name from My Khe Beach in Vietnam. Within no time the show had hit the headlines for its gritty portrayal of the war that too from women’s perspective and critical applause was soon to follow.

The show talked about the lives of women military personnel and civilians and how their lives were affected by the war. 510th Evacuation Hospital and R&R facility is where most of the story unfolded and these settings have reached iconic status in the eyes of the fans as well. All the characters in the show had their unique stories, which drew in the audiences. Dana Delaney who played First Lieutenant Colleen McMurphy went on to win the Best Actress Emmy for her portrayal. Nan Woods who played Cherry White, Michael Boatman who essayed the role of SP4 Samuel Beckett and others in the cast went on to win acclaim for their performances too.

One of the highlights of the show included the fact that some of the cast members were real military personnel, nurses, civilians, which took the realism of the show to a whole new level. Several story narration ideas that are still revered were used in the show, making one believe that it was certainly path breaking for its time.


What do I get?

  • Includes commemorative scripts, signature reproductions and a beautiful cast photo.
  • Includes Commemorative Scripts and Photos.

All this for $274.95 + Free Shipping. Official website



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