ZQuiet vs Ripsnore vs Snoremender Review

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Compare How does it work?


This prefabricated, one-piece mouth piece produced in the US can treat snoring. FDA compliant thermoplastic elastometer has been used to create this mouthpiece while the product doesn’t contain any BPA or Latex, making it safe for use.

Vibrations of the soft tissue at the back of your throat leads to snoring noise and that can be prevented by opening up the air passage so that these tissues are not impinged.

Dentists have been using the method employed by ZQuiet to treat snoring, for about 25 years. This universal fit device works straight from the packet and works the way it’s meant to, saving you money for a dental visit.

Ripsnore has originated from the idea that people needed an affordable device to treat their snoring problems. Made by a team of professionals in Australia, the company has distributors in UK, Canada and US for speedy delivery products to buyers. Reasonably priced this product also comes with a money back guarantee.

It’s based on a patented technology, which ensures that the back of your tongue is moved away from the airway and soft palette. It’s done by holding your lower jaw forward and facilitates a clear air passage for your breathing so that snoring is reduced. The results have been staggering as it’s been effective for 98% users and it can be used to treat teeth grinding problem as well.

Those who might suffer from Sleep Apnea should however consult a physician before using this product.

Ripsnore lets your jaw more freely thus clearing air passage for easy breathing. It’s convenient to use and doesn’t have the discomfort of pre-moulded out of the box devices.

Complete instructions are available with the box but quite simply it’s prepared for molding. It can be placed in hot water to soften the material, which gives you perfect fit for your mouth unlike pre molded devices.

This device is like a flexible gum shield that holds your lower jaw forward creating an open air passageway to prevent snoring. It ensures that you breathe normally while sleeping and your jaw won’t fall back and constrict your throat.

There are moulded upper and lower trays that can be fitted on your teeth while the hinged Snoremender ensures your jaw doesn’t fall back, even when you are on your back. There’s no discomfort while using this product besides initial adjustments and the benefits of better sleep for you and your partner are plenty.

Sleep Well Enjoy Life’s principal was one of the users or the product before it was brought to the UK.



Compare What do I get?

1 ZQuiet Mouthpiece
25 tips for better night’s sleep booklet.
25 ways to enhance intimacy in your relationship booklet.

2 Ripsnore devices, 1 protective case, fitting spacer, and detailed molding instructions. Ripsnore comes with a 45 day money back warranty and the shipping is free too.

This BPA Free product comes with one device, Free Shipping and 90 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Compare Price

If you choose to continue using ZQuiet after the 30 day trial then it costs you $9.95 + $59.95.
Ripsnore costs you $69.95.
Snoremender costs £39.99.



What does it mean to be FDA cleared?

All anti-snoring products have to be FDA approved and for that they have to go through stringent testing to ensure that they are safe for use. Several anti-snoring products sold online are not cleared by the FDA but ZQuiet is.

Ripsnore is FDA approved.

Snoremender is FDA approved.

How long does it last?

Although it depends on individual use, it can go on working for months of nightly use.

It stays effective for anywhere between 6 to 18 months. But once it’s stretched because of pulling your jaw forward, it will need to be replaced. Thanks to the second device you get, you can get between orders.

Snoremender It depends on use and storage but it can work for 9 to 15 months and in some cases it’s shown good results for 18 months too.


What’s the material used and is it safe?

ZQuiet uses a thermoplastic elastomer that’s FDA compliant. It’s gone through stringent testing to assure no presence of BPA or Latex in it.

Ripsnore is made with a soft plastic material and it allows you to inhale by mouth.

FDA approved soft pliable medical plastic is used in Snoremender that has no hard edges to rub against your tongue or mouth.

How should it be cleaned?

ZQuiet can be cleaned with a mild dish soap and warm water. Toothbrush can be used for cleaning but not toothpaste as it can discolor the surface of the product. You need to rinse it well before storing.

Ripsnore can be held under fresh running water for cleaning.

Snoremender doesn’t require brushes to clean and doesn’t have to be soaked in a cleaner either. You can clean it with warm water and soap, using your fingers.



How difficult is it to fit?

ZQuiet has been designed to fit everyone well and doesn’t require any molding or boiling. If needed, you can trim it slightly with scissors to get a better fit and comfort. Fingernail file and emery paper can be used to smooth rough edges if any.

You get easy and step by step instructions with Ripsnore to fit it perfectly.

Snoremender is very easy to fit.

Can you breathe with mouth while wearing it?

ZQuiet scores over many other stop-snoring devices because it lets you breathe normally while you are wearing it. Devices that restrict breathing are not recommended for use.

Ripsnore has two structural breathing spaces in the front to facilitate normal breathing.

You breathe completely naturally with your nose and mouth while wearing Snoremender.

Does it lead to teeth pain?

It’s a common problem with mouthpieces and is not specific to ZQuiet design. It’s mostly about getting used to wearing the product and adjusting to it.

Since Ripsnore is used after placing it in hot water and molding it, you get best results as the material is softened. It gives you just the right mold for your teeth and thus avoids any pain or discomfort.

Snoremender doesn’t cause pain as such although it needs some getting used to. Till then one might experience dryness of the mouth and there can be some jaw or tooth ache.

Is it a cure for Sleep Apnea?

ZQuiet doesn’t treat Sleep Apnoea.

Ripsnore doesn’t treat Apnea and it’s advisable to consult a physician if you think you suffer from it.

Snormender doesn’t treat Sleep Apnea.


Compare Pros/Advantages

ZQuiet – Created by a dentist, ZQuiet is also FDA approved and safe for use. It has been known to treat over 90% cases related to snoring, which is one of the reasons it’s got so much media attention. Read more ZQuiet reviews here

Ripsnore – Created using soft plastic material Ripsnore helps you breathe normally by pulling your lower jaw forward. It opens the airway and reduces snoring. Results have been seen in over 94% cases and it has a lifespan of 9 months.

Snoremender is very convenient for use and lets you breathe normally without difficulty unlike other products in the market.

Compare Cons/Disadvantages

ZQuiet – You need some adjusting in the initial phase and it can cause jaw stiffening. Since it’s a one size fits all product, if you have a small mouth you’d have to trim it. Read more ZQuiet complaints here

Ripsnore – Although the concept is good, it doesn’t execute well because it can increase salivation that can be tricky. There’s also some pressure on the teeth, which can affect normal sleeping. The comfort issue is the biggest worry with this product that doesn’t let it be completely effective.

Snoremender – It can cause some jaw ache in the initial period.


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