ZQuiet Vs PureSleep Vs Snore-ex Review

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Compare Hot it works? ZQuiet Vs Puresleep Vs Snore-ex

How does ZQuiet work? – ZQuiet is a one-piece prefabricated mouthpiece used to treat snoring the safe way. Snoring is caused when soft tissues at the rear of the throat vibrate. The best method to stop this vibration is to widen the air passage so that the tissues are not interrupted by each other much, which eliminates snoring. ZQuiet has been designed in accordance with that and reproduces the same methods utilized by dentists for over 25 years to cure snoring problems. ZQuiet is a universal fit so works the same day you take it out of the packet. It is engineered to work in this exact manner and saves the consumer from visits to a dentist. ZQuiet is made of thermoplastic elastomer that has passed strict consumer safety test and does not contain latex or BPA (Bisphenol A).


How does PureSleep work? – It is an anti-snoring device co-invented by a dentist and an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist. It has been used in clinical practice for over 15 years to treat snoring. PureSleep is a self-molded retainer that reduces snoring by holding your lower jaw slightly forward than it normally is while you sleep. It opens your airway and eliminates snoring. The device has an upper and a lower piece that are joined together in three settings as per your teeth structure. After connecting the pieces, the device is boiled to soften the material so that you can mold it perfectly to your teeth within a minute.


How does Snore-RX work? – Snore-Ex Stop Snoring Mouthpiece sleep aid was created by Tri Point Labs to help eliminate snoring and improve sleep. The Snore-Ex mouthpiece can be molded at home in a few minutes with the help of step-by-step instructions. Snoring occurs when the front lower jaw is naturally pulled back, forcing your palettes to vibrate. The Snore-Ex Stop Snoring Mouthpiece helps by slightly re-positioning your lower jaw forward and widening the gap for a constant unrestricted airway. This prevents the palettes from vibrating against each other. The Snore-Ex mouthpiece can be reused daily for about 4-6 months or until the mouthpiece’s shape is intact. The life of the mouthpiece will vary due to each person’s sleeping habits such as grinding, clenching and on how it’s maintained. It’s recommended by doctors and dentists and comes with a Snore-Ex authenticity sticker. A durable storage case is also provided with the kit to keep the mouthpiece clean and away from children and pets.

Compare What do I get and Price: ZQuiet Vs Puresleep Vs Snore-ex

ZQuiet Kit Includes

  • 1 Z-Quiet device
  • 25 tips for Better Night’s Sleep Booklet
  • 25 ways to enhance intimacy in your relationship Booklet

Price: $9.95 + $59.95. Official website ZQuiet.com


PureSleep Kit Includes – You can try Pure Sleep for $9.95 which covers shipping plus you get a second unit for free. If you decide to keep both mouthpieces your credit card will be debited $59.90 after 30 days. You get two Pure Sleep devices along with instructions and travel cases. Official website PureSleep.com


Snore-ex Kit Includes

  • Snore EX Anti-snore mouthpiece
  • 1 Durable travel case and step-by-step instructions are included
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We’ll refund your purchase payment if you’re not 100% satisfied

Price: Single Pack- $16.99. Double Pack- $29.99. Official website SnoreRX.com

Is it FDA Cleared? ZQuiet Vs Puresleep Vs Snore-ex

ZQuiet – ZQuiet is FDA cleared, which means it has proven that it is effective for the treatment of snoring, and is safe to use, unlike many anti-snoring devices sold online not cleared by the FDA.

PureSleep – Yes, PureSleep is cleared and duly inspected by the FDA.

Snore-ex – Yes, Snore-ex is FDA approved.

Does it treat Sleep Apnea? ZQuiet Vs Puresleep Vs Snore-ex

ZQuiet does not treat Sleep Apnea.

Puresleep is intended only for the reduction of snoring in adults and currently not intended to treat obstructive sleep apnea.

Snore-Rx claims that their most users found the product effective to drastically reduce snoring and sleep apnea.

Compare Durability: ZQuiet Vs Puresleep Vs Snore-ex

ZQuiet – It depends on the individual, but many customers use it for months.

Puresleep – Each PureSleep device undergoes normal wear and tear through on account of which it’s better to replace it every 6-9 months.

Snore-ex – The mouthpiece lasts 6-10 months.


What material is it made from? ZQuiet Vs Puresleep Vs Snore-ex

ZQuiet – ZQuiet is made from a thermoplastic elastomer approved by FDA.

Puresleep – PureSleep is made from resins that are bio-compatibility tested, latex-free and cleared for manufacturing use by FDA.

Snore-ex – Snore-Ex is a Mandibular Advancement Device mouthpiece is made from non-toxic hypoallergenic thermoplastics.

Compare Safety: ZQuiet Vs Puresleep Vs Snore-ex

ZQuiet – The material has passed rigorous consumer safety testing and does not contain latex or BPA.

Puresleep – Mandibular re-positioning to reduce snoring has been safely prescribed by dentists and physicians for over a decade, and the PureSleep device has a remarkable record of safe and effective use. PureSleep has been used by thousands of snorers smoothly.

Snore-ex – Snore-ex is made of non-toxic plastic and is safe to use.

Compare Cleaning: ZQuiet Vs Puresleep Vs Snore-ex

ZQuiet – Clean your ZQuiet device in warm water with mild dish soap preferably with a toothbrush but without toothpaste. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap prior to storage.

Puresleep – Periodically, clean PureSleep with a toothbrush and toothpaste, or soak in water with effervescent oral device cleaning tablets. Avoid harsh chemicals or household cleaning products like bleach or ammonia.

Snore-ex – Simply place Snore-ex under fresh running water.

Is it hard to fit? – ZQuiet Vs Puresleep Vs Snore-ex

ZQuiet – ZQuiet has been specially designed to fit nearly everyone and requires no boiling or molding is required. If needed, it can be trimmed with small scissors to adjust. After trimming, rough edges can be smoothened and irritation to gums can be avoided.

Puresleep – Simply immerse the device in boiling water, remove it to cool and mold it to the shape of your mouth. Read the manual carefully which will help you fit it comfortably.

Snore-ex – Snore-ex is easy to fit.

Can I breathe through my mouth while wearing it?

ZQuiet – Yes. ZQuiet lets you breathe completely naturally, through your mouth and nose because of the patent pending “Living Hinge” technology. It offers you comfortable jaw mobility. In fact, one can even have a drink or talk with ZQuiet on.

Puresleep – You certainly can breathe through your mouth.

Snore-ex – Yes. Snore-Ex Snoring Mouthpiece is designed to allow the user to be able to breathe comfortably through the mouth while wearing it.

Does it pain? ZQuiet Vs Puresleep Vs Snore-ex

ZQuiet – There can be some discomfort after using ZQuiet during the first week. Since the jaw is drawn forward in a different position, it may ache a bit but subsides as your moth adjusts. But it’s temporary as the pain disappears soon and it solves your snoring problem incredibly effectively.

Puresleep – The adjustment period takes about 3-5 nights of consistent use. If jaws, teeth and gums feel moderately sore and fatigued at first use naturally, but if severe, sharp or ongoing pain remains, it may indicate a more serious problem with the jaw called temporomandibular disorder (TMD/TMJ). Its use would be best discontinued immediately and consulting a dentist or physician the next step. PureSleep can be returned for a full refund. You can call the PureSleep Helpline to speak with customer service representative.

Snore-ex – No. The Snore-Ex Stop Snoring Mouthpiece is very comfortable to wear as its custom made right at home. The initial molding process ensures that the mouthpiece has a comfortable and lasting fit. Some people experience a mild soreness that comes from getting accustomed to the device but it subsides in a few days.

Compare Reviews, Advantages: ZQuiet Vs Puresleep Vs Snore-ex

ZQuiet – ZQuiet was created by a dentist- definitely somebody who knows it inside out. ZQuiet is also FDA approved and has also been hailed by the media. ZQuiet solves over 90% of snoring cases.

Puresleep – The initial price is attractive. There is the option to choose one of three mandibular settings to suit the individual user. It can be purchased online or at participating Dentists in the USA and Canada. Full FDA clearance has been obtained for it.

Snore-ex – Snore-ex can be molded if instructions are adhered to. 295 people have indicated they like Snore-ex on the Internet. It even saved a physician from a surgery to solve the same problem.

Compare Complaints, Disadvantages/Cons: ZQuiet Vs Puresleep Vs Snore-ex

ZQuiet – ZQuiet is designed as a one-size-fits-all product. Only if you have a very small mouth, you’ll need to trim your ZQuiet. The mouthpiece can take some getting used to. Some jaw stiffness during the first few weeks of use may be experienced by some, which usually goes away within a month.

Puresleep – Puresleep may lose shape after a short time span and become loose despite reheating and remolding. The inner part of the mouthpiece can be molded by inserting it into boiling water to fit the individual but the molding used is not the most comfortable available. The initial cost of the device is attractive and ongoing costs are reasonable at $59.90, but replacement is needed rather frequently due to which it can become a little expensive. It normally lasts lesser than 6-9 months as claimed on its website.

Snore-ex – A customer refers to Snore-ex as nothing but a hard piece of plastic that’s uncomfortable.

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