Youthful Essence vs NuBrilliance Review

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Compare How does it work? Youthful Essence vs NuBrilliance

How does Youthful Essence work?
Youthful Essence Personal Microdermabrasion Systems comprise pure, sugar-fine mineral crystals that gently polish your skin and exfoliate away dull, dry surface cells to reveal fresh, more radiant skin even below the surface. Youthful Essence makes fine lines, enlarged pores and superficial scars effectively fade away and using it for just minutes leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated. It works on your face, neck, chest, shoulders, hands, feet, elbows and arms, knees and legs, back and tummy.

How does Nubrilliance work?
Nubrilliance is a handy, non-invasive device for treatment to exfoliate dead and flaking cells on the skin and renew the layers below. It offers a dual-action therapy that blends crystal-free diamond exfoliation and suction. The device has changeable tips that you attach and move over your face for exfoliation and rejuvenation of skin. It is the first and only at-home microdermabrasion device with built-in vacuum.

Compare Instructions: Youthful Essence vs NuBrilliance

Youthful Essence Instructions

Just apply Youthful Essence’s pea sized amount of Facial Warming Cleanser to your skin with circular strokes and work on it with your spa cleaning brush attached to the resurfacing tool with upward, circular strokes for two to four minutes daily for a few days.

Nubrilliance Instructions
Nubrilliance contains Microdermabrasion Dual Action System Unit has 3 x diamond tips- 30 x disposable hygienic filters. It has two types of tips: the fine diamond tip for use on the face and neck for gentle, non-abrasive exfoliation and the regular diamond tip for less sensitive areas such as hand and arms.

Compare How to use? Youthful Essence vs NuBrilliance

How to use Youthful Essence?
Take Youthful Essence’s pea sized amount of Facial Warming Cleanser and apply it to your skin with circular strokes. Affix spa cleaning brush to the resurfacing tool and use it on your face with upward, circular strokes for two to four minutes. Use the different sized sponges provided to spread cream on different areas of your body for best results.

Use Youthful Essence’s resurfacing tool and cream daily for a week, then take a break for five days and again start the skin care system daily. Use the resurfacing tool to spread resurfacing cream on your skin to polish off the Youthful Essence pre-treatment.

The post-treatment involves hydrating and protection of your skin that acquires a glow.

How to use Nubrilliance?
The Nubrilliance system is easy to use and in less time yields great results. Use it two to three times every week for about six weeks. Watch the DVD provided illustrating correct usage of Nubrilliance.



Compare Benefits: Youthful Essence vs NuBrilliance

Youthful Essence Beenfits

Youthful Essence helps reduce the visible signs of aging to reveal fresh, glowing skin. It polishes the top layer of dead skin cells with mineral crystals.

Nubrilliance Benefits

Nubrilliance works on aging body and facial skin including hands and large body areas, congested skin, dull skin, enlarged pores, wrinkles and fine lines while giving even skin texture. It also helps reduce oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes.

Compare Cleaning: Youthful Essence vs NuBrilliance

Youthful Essence Cleaning

Replace the sponge applicators after 12-24 uses, depending on the types of treatments performed. Clean its sponge applicator after each use preferably with anti-bacterial cleanser and hot water. Clean and rinse thoroughly and squeeze out excess water and air dry.

Nubrilliance Cleaning
Wipe clean the Nubrilliance system with a dry cloth. The tips should be cleaned with a little soap and water after that.


Does it work for acne? Youthful Essence vs NuBrilliance

Youthful Essence does not work for acne.

Users have reported noticeable fading of acne after using Nubrilliance.

Does it work on stretch marks? Youthful Essence vs NuBrilliance

No, Youthful Essence does not work on stretch marks.

Nubrilliance Skin Care is known to reduce stretch marks.


Compare What do I get? and Price: Youthful Essence vs NuBrilliance

Youthful Essence

  • Vitamin Enriched Resurfacing Cream (48g)
  • Facial Warming Cleanser (60ml)
  • Skin Enhancing Serum (15ml)
  • 2 x Sponge Applicators (1 x round sponge & 1 x Triangular Sponge)
  • Watertight Resurfacing Tool (batteries included)
  • Massage Attachment
  • Body Sponge Applicator
  • Spa Cleansing Brush Attachment
  • Pumice Stone Attachment
  • 60-day money back guarantee (less p&p)

Price – $39.95. Official website |


  • 1 Microdermabrasion machine
  • 1 Preparation cleanser
  • 1 collagen regenerator
  • 1 SPF Moisturizing cream
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 1 Year Supply of Replacement Filters
  • Free Priority Processing

Price – Price: $239.85. Official website


Does it harm? Youthful Essence vs NuBrilliance

Youthful Essence does not harm severely but if it irritation is sensed after use, the affected area should be rinsed thoroughly with water. If it persists, health care professional should be consulted.

If Nubrilliance is not used with care, it could cause damage to the skin.

Compare Reviews, Advantages/Disadvantages: Youthful Essence vs NuBrilliance

Youthful Essence
Youthful Essence offers soft sand-like feel on skin when used, unlike other products which are rough. It removes dead skin cells and also adds a soft glow to the skin. What’s more, it can also be used with cleansing systems.

Users’ feedback shows that usage of Nubrilliance makes skin soft, reduce wrinkles and make dark spots fade away. It reduces wrinkles, makes skin look years younger and helps even aged men to maintain the health of their skin. It’s an affordable alternative to professional beauty treatment.

Compare Complaints, Disadvantages/Cons

Youthful Essence
Youthful Essence could cause irritation to the skin of sensitive users. It requires a complicated application procedure that could cause facial swelling and discoloration.

The suction pump of Nubrilliance may give problems sometimes . The device could even cause injury on face in some cases. In some cases, in just two months the machine stopped working and the company did not send replacement parts immediately. Delays in sending a new machine un-cooperativeness in taking steps like extending the warranty and other issues have sometimes been reported too.


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