Yoshi Blue vs Orgreenic Pan

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Yoshi Blue Diamondware Skillet is that revolutionary pan that won’t chip or stick. Now you can cook without extra butter or oil and ensure that you eat healthy. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about cleaning YoshiBlue too because it wipes away easily after you have made your healthy meals from savory breakfasts to pan-seared tuna or pork chops.



Orgreenic Pan is your way of cooking delicious, healthy food without any added high calorie oils and greases. This pan will sear the juices and flavours of the food you want to cook without any toxic gases involved. This long lasting product will help you sauté, braise, boil or bake within minutes and without any difficulty.

Compare “What do I get?” with Yoshi Blue and Orgreenic Pan
Yoshi Blue Diamondware Skillet, Ceramic Mandolin Slicer, Venting Glass Lid for just $19.99 + S&H of $15.98. Official website YoshiBlueOffer.com. Official manufacturer IdeaVillage Products Corp (www.IdeaVillage.com)
Orgreenic Pan, a Second Orgreenic Pan and Always Sharp Knife (pay additional P&H).



Compare Yoshi Blue and Orgreenic Pan Material
A nano-ceramic, non-stick surface is at the heart of Yoshi Blue Diamondware Skillet, which is also infused with genuine diamond particles.

A slippery, durable, non-stick surface, which is super hard and has a ceramic coating, forms the core of Orgreenic Pan. It doesn’t contain any harmful PFOA.

Compare Usage Instructions
With the help of Yoshi Blue Diamondware Skillet you can cook without any added oil or butter. And when you are done, you can wipe your skillet away and get rid of the most stubborn stains on it with ease.

You can cook without added grease or butter with your Orgreenic Pan. Once you are done cooking, hold the pan under running water and wipe it clean.



Compare Yoshi Blue and Orgreenic Pan Prices and Offers
You can buy Yoshi Blue for $19.99 plus shipping and handling charge of $7.99 at www.yoshiblueoffer.com. You can get Glass Venting Lid with your offer by paying additional S&H of $7.99. What’s more, you also get a Ceramic Mandolin Slicer.

You can get Orgreenic Pan for $19.99 plus P&H at www.orgreenic.com. You can get a second Orgreenic Pan and an Always Sharp Knife with your offer by paying additional P&H.


Compare Yoshi Blue and Orgreenic Pan Reviews
Yoshi Blue is lightweight but quite sturdy. If you follow the instructions to the T, you will get brilliant results.

Orgreenic Pan is definitely sturdy and durable. It’s very easy to clean the pan, and it works as it claims on that count. But it’s important to remember that the pan has to be hand washed.


Compare Yoshi Blue and Orgreenic Pan Complaints
While Yoshi Blue works well initially, food starts sticking to it after about six months of use. And since you cannot use a scrub pad, it becomes difficult to get rid of the items sticking to it. It also starts chipping and polish comes off after some time.

Food items start sticking to your Orgreenic Pan, which is not what you expect. Even after following the instructions to the T, the results are not very different. The pan shows signs of wear due to regular use.

Yoshi Blue Vs Orgreenic Pan Verdict
Yoshi Blue: A smart concept but overall poorly executed.
Orgreenic Pan: Durable but doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to in the long run.

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