Yonanas vs Swirlio vs Dessert Bullet

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Compare Review and Complaints: Yonanas vs Swirlio vs Dessert Bullet

Yonanans Review

Yonanas Disadvantages
It is not an ice-cream maker, but a BANANA DESSERT MAKER, it’s just frozen banana paste and you cannot hide the BANANA taste not matter how many other ingredients you use. It is too loud, requires too much work not as easy as it is shown in the infomercial many customer feel that the hassle is not worth the results. Your regular blender will deliver the same results. Yonanas wastes a lot of fruit that is left in the chamber. Don’t expect soft-serve desserts shown in the TV ad most of time you will end up having gloppy, sour, disgusting mush and you may not like the taste of the final product. Cleaning is not easy and takes a lot of time as the unit has to be disassembled to clean. You have to use a lot of force to get the banana through the chamber. Customers have also complained of overheating. Makes only banana based desserts. Not good for people with banana allergy or those who don’t want their blood-sugar levels to increase. Yonanas will not process fruit with skin, e.g. frozen grapes, cherries, blueberries. Many customers who reviewed this Yonanas feel it is expensive.

Advantages of Yonanas

It is healthy way to make desserts as compared to other ice-cream makers which are not so healthy. You get all natural, gluten-free, dairy-free, preservative-free, low calories and processed-sugar free dessert. Good way to satisfy your ice cream desire. Ideal for a small single serving. BPA free plastic construction. Features Adjustable Speed Control. Made in the USA.

Swirlio Review

Many customers who reviewed the Swirlio have said the product is back-ordered and it is very hard to get your order cancelled. The return process is also not good as you have to pay for the return. Many customers have not received the product 4 months after placing the order. Customers who finally received the product complain about Swirlio being cheaply made. Customer service is not at all good. You have to add mango or banana in all the recipes or the Swirlio won’t work. They don’t tell you about this before ordering. You get the same results in a blender. Many reviewers feel Swirlio is a typical “As Seen On TV” scam. On the plus side Swirlio does not have metal blades.

Dessert Bullet Review

Dessert Bullet is hard to clean. Many reviews complaint about the quality of the Dessert Bullet, it is flimsy and cheap quality plastic. Many customers don’t like the taste of the dessert the Dessert Bullet makes. You can get the same desserts from a $15.00 blender. Dessert Bullet features a plastic wringer so everything that you put inside must be soft or you will loose the consistency. Makes only banana based desserts you can’t use other fruits with seeds.

Compare Colors Available: Yonanas vs Swirlio vs Dessert Bullet

Yonanas – Black & Red
Swirlio – White, Red, Black & Purple
Dessert Bullet – White

Verdict: Swirlio has more colors available, but that won’t tilt the balance in favor of Swirlio.

Compare Motor: Yonanas vs Swirlio vs Dessert Bullet

Yonanas Deluxe – 200 watt

Yonanas Elite – 1200 watt

Swirlio – Not mentioned.

Dessert Bullet – 350 watt Motor


Verdict: Yonanas Elite and Dessert Bullet is a winner here with Yonanas at the 2nd place. Siwrlio’s motor wattage seems to be lesser than the other 2 that’s why it is not mentioned.

Compare Price and What do I get? Yonanas vs Swirlio vs Dessert Bullet

Deluxe Yonanas Maker

  • 1 Deluxe Yonanas maker
  • 1 Recipe book
  • 1 Yonanas popsicle molds
  • 1 Frozen fruit container
  • 1 User manual

All this for $59.99 + S/h. Official website: Yonanas.com

Yonanas Elite – More powerful model.

  • 1 Yonanas Elite
  • 1 NEW 120+ Recipe book
  • 1 User manual

All this for $129.99 + S/h. Official website: Yonanas.com


  • 1 Big Boss Swirlio Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker
  • 1 50-page recipe book
  • 1 Topping dispenser
  • 1 Set of 4 serving dishes
  • 1 ice pop maker kit
  • All this for $59.85 + $6.95 p&h. Official website: BuySwirlio.com

    Dessert Bullet

  • 1 Dessert Bullet Unit (7 piece set includes – Power Base, star-shaped spout, oval spout, feed tube and barrel, pusher, top tray and user manual)
  • 1 Recipe book featuring over 100 healthy recipes
  • All this for $79.96 + Free S/h. Official website: DessertBullet.com

    Verdict: Yonanas and Big Boss Swirlio offer the least prices. These are prices on the official website, these dessert makers are available at lesser prices at Amazon.com, Target.com or Walmart.


    Compare Capacity: Yonanas vs Swirlio vs Dessert Bullet

    Yonanas: No info available

    Swirlio: No info available

    Dessert Bullet: 18 Oz.


    Compare Weight: Yonanas vs Swirlio vs Dessert Bullet
    Yonanas: 1.4 pounds

    Swirlio: 3.5 pounds

    Dessert Bullet: 5.4 pounds


    Compare Dimensions: Yonanas vs Swirlio vs Dessert Bullet
    Yonanas: 16.5″ x 8.63″ x 10″

    Swirlio: 10″ x 5″ x 13.6″

    Dessert Bullet: 7.68″ x 9.33″ x 13.58


    Compare Material: Yonanas vs Swirlio vs Dessert Bullet
    Yonanas: Metallic/Stainless Steel

    Swirlio: Plastic

    Dessert Bullet: Plastic


    Compare Warranty: Yonanas vs Swirlio vs Dessert Bullet
    Yonanas Elite: 3 years manufacturer’s warranty

    Yonanas Deluxe: 3 years manufacturer’s warranty

    Swirlio: No info available

    Dessert Bullet: 1-year manufacturer warranty


    2 thoughts on “Yonanas vs Swirlio vs Dessert Bullet

    1. I own a yonanas and I must say it’s pretty fantastic. I love it. The consistency of the ice cream and super creamy and it doesn’t melt quickly. You can enjoy it slowly.

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