Wow Cup vs Sassy Cup REVIEW

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Compare what is it? Wow Cup vs Sassy Cup

What is Wow CupWow Cup is drink ware that claims to be the natural and healthy solution for babies at 9 months old. Quite simply, it is the healthy and natural transition for young ones in training. Wow Cup Kids on the other hand is the multi-function spill free cup that promises to be ideal for toddlers from the age of 12 months and kids of all ages. It has been designed for easier transitions, according to its claims.

What is Sassy Cup – Sassy Cup asserts that it is the perfect cup for your baby or toddler to sip from anywhere around the rim with complete ease thanks to its patent pending 360 degree design.

Verdict – Both the cups are similar in their function.

Compare how does it work? Wow Cup vs Sassy Cup

How does Wow Cup work? – How many times have you had to deal with mess on the floor or carpet because of spills caused when your kids are having their drinks? Wow Cup maintains that it offers you a way around this problem with its membrane technology that coupled with the 360 degree flexible drinking edge that seals itself after drinking gives best results. Wow Cup allows young ones to drink with gentle sucking and without the need for pressing any buttons. After drinking the valve automatically seals itself and makes sure there are no spills for you to contend with.

How does Sassy Cup work? – The major highlight of the Sassy Cup is the 360 degree design it has, which means that kids can sip from all around the rim without any difficulty while it avoids spills and mess caused by that. The no spout and no straw design, is also meant for your baby and toddler’s convenience and comfort while drinking, according to its claims. Sassy Cup emphasizes on the fact that toddlers can move up to an open cup and their natural transition is done in a healthy and simple way.

Verdict – They are both even here.

Compare Features: Wow Cup vs Sassy Cup

Wow Cup Features – Besides the 360 degree Uni-flow drinking edge that makes it spill free, Wow Cup has several other important features. For example, the ergonomic design of the cup enables a child to hold it more confidently from an early developmental stage. A strong handle system has been integrated to the valve ring and it gives kids a natural gripping function. Natural Comfort Lip Edge in the baby cup contours to the baby’s mouth and allows it to push the upper lip forward and put more pressure on the valve so that it is easier to drink.

Sassy Cup Features – The 360 degree no spill design is of course the main salient feature of the Sassy Cup. But the buck doesn’t stop there because there are several other features that make it the best solution for little ones. For starters, it is available in 7 oz, 9 oz and 12 oz sizes, which give you more options. The easy grip handles you get with the 7 oz cups can be removed easily and used with other cup sizes.

Verdict – While the Sassy Cup has inspiring features, the Wow Cup takes this one.

Compare Benefits: Wow Cup vs Sassy Cup

Wow Cup Benefits

• Wow Cup has been created to ensure that babies and kids can drink easily and without the worry of spills. It has been designed to boost the natural transition for babies and kids.

• The no spout, no straw design of the cup is the reason why the risk of orthodontia issues caused by long term sucking on spouts is greatly reduced.

• Wow Cup stresses on the fact that it is made using the safest food grade plastic materials and is 100% BPA and PVC free, making it completely safe for babies and kids.

Sassy Cup

• If you want to help your babies or toddlers with the natural drinking transition then the Sassy Cup claims to be the smart and healthy option for you.

• It is available in different sizes to suit young ones of all ages. It also has the no spout and no straw design, which can help you cut down on the risks related to orthodontia issues.

• Sassy Cup maintains that it is well made using the best quality materials so that you can let your babies and kids drink from it without a care in the world, knowing they are completely safe.

Verdict – Sassy Cup definitely has its benefits but the Wow Cup is the leader here.

Compare Price: Wow Cup vs Sassy Cup

Wow Cup – You can buy Wow Cup Baby in colours like Blue, Pink and Green for $9.99.

Sassy Cup – You get Sassy Cup for $10.99

Verdict – There is no much to choose between the two cups in terms of price.

Compare what do I get? Wow Cup vs Sassy Cup

Wow Cup – You get the Wow Cup with the Wow Freshness lid.

Sassy Cup – You only get the cup for its price.

Verdict – Wow Cup wins this one because it comes with the Wow Freshness Lid.

Compare Material: Wow Cup vs Sassy Cup

Wow Cup – The cup and the wall are made out of polypropylene while the valve is made out of soft silicone.

Sassy Cup – It is made out of polypropylene.

Verdict – They are both equal on this count.


Is it spill free?
Both Wow Cup and Sassy Cup claim to be spill-free.

Is it BPA free?
Both the cups are BPA free.

Is it dishwasher safe?
Both the cups are dishwasher safe.

Where is it made?
Both Wow Cup and Sassy Cup are made in China in keeping with the International safety and quality standards.

Compare Reviews: Wow Cup vs Sassy Cup

Wow Cup Review – Pros/Cons

Doesn’t live up to expectations – Monica who bought Wow Cup revealed in her review that the cup leaks at times and that is quite annoying because it doesn’t deliver on the promise. She was happy about the fact that her toddler got a hang of using the cup easily and could grip it well too but on the whole she felt a bit let down by the cup. She also adds that she has decided to stick with the regular straw type cups.

Putting the lid back on is a task – Tom who reviewed Wow Cup exposed in his review that putting the silicone top back on the cup is a complete nightmare. He said that he tried really hard to do it but failed miserably and his thumb tore through the lid. That was the beginning of the problems because finding replacement lids was very difficult for him. He was also disappointed by the fact that he didn’t find much help regarding placement of the lids on the company’s website.

Not easy to use – Trisha who bought Wow Cup revealed in her review that the cup was difficult to use for her little one. She also highlighted another problem of it developing leaks after being thrown around by her young one. She believes the cup might work better for slightly older kids.

Sassy Cup Review – Pros/Cons

Problems arise if dropped – Sandra who bought Sassy Cup complained in her review that it is not completely leak proof. The big problem is that if the cup gets thrown around by the little ones then it will develop some serious leaks. Little ones often tend to do that, which means you don’t really get the best out of the Sassy Cup for long.

Liquid doesn’t come out easily – Sharon who reviewed Sassy Cup exposed in her review that although it is leak proof it is nowhere close to perfect. She found that the cup made it really difficult to get the liquid out. Little ones would have to suck really hard at the cup to get the job done, according to her.

Not long lasting – Mark who bought Sassy Cup complained in his review that although it’s said that the cup is dishwasher safe, putting it in the dishwasher over time makes it drippy. The lids don’t really fit well and that renders the cup quite useless. He also added that there is the serious problem of mould growing into the grooves on the liner, which wasn’t expected at all.

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