Wizzit vs Emjoi Tweeze vs NoNo

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Compare What is it: Wizzit vs Emjoi Tweeze vs NoNo

What is Wizzit? – Wizzit uses ground-breaking technology to easily, quickly and gently remove unwanted hair from the face, legs and bikini area. It removes the hair from the root effectively by 50 time faster rate compared to tweezers.

What is Emjoi Tweeze – Emjoi Tweeze is a state-of-art tweezer created to remove hair easily and painlessly. It pinpoints smallest and finest hair for precise removal. It doesn’t have any pulling effect or leave the skin with scratches and irritation. It is compact to carry and operates on 2-AAA batteries.

What is no!no!Hair Removal – no!no! is based on the latest revolutionary technology called Thermicon. The technology is based on thermal transference that conducts a gentle pulse of heat to the hair. The heat is good for removing hair safely and effectively regardless of skin types, sensitivity and hair colors with adjustable treatment levels. It comes in a compact design and flexible to reach hard to reach areas too. no!no! has a status screen with information regarding replacement of tips and battery life.

Compare Advantages: Wizzit vs Emjoi Tweeze vs NoNo

Wizzit Advantages – Wizzit comes at a good price but performs well enough for the legs and arms. Its hair removal process is very good for longer hair as compared to short hair. Plus it has a nice compact design that makes it easy to carry around.

Emjoi Tweeze Advantages – Emjoi tweeze is pretty good for hair removal, even for those with sensitive skin on which hair removal cream is difficult to use. Hair does take longer to grow back if used in right angle and doesn’t leave any razor bumps. Emjoi tweeze is painless even on finer hair with effectively removing hair above the lips, moustache and chin as well. Cost wise it is very good for an overall facial hair removal.

no!no! Advantages – no!no! has a heat that is not harmful instead relaxing. It works great on the legs and arms with growth reduction if used consistently.

Compare Disadvantages: Wizzit vs Emjoi Tweeze vs NoNo

Wizzit Disadvantages – Wizzit does not have enough power and comes with a cheap body with faulty power button. The hair removal takes place only in perpendicular position to the hairy surface and can leave few burn marks as well.It is not faster than tweezers at all or an alternative to waxing as it is as painful. While removing the hair it smells bad and makes quite a noise. It is useless for chest, chin, upper lips and stubborn thick hair. In fact it’s so small that it cannot work in bigger hairy parts. The batteries of Wizzit drain very fast and gets overheated.

Emjoi Tweeze Disadvantages – Emjoi tweeze can be slower and needs revisiting for total hair removal. It makes loud noise and heats up while using and is useless for thicker hair with pretty slow delivery. It leaves behind coarse in-grown hair as its proficiency is only on long hair removal. It can leave bumps on the face too. If batteries are running low it slows down and stops being effective. It is not good for stubborn white hairs for aged people or menopause bristles on the chin.

no!no! Disadvantages: – no!no! is pretty expensive and doesn’t remove hair completely. It can get very hot and even smell bad due to the hair burning. There have been complaints of prickly stubble left behind,which is invisible to the eyes and basically there is no smoothness on the skin. The skin can have small burns and is useless on curly hair or in smaller areas. Sometimes it works very slowly especially on the legs.

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