Wipe New vs Armor All vs Meguiars

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Here is a comparison of As Seen on TV Wipe New restorer with Armor All Outlast and Meguiar’s Complete Car Care. Compare Reviews, price, what do I get?, features, benefits.


Compare What is it? Wipe New vs Armor All Outlast vs Meguiar’s

What is Wipe New – Wipe New claims to be a multi-purpose solution for your car that restores and protects it from harsh environmental exposures for years, more than any other traditional protecting solution. Wipe New claims to restore the shine of your car’s surface, trim and headlight.

What is Armor All Outlast – It’s a car surface restorer that can rejuvenate worn and weathered exterior trim, plastic and rubber surfaces of a vehicle to make it look like brand new.

What is Meguiar’s – It’s a complete car care kit that washes, conditions, waxes and polishes, restores and protects the exteriors and interiors of your car.

Verdict : All the 3 products have the same purpose – Restore the shine of your car.

Compare how does it work? Wipe New vs Armor All Outlast vs Meguiar’s

Wipe New – The solution is fast and easy to apply on bumpers, rims, dashboards, and other surfaces. According to the claims Wipe New does not use silicone, but uses nano-polymer formula that penetrates deep and attach to the surface to do away with the faded, weathered look, make it look brand new and protect the vehicle from water, salt, ice, harsh elements, and the ultra violet rays of the sun.

Armor All Outlast – It is fast and easy to apply. Shake the bottle and apply the solution on a damp microfiber cloth or directly on the surface of the vehicle. After spreading the light coat evenly and letting it penetrate for 5 minutes, Armor All Outlast restores the shine and starts protecting the vehicle from oxidation, fading and discoloration and prevents damage caused by the harsh UV rays of the sun.

Meguiar’s – Meguiar’s gives complete car care with car wash shampoo, conditioner, liquid wax, high gloss gel, detailers, clay bars, PlastX to remove clouding from headlights, ScratchX to remove scratches, a microfiber wash mitt for superior cleaning, supreme shine microfiber towel to provide shine with fewer strokes and a foam applicator.

Compare Features: Wipe New vs Armor All Outlast vs Meguiar’s

Wipe New Features – It is superior enough to be used by professionals. The application of the solution is fast and easy and takes just one swipe to restore and protect the surfaces. It works on exteriors as well as interiors of the car including vinyl or leather car seats to give a new shine.

Armor All Outlast Features – It restores all trims – plastic, vinyl or rubber. It contains a detergent that is safe on glass and plastic surface. It can protect the car for approximately 120 car washes. You can use it on bumpers, side mirrors, door handles and vinyl rooftops. It works on all trim colors.

Meguiar’s Features – The complete car care kit has superior-grade products. The car wash shampoo and conditioner foam away dirt and grime from the road. It nourishes the paint for a bright sheen and clear, deep reflection.

Compare Benefits: Wipe New vs Armor All Outlast vs Meguiar’s

Wipe New Benefits
With just one application you can restore and protect your car from harsh environmental exposure. Just one solution replaces many car solutions saving money and time. The powerful solution doesn’t fade the sheen even if the car goes through a hundred washes.

Armor All Outlast Benefits – Armor All Outlast cleans the car quickly and easily. It is safe on all automotive finishes and paints, even clear coats. It does not strip away the waxing of a car.

Meguiar’s Benefits – Meguiar’s takes just 5 minutes to restore the look of car interiors whether on plastic, vinyl, rubber, metal, leather and even audio-video equipment. It doesn’t leave artificial greasy look.

Compare Price: Wipe New vs Armor All Outlast vs Meguiar’s

Wipe New : $19.99

Armor All Outlast : $14.99

Meguiar’s : $48.99

Compare What do I get? Wipe New vs Armor All Outlast vs Meguiar’s

Wipe New – Double the size of the bottle enough for 2 cars. The kit also includes 2 Wipe New applicator cloths, 1 red headlight applicator, 1 green headlight polishing block, 1 detail brush and a pair of nitrite glove.

Armor All Outlast – A bottle of Armor All Outlast

Meguiar’s – 16 oz. Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner, 16 oz. Gold Class Liquid Wax, 16 oz. Quik Interior Detailer, 16 oz. Quick Detailer, 16 oz. Gold Class Endurance High Gloss Gel, 10 oz. ScratchX 2.0, 10 oz. PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner and Polish, Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel, two 50 gram Clay Bars, and a Foam Applicator Pad.

Compare Use? Wipe New vs Armor All Outlast vs Meguiar’s

Wipe New can be used on these parts – Bumpers, dashboards, rims, side panels, rearview mirrors, and interiors of the car including vinyl and leather seats.

Armor All Outlast can be used on these parts – Bumpers, side mirrors, vinyl rooftops, door handles.

Meguiar’s can be used on these parts – Complete car exteriors and interiors including vinyl and leather parts and also audio video equipment.


Compare Reviews: Wipe New vs Armor All Outlast vs Meguiar’s

Wipe New Reviews and Complaints

Many customers who used Wipe New reviewed that it is an effective product that brought positive results instantly and easily. One customer says that it works well on old and fogged headlights and costs lesser than replacing them. However, many also complained that the ad of the solution is misleading and it’s not as quick and easy to use as it claims. Complaining of the long-drawn process, reviewers state that it takes 24 hours before you can use the car. A reviewer complained that it contains harsh chemicals that might damage the surface and you hands unless used meticulously, which means spending a lot of time on it. Another user says that he had to use a lot of power and an hour to scrub the haze off the headlights. Customers say that it needs a well-ventilated area if you want to protect yourself from the fumes of the chemicals.

Armor All Outlast Reviews and Complaints

A user who reviewed Armor All Outlast says that it sticks well to the plastic and gives a nice glossy look. Other reviewer says that it took the weathered look of their car away and for someone else it did a great job while being much cheaper than another similar product. Another customer who lives in harsh weather conditions found that the effect of the solution stayed put in spite of heavy rains while other products tended to wash away.

One reviewer complains that it didn’t blacken their car too well and faded in less than two weeks. Another customer had a very temporary fix with the solution. While it looked great when it was applied, just one bout of rain and then sun washed the solution away like they never applied it. For a few other users, applying the solution didn’t help them at all and wasted their money.

Meguiar’s Reviews and Complaints

A customer who used this car care kit thought all the supplies are of superior quality. Another user found that it has value for money and ease of use, while another according to reviewer everything about it from the finish to the scents is great. One reviewer thought it supplies every single thing you need to care for your car in a single package making it convenient that too at a reasonable price.

A user who reviewed the Meguiar’s Complete Car Care kit thought the quantity of the supplies was too less and the volume should have been more. Another customer found the Gold Class Wax missing in his kit unlike what was advertised. Other customers got their packages with leakage, not just on the box of the item but all over the other items as well. Another user applied this on their car and its clear coat peeled off causing $500 worth repairs.

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  1. Is it ALWAYS BEST to consult the dealer for recommendations on what to you use on my NEW vehicle’s interior as well as exterior, as opposed to asking a Professional Auto detailer? I am leasing a 2019 Acura RDX and want to keep it in GREAT looking condition!!!

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