WinCleaner vs Ccleaner

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WinCleaner OneClick

What is WinCleaner OneClick:

It is a PC registry cleaner and optimizer that claims to make your computer faster, smoother and trouble-free.
WinCleaner OneClick promises to not only fix problems on your computer but clear clutter so that it’s back in top shape again. If you have been looking for a solution for registry problems, to enhance start-up times and ensure that your computer functions at its optimum then you don’t have to look beyond WinCleaner OneClick, according to its claims. It has a built in U.S. Department of Defence Standard file shredding, which means your Internet images and clutter can be wiped off for good and cannot be undeleted again.

WinCleaner OneClick features and benefits

• It can get rid of Internet and PC clutter that can hamper the performance of your computer. Moreover it claims to do the job in just one click.
• With WinCleaner OneClick you can also repair windows registry problems that not only lead to errors but slow down your PC too.
• You can also be rest assured of your privacy because the clutter will be removed and files cannot be undeleted again.
• WinCleaner OneClick claims to offer you benefits like restoring power and stability, accelerating system start-up times and recovering precious space on your hard drive.
• Intelligent Start-up Optimizer maintains that it can stop unnecessary applications from running and that in turn leads to speeding up of your computer’s performance.


What is CCleaner:

It is a tool to clean your Windows PC so that its performance is boosted and you get privacy online too.
CCleaner maintains that it can be an effective cleaning tool for your Windows PC so that its performance reaches its optimum level all over again. Moreover it also claims to protect your privacy online, which is an added advantage. CCleaner promises to offer you complete convenience because it is easy and quick to install while the tool itself ensures that your computer becomes faster and more secure.


CCleaner benefits and features

• CCleaner removes unused files from the system, which is why it works faster. It can also clean your Internet history adding to your privacy overall. Importantly it claims to ensure that you can get more hard disk space as it’s freed up too.
• It emphasises that it also has a fully featured registry cleaner. It can clean File Extensions, ActiveX Controls, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, Uninstallers and more.
• CCleaner claims to be effective when it comes to cleaning different types of browsers; from Internet Explorer to Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome. It also works efficiently with other supported browsers, according to its claims.
• It asserts that it can clean Windows, including Recycle Bin, Temporary Files, Clipboard, Memory Dumps, Jump lists and more and thus ensuring that there is more space on your computer.
• CCleaner can also be used to clean third party applications. Recent file lists and temp files from several apps can be removed.


7 thoughts on “WinCleaner vs Ccleaner

  1. If you have Norton Security Suite then you don’t need any one of these two, Norton will take care of every thing for you.


  2. I’ve used both. I’m a 19 year IT tech. In my experience, CCleaner is more effective. Whats better? It’s free.

    Wincleaner will clean, but its target audience appears to be people that watch infomercials late at night & have limited knowledge of PC’s. It seems those types of people foolishly pay for magical computer fixes. The GUI interface is “Fisher Price” with colorful buttons & childlike layout. Even the shortcut icon is ugly. When it comes across my bench – I uninstall it.

    CCleaner’s target audience seems more technically driven, Generally, Techs don’t want to manually clean all the different areas of a PC that get cluttered with caches of junk. CCleaner makes my work easier, faster & it is free. They do offer pay versions with more options – but most IT Techs dont like to pay, we want results & quickly please. I do recommend the pay version to my customers. The GUI interface is more professional. It has added bonus features & anything it “asserts” or “claims” is bonafide.

    I do NOT work for CCleaner nor am I sponsered by them. This is a REAL review from a seasoned Tech. Overall – they will both clean junk files off of your PC. However, the interface combined with the cost & features make CCleaner a clearcut victor in this battle.

  3. Wincleaner & Ccleaner appear to do the same things. Issues – cost vs. convenience.
    I have used Ccleaner for several years, I have not used Wincleaner.
    A skilled user can do everything “without a cleaner tool” except cleaning the registry.
    Wincleaner will do everything with one click for $19.95 PER YEAR.
    Ccleaner is free but requires a different pass for each stage.
    Ccleaner also has a convenient program uninstaller
    Ccleaner allows you to “select” which cookies to preserve or remove.
    Bottom line – Wincleaner for the novice, Ccleaner for the more experienced user.

  4. This article says regarding CCleaner that it Claims and Asserts. I tell you it can. As a long time user I can tell you that everything it “Claims” it offers and “Asserts” it can do, It offers and does. And that is in the FREE version (the article didn’t mention that). There are two other versions that offer more options like real-time monitoring, automatic updates, and premium support.

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