Weider X-factor Vs Ruthless

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Compare What is it: Weider X-factor ST Vs Ruthless

What is Weider X-factor It is an eight-week progressive training program that claims to help you burn calories, and build muscles at the same time.

What is Weider Ruthless It is a hardcore total body training work out that promises to help you get the hardest body in minimum time.


Compare How Does it Work?: Weider X-factor Vs Ruthless

How does Weider X-factor ST work? Weider X-factor promises to help you train your body from inside out in eight weeks so that you can not only burn calories but build lean muscle as well. It has specially designed specific order of exercises in 30 seconds, 45 seconds and 90 seconds of progression. Importantly, it asserts that it trains you in optimization zone so that you can maximize your time and get enhanced results.

How does Weider Ruthless work? Ruthless comes from renowned International fitness trainer Steve Uria and it involves 20 intense 20 minute workouts to get a complete body workout. It takes interval training to a new level because the exercises are to be done back to back in 45 second blocks. It uses control, functional movements and tough mental focus to overcome mental and physical blocks to get the body you have always wanted.


Compare Features and Benefits: Weider X-factor Vs Ruthless

Weider X-factor Features and Benefits

  • Weider X-factor stresses on the fact that now you can train your whole body with exercise, which is easy to follow thanks to the trainer. The 12 DVD set gets you access to workouts that will give you those bulging biceps, flat abs and toned overall body.
  • This workout has to be done for 30 minutes every other day. Thus you are saved time while you get the results you want, which includes burning calories.


Ruthless Features and Benefits

  • Ruthless contains 10 DVDS of exercises that can be done in the comforts of your home. You can do them on their own or combined; you can even mix and match to keep things fresh and exciting at all times. You can also work out with a partner to challenge and motivate each other.
  • 20 minutes of your time daily is all you have to give to follow this workout, and get a hard, toned body.



Compare Exercises: Weider X-factor ST Vs Ruthless

Weider X-factor Exercises

  • The stage 1 of Weider X-factor includes burning fat faster with 34, 45 and 90 second movements to lose weight.
  • Stage 2 involves intense 90 second sequence training and strength movements to get ripped muscles.
  • There are four other DVDs for your abs, yoga, total body extreme workout and toning glutes and thighs.


Weider Ruthless Exercises
The 20 exercises involved in the Ruthless workout program include: Hardcore Circuit + Fitness Test, Lunatic Intervals, Killer 100s, Wicked Lower Body, Fast-Slow Burn Circuit, Ruthless Ringside, Tabata Sweat, Core & Flex, Ruthless Gives Back, Pure Willpower, Super Strength & Power, Horizontal Circuit, Nitro Burn, Hardcore Abs & Arms, Drip, Rip 10s, Speed, Power, Sweat, Performance Stretch, Total Body Circuit, and Partner Training.


Compare Equipments Needed: Weider X-factor Vs Ruthless

Weider X-factor Equipments – Doesn’t need any special equipment but it comes with Push-up stands to build your chest, arms and back muscles.

Ruthless Equipments – No special workout equipment is needed.


Compare Duration of Workout: Weider X-factor Vs Ruthless

Weider X-factor Duration – 30 minute workouts every other day.

Weider Ruthless Duration – 20 minute workout daily. 20 intense workouts are done in 45 second blocks.


Compare Calories Burned: Weider X-factor Vs Ruthless

Weider X-factor: – It burns 300-400 calories in 40 minutes

Ruthless – 200-250 calories per session.



Compare Reviews, Complaints, Pros and Cons: Weider X-factor Vs Ruthless

Weider X-factor Review, Complaints, Pros and Cons

Terese who completed one day of the workout reveals in her Weider X-factor review that it is a good program for beginners. That’s because it is easy to follow and doesn’t get intimidating at any point. She also adds that it’s a reasonably priced option as far as intense training programs go, which is a huge plus.

One Weider X-factor review says that the program is quick and the trainer is motivating as well. The production quality of the DVDs is quite good and you can follow the workouts easily. The workouts can be modified based on your level of fitness and since there is no equipment involved, you can work out even when you are travelling.

Another Weider X-factor review complains about the trainer speaking rather quickly, which is distracting. Sometimes it’s also difficult to tell if the trainer is demonstrating a move or it’s the beginning of an interval. It also has the same warm up and cool down, which can be boring for some.

Blake in his Weider X-factor review maintains that the diet plan is fantastic because there’s a different meal for most days. According to him, workouts are pretty decent but the problem is that there is no stretching, which can be a bit dangerous.

Anita in her Weider X-factor review complained that the first DVD in the program didn’t work. She got it replaced but the same problem happened again. However all the other DVDs worked fine.

Samuel complains in his Weider X-factor review that the set he received was old and sold as new. It was a faulty set with no paperwork involved, which left him extremely disappointed.

Weider Ruthless Review, Complaints, Pros and Cons

Walker who reviewed Ruthless complained that the DVDs are not formatted for the US. Hence they do not play on any DVD player or computer.

Veronica reveals in her Ruthless review that the DVDs were delivered very quickly and they worked quite well too. She adds that she stumbled upon the DVD meant for additional workouts, which is an added advantage. She says that she gets bored of the same workouts easily, but that didn’t happen with Ruthless. According to her, it’s an excellent program if you want to get the results you want quickly.

Vale in her Ruthless review maintains that trainer Steve Uria is as intense as the workouts but allows you to keep your pace. He says that initially he found the exercises gruelling but got used to them from the second cycle. He suggests that those with joint pains might want to modify the lower body exercises a bit. He also adds that he would have been happier if there was warm up and cool down time in the video.

Darren in his Ruthless review said that he preferred equipment free exercise, since there is no issue with storage. This program ticked that box for him. It means you can work out even when you are travelling and since the routines are short, you can still get a workout when you are running against time. He recommends putting in another DVD after 20 minute workout, if you want more to be done. Overall he says that Ruthless program offered him a lot of variety with the workout, which doesn’t let things get boring.



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