Weider-X-factor-ST vs P90X vs Supreme 90 Day

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Features and Benefits

Weider-X-factor-ST, the 8-week progressive program guarantees splendid transformation in body and physique through its unique Optimization Zone training. It claims to help burn calories and build arm, back and chests muscle in the same workout.
Weider-X-factor-ST offers features like rotating push-up stands, adjustable resistance and more for desirable results. A workout calendar and fitness journal are also provided.
P90X is a home exercise regimen that guarantees lean shape, great fitness and more. It offers numerous mix-and-match routines through training methods like muscle confusion to speed up results. It also offers 12 DVD workouts, a detailed three-phase nutrition plan, specially designed supplement options along with guidance from personal trainer Tony Horton.

Supreme 90 Day
The Supreme 90 Day Fitness Program promises great results in burning fat, acquiring great shape, abs, overall fitness and more.


It offers unique Optimization Zone training and DVDs to burn calories and build muscle concurrently.

Muscle confusion, cross training, periodization, strength training, cardio, yoga, plyometrics, and stretching

Supreme 90 Day
Muscle confusion

What do I get?Price

Stage 1 of the X-Factor:
ST total-body transformation to burn fat and lose weight with 30, 45 and 90-second movements.

Stage 2 of the X-Factor:
ST program
90-second sequence training and strength training movements for glutes, abs, arms and back.
4 Bonus DVDs for abs, yoga, total body glutes and thighs

Price: $ 39

12 workout DVDs
Fitness Guide
3-Phase Nutrition Plan
Phase 1 p90x fat shredder
Phase 2 p90x energy booster
Phase 3 p90x Endurance Maximizer
Workout calendar
“How to Bring It” video
24/7 support
Price: 3 monthly payments of $39.95 (+$19.95 s&h)
90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Supreme 90 Day

10 workout DVDs By award winning producer Cal Pozo
5 Body sculpting workouts
3 cardio workouts
2 ab and core workouts
Supreme Nutrition Progress Chart
Online support & abs DVD
The S90 Day calendar prescribing workout for six days and a day off for rest
Supreme Rock Hard Abs DVD extra upon placing order now upon payment of separate S&H.
Price: 1 Payment of $19.99 + $6.99 S&H.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Program Duration

8 weeks

Duration – 13 weeks
Weekly schedule – 6 days a week
Average duration/day – 55 minutes
Supreme 90 Day
Duration – 90 day
Weekly schedule – 6 days
Average duration/day – 30-40 minutes


Workouts are for 40 minutes which on average consist of the following:
5-6 minutes warm up
30 minutes of strength training
3-4 minutes to cool down

The strength portion of the workouts comprises core, lower body, total body and cardio exercises that are performed in 4 circuits. Each circuit involves 3 exercises. The circuits are then repeated.
The first four weeks consist of exercises foro 30, 45 and 90 seconds in each circuit.
The last four weeks exercises are of 90 seconds each.

Breakdown of week 1:

Intro and Warm up (6 minutes)

Circuit 1
-Forearm Plank (30 seconds)
-Reverse Tabletop (45 seconds)
-Alternating T Lunge* (90 seconds)
*lunge with arms raised straight on each side, forming a T-shape

Circuit 2
-Bicycle Crunches (30 seconds)
-Superman (45 seconds)
-Sumo Squat with Knee Raise (90 seconds)

Circuit 3
-Knee Huggers (30 seconds)
-Push ups (45 seconds)
-Shadow Boxing Cardio Blast: jabs (30 seconds), hooks (30 seconds), upper cuts (30 seconds)

Circuit 4
-Rope Twists (30 seconds)
-Swimmers (45 seconds)
-Frog Leaps (90 seconds)

Repeat circuits from the top

Cool Down (3.5 minutes)

Chest and Back
Muscles worked – Pectorals, Back, Biceps and Triceps Training Type – Strength Training
Duration – 52:50 minutes
Plyometrics Muscles worked– Legs and Full Body Training Type– Cardio Duration – 58.36 minutes
Shoulders and Arms Muscles worked- Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders Training Type- Strength Training Duration- 59:53 minutes
Yoga X Muscles worked – Full Body Training Type- Stretch Duration – 92:24 minutes
Legs & Back Muscles worked- Quads, Hamstring, Calves and Back Training Type- Strength Training Duration – 58:56 minutes
Kenpo X Muscles worked- Full Body Training Type- Cardio Duration – 58:46 minutes

X Stretch- Muscles worked- Full Body Training Type- Stretch Duration- 57:32 minutes
Core Synergistics Muscles worked- Full Body Training Type- Strength Training Duration – 57:27 minutes
Chest, Shoulders and Triceps Muscles worked- Pectorals, Shoulders and Triceps Training Type- Strength Training Duration- 55:44 minutes
Back and Biceps Muscles worked- Back and Biceps Training Type- Strength Training Duration- 51:36 minutes
Cardio X Muscles worked- Full Body Training Type- Cardio Workout Duration – 43:18 minutes
Ab Ripper X Muscles worked- Abdominals and Core Training Type- Strength Training Duration – 16:07 minutes

Supreme 90 Day

Total Body Muscles worked: Total Body Workout Types: push-ups, plyometric push-ups, deadlifts, clean and press, plyometric squat jumps, dumbbell swings and plyometric split lunges Duration: 35 minutes
Tabata Inferno Muscles worked: cardio Workout Types: burpees, mountain climbers, high knees, plyometric squats, jump squats, jump lunges, squat thrusters, push-ups, bicycles and seated twists Duration: 44 minutes
Chest, Shoulders and Triceps Muscles worked: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps Workout Types: Core Exercises, Wood chops, Reverse crunch ball exchange, Shoulder warm-up, Spider Crawl pushups, Arnold Press, Triceps kick back, alternating chest press, alternating shoulder press- seated, skull crushers and cross body triceps extension, lying chest press with leg extensions, Plank with rear delt fly, triceps skull crusher and triceps press Duration: 45 minutes
Chest and Back Muscles Worked: Chest and Back Workout Type: push-up variations, chest presses and chest flies, bent-over rows, back extensions, renegade rows, prone press up, overhead pullovers, cool-down and stretch Duration: 35 minutes
Shoulders and Arms Muscles Worked: shoulders and arms Workout Types: lateral raises, clean and presses, shoulder presses and rear flies. hammer curls, traditional curls, incline biceps curls on the stability ball, and kickbacks, skull crushers, triceps extension and triceps push-ups and more Cool-down and stretch Duration: 45 minutes
Back and Biceps Muscles Worked: Back and Biceps Workout Types: Back- Alternating pullovers, plank rows, good mornings, bent over rows, deadlifts and one-arm rows Biceps – In and out biceps curl, hammer curl, concentration curl and alternating dumbbell curl with wrist rotation Duration: 57 minutes
Legs Muscles Worked: Quads, Hamstring and Calves Workout Types: Squats, lunges; jump squats, pop squats, prisoner squats, squat to dumbbell press, lateral lunges and jump lunges Duration: 34 minutes
Cardio Challenge Muscles Worked: Legs and Core Workout Types: The core circuit comprises three core exercises, weighted stability ball crunches, scissor kick crunches and seated twist with a dumbbell. Performed for two circuits.
25 prisoner squats and a “triple-heater” leg and hamstring burner performed with stability ball Alternating rear and forward lunges, Bulgarian split squats, stiff-legged deadlifts, side lunges, sumo squats and forward lung reaches Duration: 34 minutes
Ultimate Ball Muscles Worked: Core Workout Types: mix of core and balance moves including plank variations, bridge variations, roll outs, pikes, walk-outs, one-legged squats and one-legged lateral lunges Duration: 41 minutes
S90 Core Dynamics Muscles Worked: Abs, back and glutes Workout Types: Entire core workout with different exercises Duration: 18.06 minutes

Is it metabolic resistance training?

No information

Not to the extent that can cause problems. P90X recognizes the fact that less calories can be harmful. It has been proven that a healthy calorie intake and more muscles are crucial for healthy metabolism rate and fat loss. P90X workouts provides an ideal workout regime and nutrition plan suitable for healthy weight loss.

Supreme 90 Day
Not really. Supreme 90 Day is known to be effective mainly as a total-body strength program. Except for Cardio Challenge, Tabata Inferno and the longer Back/Biceps disc, Supreme 90 Day doesn’t offer higher calorie burn exercises that affect metabolism adversely and healthy weight loss plans.

Does it help you lose weight?

After the 8-week program offered by Weider-X-factor-ST
people do seem to lose weight and shape up.

The Lean schedule program, mainly focused on weight loss, guarantees weight loss through emphasis on cardio. P90X Fitness Guide furnishes detailed explanation.

Supreme 90 Day
Focused efforts, 6 days a week workout combined with a healthy diet can show positive results.

Does it burn fat?

Yes. Weeks 1-4 Weider-X-factor-ST High Intensity Interval Training exercises for about 45 minutes each day helps burn fat.

Yes. P90x claims it brings about a break and help build muscles back. Muscles first burn fat and when built again, lead to burning fat. P90X also provides an alternative to build muscles back. These workout routines coupled with the suggested changes in diet help lose fat while building muscle.

Supreme 90 Day
Yes. Supreme 90 Day claims every workout it offers accelerates the heart rate high enough to burn fat, especially the Tabata Inferno. Most workouts consist of core and aerobic activities and last 35-45 minutes.

Does it make you bigger?

Weider-X-factor-ST recommends increasing dietary intake and Classic workouts. Eating the same amount can result in appearing bigger. For more mass, eating enough is presented as the key.

Yes, through its workouts in the eight to ten range with reps and using push up bars for pushups and pull ups. Increasing food intake, proper exercising and taking proper supplements to gain weight are also important. P90x/P90x+ hybrid routine increases bulk after completing P90x. Consuming 3500 calories a day and minimum 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight is recommended.

Supreme 90 Day
No information

Does it make you stronger?

Yes, without depending upon weight machine or treadmill.

P90X isn’t designed to increase strength dramatically unless one lifts heavy weights. It makes no claims to make anyone brawny in 90 days, but increases strength by 10 or 15 lbs. Results vary from person to person including on
how strong one already is, frequency of work out and which P90X exercise (doubles vs. lean vs. classic) is performed.

Supreme 90 Day
Dedicated use for a week guarantees results. Push-ups and eating right are also important. The workouts remain challenging throughout but effective. One can sense an overall improvement in strength while carrying out daily chores too.

Does it help skinny people build muscles?

Yes. Being a High Intensity Interval Training, one burns fat and builds lean muscle.

Yes. People who have been lean have reported positive results, built lean muscle and acquired ripped abs. It can work only if one gives 100% to it for 90 days though it may seem tough. Not skipping workouts, following the nutrition plan and drinking Shakeology are essential.

Supreme 90 Day
Yes. Results can be seen on arms, legs, back, butt and abs.

Does it help gain muscle?


Yes. If workout regimen is performed dedicatedly. Weeks 5-8 are specially for building muscle.

Though P90x is primarily used to lose weight, burn fat and for muscle toning, a set program that focuses on certain core muscles every day can help gain muscle. Schedule recommended:
Monday- Back/Biceps
Tuesday- Chest/Triceps
Wednesday- Legs
Thursday- Shoulders/Abs
Friday- Rest Day

Supreme 90 Day
Supreme 90 day workout is based on muscle confusion theory, which according to clinical studies has a significant impact on muscle growth. Shocking muscles with different exercises and weights increase chances of gaining muscle for which 30-40 minutes workout each day is recommended. It increases heart rate, burns calories, lots of fat and builds muscle.

Does it need weights?

No. It needs only push-up stands.

Only a set of dumbbells or lightweight resistance bands, a chin-up bar and optional equipment such as push-up stands, a yoga mat, and a heart-rate monitor are required.
Dumbbell weights provide varying levels of resistance on muscles. Beginners can perform exercises without weights and those who require higher fitness level get dumbbell weights levels from 5 to 20 pounds. Exercises that target smaller muscle groups that cannot handle weights like larger muscles like biceps are also offered.

Supreme 90 Day
Weights and a stability ball are sufficient. It requires hand weights that can be of 5 pounds or 10. A big inflatable stability ball is also recommended for alterations in exercises.
10 DVDs are provided, out of which two are for aerobics (Tabata Inferno, and Cardio Challenge) while the rest are for strength workouts. Using weights at a faster pace that increases the heart rate help along with other workouts (Chest/Back, Ultimate Ball, Shoulders/Arms, Legs, Total Body, Back/Bis, Chest/Shoulders/Tris and Core Dynamics).

Does it need equipment?

Other than pushup stands included in the package, no other equipment are necessary.

Some basic P90X equipment like dumbbells or resistance bands, a chin-up bar and a yoga mat are enough. (Optional equipment like the heart-rate monitor with a recovery drink can also be used).

Supreme 90 Day
Only hand weights (in two sizes, i.e. 5 and 10-pound) for the Supreme 90 Day are sufficient along with a stability ball.

Is it for vegans?

Being a vegan doesn’t seem to have a major impact to get desirable results.

Those who’ve been vegetarians for years seem to show no difficulty while using P90X. Increasing intake of proteins, nuts, fruit, a Balance bar and a scoop and a half of SuperPump 250 30 minutes before weight/resistance days helps. Cutting down on sugar and switching over to red wine and micro-brew beer is also recommended.

Supreme 90 Day
To an extent. Supreme 90 Day recommends following the food plan along with one by Tosca Reno provided by it for best results.

Does it improve metabolism?

Yes, it is known to do that.

Yes. At the same time, P90X advocates responsible management of metabolism.

Supreme 90 Day
This program has been clinically proven to increase metabolism.

Does it hurt your back?

Some Weider-X-factor-ST exercises are known to hurt the back.

Yes. Severe back pain has been reported on use of P90X which lasted till it was used. Modifying workouts, lifting lighter weights, putting a soft mat on the floor and taking care of form while lifting weights is recommended. Concentrating on using the “target muscles” while exercising and taking care that there’s no extra strain on the back are also important.

Supreme 90 Day
Supreme 90 Day has been found to cause considerable back pain by some users. The way exercises are demonstrated on DVDs move too fast to be followed. The types of exercises also change very fast that can hurt the back.

Does it hurt your knee?


Yes, if proper form is not used, knees and joints are affected. Modified version of workouts is offered as a solution.

Some jumping squats prescribed by P90X hurt the knees. Using proper form
while doing any exercises is important.

Supreme 90 Day
It tends to cause some pain in the knees. Avoiding the jumping part in the exercises demonstrated or walking make things easier for knees.

Does it work for women?

Yes. Weider-X-factor-ST DVDs indicate that.

Yes. It helps women too lose weight and notice positive results. It offers a set workout routine and schedule and offers an ideal nutrition that adapts to with each phase of the program.

Supreme 90 Day
Trainer Tom Holland encourages women to use heavy weights, which would help break myths like women can’t or shouldn’t lift heavy weights. Opting for a clean diet, exercising as per the comfort level and being positive helps, which female users of Supreme 90 day have reported. Women who aren’t comfortable can opt for 10, 15 and 20 pound weights for optimal results.

Does it work for fat people?

Yes. Users with weight issues have reportedly slimmed down by using Weider-X-factor-ST. it helps shed as many as 9 pounds and one size in 3 weeks and is comfortably performed. The nutrition guide seems helpful too.

Yes. P90X is a demanding, advanced workout which invloves exercises like pushups, pull ups in the allotted time. It offers a wide range of workouts and a good food plan to lose weight. P90X can also be used at one’s own pace, which won’t make one feel stressed out.

Supreme 90 Day

Yes. If one sticks to the program diligently, it guarantees to help.

How many calories does it burn?

Weider-X-Factor-ST users report burning 330 calories onwards in a 40-minute workout. Its Optimization Zone makes each workout get progressively harder. It boosts calorie burn and fat loss in Stage 1 along with weight loss through its 30, 45 and 90-second movements.

Tony Horton’s fitness program claims that on an average each workout burns around 600 calories. However, its makers put in a word of caution saying that all calorie calculators may not display accurate readings. Certain factors determine the amount of calories an individual’s body burns, such as the amount of physical work, weight, fat percentage, age, temperature and pre-determined genetic factors.
A heart rate monitor, generally considered the most accurate way to calculate calorie burn may not be completely reliable either. If a heart rate monitor is not available, the P90X calorie calculator can be used for an estimate based on the key factors mentioned above.

Supreme 90 Day
Supreme 90 Day has been found to show results in 30 days of use as it helps burn about 350-800 calories.

Does it get rid of belly fat?

Weider-X-factor-ST does help one get rid of fat on the belly. A DVD is dedicated exclusively to obtain a flat tummy.

P90X states that belly fat is tough to fight so some time, efforts and patience are required to lose it. P90ZX also recommends taking the supplement Shakeology to boost weight loss without making any changes to exercise routine.

Supreme 90 Day
The core and ab-blasting workouts of Supreme 90 Day promise a flat tummy with regular use.

Is it a HIIT workout?

HIIT (high intensity interval training) means challenging exercise regimen that involves bursts of vigorous physical activity for a while followed by cooling off. Weider-X-factor-ST builds up the pressure gradually each week and not from day one.


Not really.

Supreme 90 Day
Most Supreme 90 day exercises are HIIT as the intensity is built up gradually.

Is it strength training?

Yes, the Stage 2 of the Weider- X-Factor: ST program offers intense 90-second sequence training and strength training movements.

P90X isn’t exactly a strength building program. It shuns gimmicks such as introducing elements like plyometrics and cardios that don’t really help acquire strength. It recommends total focus on only relevant exercises and a good diet effective for building strength.

Supreme 90 Day
Supreme 90 Day workouts are shorter as they average around 45 minutes for the strength sessions. It also seems to help one acquire great shape at home. Since a time limit (90 days) is declared, it creates a better impression on the mind that motivates one to carry on.

Is it hard to do?

Weider- X-Factor: ST may seem hard for beginners and even for some advanced level users.


P90X workouts do seem hard, but they work and one can get used to them over time.

Supreme 90 Day
Yes, the pace seems too but using it dedicatedly can help one lose 12 lbs in limited time. Tabata and Cardio Challenge DVDs can be performed on the cardio days for favorable results.

Does it make you ripped?

Yes. Weider- X-Factor: ST offers 30 minute workout with a five minute warm up and cool down, which progresses in intensity. A full body workout and appropriate level of workout are duly prescribed and no equipment except for push up stands are mentioned to get a ripped look.

Absolutely, if the exercise schedule and diet plan are followed dedicatedly, P90X works.

Supreme 90 Day
Supreme 90 Day seems to show results in a week to get a ripped look.
The workouts (e.g. push ups, crunches, lunges, planks, squats, etc.) are over in 45 minutes, can be modified as per fitness level and are comfortable.

Does it flatten your abs?

Weider- X-Factor: ST offers training with its Optimization Zone from the core out to flatten abs and shape up.

P90X categorically states that simply targeting the stomach area doesn’t really work; instead, burning a significant number of calories, building lean muscle to create a caloric seems more effective. Personal genetic makeup and body type play a significant role too and overcoming them isn’t practically viable. Even the American Council on Exercise states that the best strategy for improving a specific body area is to focus on efforts to lose overall body fat and then supplement it with strength training exercises that develop the muscle tissue that lies underneath the layer of stomach fat. The P90X accordingly assigns abdominal and core workouts three days per week.

Supreme 90 Day
Yes. Using Supreme 90 Day on a regular basis make the abs stronger and it also becomes easier to increase intensity levels on it.

Pros and Cons


1. A variety of exercises
2. Exercises can be easily modified and done at suitable pace
3. Easy to follow. each week new DVD
4. Inspiring and appropriate trainer style
5. Reasonable price and great quality
6. Duration of each CD is only 40 minutes with four brakes
7. No equipment necessary
8. Freedom to choose any music that inspires

1. Comfortable for women
2. Great for losing weight, acquiring desired definition and building lean and long muscles
3. Appropriately challenging for those interested in only in better shape
4. Weight based program with high impact cardio
5. Those who are fat can become leaner by using P90X Perfect mean plan provided
6. Twelve separate disks with targeted programs provided that cater to various goals
7. Full guide book and calender provided
8. Offers expert insight about the program’s features, and how to utilize the full program to meet specific goals.

Supreme 90 Day
1. Workouts use muscle confusion for constant results
2. No need to go to the gym for effective workouts
3. Program is very reasonably priced
4. Independent clinical study done to show effectiveness
5. Includes all the DVDs you need to complete the program
6. DVDs come with nutrition guide
7. Great for those that want to get ripped and melt fat
8. Offers challenging workouts


1. The instructor can sometimes speak quickly and stumble over words
2. Same warm up and cool down
3. Sometimes it’s difficult to gauge whether a move is being demonstrated or if it’s the:30, :60 or :90 interval
4. Workouts may seem too simple in a while
5. One of the exercisers not in good form while boxing

1. May be tough and too taxing for the average person to sustain for full three months
2. heavy lifting suggested especially for males might be dangerous for individuals not familiar with traditional bodybuilding techniques
3. Not enough instructions provided for lifting technique-may lead to injuries for some
4. Not really a strength building program. Doesn’t focus on building much muscle.

Supreme 90 Day
1. Focus on workout dominant
2. Not suitable for shedding excessive weight
3. Avoid online purchase of Supreme 90 day. It’s available at Walgreens for $19.99 but actually ends up costing around $40. Dishonest and even criminal practices have been reported in the name of ‘free shipping” or promotions like Value Plus, which levies $24.99 on the credit card every month for nothing. ‘Offers’ are literally forced upon customers even if declined. Tie-up with Value Plus, a known scam company, makes it worse.

2 thoughts on “Weider-X-factor-ST vs P90X vs Supreme 90 Day

  1. Supreme 90 gave me the best results of all the programs reviewed.
    Wish they produced a Supreme 90 2.
    But, this system never gets old.
    The best bang for your buck.

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