Weider-X-factor-ST vs. Insanity

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Compare Features and Benefits
An 8-week progressive program that claims to transform your body through training in the Optimization Zone from core out. It is promoted as the best way to burn calories and build arm, back and chest muscles with techniques like rotating push-up stands in a single workout. It offers adjustable resistance to personalize workout and assistance with planning and building body with a Workout Calendar and Fitness Journal.

A 60-day program that claims it needs no additional weights or equipment for training. Shaun T., leader of another Beachbody program, Hip-Hop Abs is appointed as the trainer to demonstrate workout offered by Insanity.
High-intensity intervals, plyometrics and aerobic segments for weight control and fitness are offered by Insanity workouts, each of which alternate between aerobic and anaerobic intervals that aim to provide a toned body by the end of the program.
Insanity provides free online support tools for constant access to fitness experts along with peer support.

Compare Methodology
An 8-week training is offered by Weider X-Factor- ST in the Optimization Zone to help you burn calories and build muscles in the same workout.

Max Interval Training workout of Insanity involves 3 to 5-minute exercising with very short breaks in between. It claims to keep your body working at maximum capacity throughout.

What do I get?

Weider-X-factor-ST offers the following:

Stage 1: Total-body transformation to burn fat and lose weight with 30, 45 and 90-second movements.

Stage 2: Intense 90-second sequence training and strength training movements for glutes, abs, arms and back

The package also includes the following 4 Bonus DVDs:
Total body
Glutes and thighs
Price: $ 39

5 Max Interval workouts provided by Insanity for Month One:
• Plyometrics for legs and glutes
• Upper body resistance for sculpted arms, shoulders, chest, and back
• Cardio for burning fat
• Cardio abs with intensive core work for flat abs
• Recovery for relief and break for body at the end of a week.
Four new workouts offered in Month Two (longer intervals with no changes in the rest period during workout)
• Max Interval Circuit for tough interval workout
• Max Interval Plyo focusing on your legs
• Max Cardio Conditioning for extreme cardio workout
• Max Recovery to build strength for coming days.
Four free gifts:
1) The Insanity 60-Day Wall Calendar
2) The Quick Start Guide

3) The Elite Nutrition Plan with 60 days worth of menus and recipes
4) Free Online Support

Also provided:

Bonus workout #1:
Core Cardio & Balance with sports drills to shape you within two weeks.

Bonus workout #2:
Shaun T’s Fitness Test to know your body and capacity and to track your progress throughout.
Price: 3 monthly payments of $39.95 (+$24.95 S & H)

Compare Program Duration
The duration of Weider-X-factor workouts is 8 weeks.

The workouts offered by Insanity are of 60 days duration.

Compare Exercises
The exercises that Weider-X-factor are of 40 minutes which are segregated in the following manner:

Intro and Warm up (6 minutes on an average)

Circuit 1
-Forearm Plank (30 seconds)
-Reverse Tabletop (45 seconds)
-Alternating T Lunge* (90 seconds)
*lunge performed with arms raised straight on each side forming T-shape

Circuit 2
-Bicycle Crunches (30 seconds)
-Superman (45 seconds)
-Sumo Squat with Knee Raise (90 seconds)

Circuit 3
-Knee Huggers (30 seconds)
-Push ups (45 seconds)
-Shadow Boxing Cardio Blast: jabs (30 seconds), hooks (30 seconds) and upper cuts (30 seconds)

Circuit 4
-Rope Twists (30 seconds)
-Swimmers (45 seconds)
-Frog Leaps (90 seconds)

Circuits from the top to be repeated

Cool Down- 3.5 minutes.

Month One of Max Interval workouts that Insanity involve the following:
• Plyometrics for legs and glutes
• Upper body resistance for arms, shoulders, chest, and back
• Pure cardio for fat burning
• Cardio abs with intensive core work
• Recovery stage to cool off.
Max Interval Circuit, Max Interval Plyo, Max Cardio Conditioning and Max Recovery are four new workouts added to the workout program in Month Two.

Is it metabolic resistance training?
Metabolic resistance effects haven’t been observed so far in Weider-X-factor-ST program.

Yes, Insanity is a metabolic resistance training form.

Does it help you lose weight?
Yes, one can lose weight with Weider-X-factor workouts as they help burn calories.

Yes, its high-intensity intervals, plyometrics and aerobic segments help one lose weight.

Does it burn fat?
Yes, it helps one burn fat and calories.

The high-intensity intervals, plyometrics and aerobic segment Insanity offers assist with fat burning.

Does it make you bigger?
One can build arm, back and chest muscles with the workout techniques that Weider X-Factor- ST offers. A suitable diet to go with the workout can help one acquire muscles.

The Max Interval Training workout of Insanity is largely focused on losing weight so it’s more suited for those who wish to lose flab and look toned up.

Does it make you stronger?
Yes since it helps one build chest, arm and back muscles, it helps one acquire strength.

Yes, it claims to make you stronger with the HIIT workout it offers.

Does it help skinny people build muscles?
Yes, it claims that its exercises help build chest, arm and back muscles.

It is not meant exclusively for muscle building but to lose weight.

Does it help gain muscle?
Yes, one can gain chest, arm and back muscles by using Weider-X-factor-ST.

This program isn’t focused on gaining muscles as such.

Does it need weights?
No, only push-up stands are needed to use this program.
No, it demands no weights to train with.

Does it need equipment?
It needs only pushup stands to perform workout with.

It requires no workout equipment though a heart-rate monitor can be used.

Is it for vegans?
No information

Yes, it claims to show results for everyone irrespective of the diet being followed.

Does it improve metabolism?
No information

Yes, it seems to improve metabolism to a considerable extent.

Does it hurt your back?
Yes, users have reported that it tends to hurt the back, hence it needs to be used with care.

Yes, since Insanity makes you perform intense exercises, it is known to hurt the back.

Does it hurt your knee?
Yes, it is known to be tough on knees.

Yes, it has been reported that Insanity can cause hurt to knees.

Does it work for women?
Yes, women supposedly can benefit favorably by using Weider-X-factor-ST.

The manufacturers of Insanity assure its workouts are perfect for women.

Does it work for fat people?
Yes, it is effective for everyone including those with excess weight as it helps burn calories.

Since it helps one lose flab easily, those on the heavier side will find it useful.

How many calories does it burn?
It can burn more than 300 calories in each workout.

Beachbody claims Insanity helps burn up to 1,000 calories per hour.

Does it get rid of belly fat?
Yes, this program claims to help you get rid of belly fat through the intense exercises it offers to tone up.

It claims to make losing belly fat easy since it focuses on letting one shed unwanted flab.

Is it a HIIT workout?
Yes. The workout schedule it offers is designed on the same lines as that of an HIIT workout.

Yes, since it’s an intense cardio program which is a part of HIIT workout and so can be classified as that.

Is it strength training?
Yes, the quality and nature of its training and techniques are centered on helping one build muscle and strength.
To an extent, Insanity does help with strength training.

Is it hard to do?
Beginners tend to find the Weider-X-factor exercises tough till they get used to it; even those who exercise regularly take time to adjust to the pace.

Yes, users have reported that the Insanity exercises can be very exhausting. One does need quite some time to get accustomed to them.

Does it make you ripped?
Yes, it is possible to acquire a ripped body if Weider-X-factor workouts are performed as prescribed.

Making one look ripped is not a key objective Insanity claims to deliver though its exercises can help one tone up conspicuously.

Does it flatten your abs?
Yes, the workout Weider-X-factor offers to burns calories and targets abs too.

Yes, its workouts primarily target losing flab, which naturally assists with flattening of abs.

Pros and Cons:

• It is very reasonably priced.
• It offers a variety of exercises.
• Each exercise can be modified easily and performed at one’s own pace.
• Easy to follow
• Each week offers new exercises on new DVDs
• The trainer is impressive.
• Good quality
• Each CD is of about 40 minutes with 4 breaks that seems well- planned
• No extra equipment needed
• One can listen to any music while working out.

• Being an intense cardio program, Insanity claims to boost cardiovascular fitness and burn a lot of calories. It helps you perspire a lot within the first 5 minutes.
• Since Insanity’s workouts are fairly short it seems ideally suited for people with busy schedules.
• Insanity can easily be completed in hotel rooms and anywhere since it requires no equipment.
• Since you are required to carry out Insanity’s fit test often, you notice results in your cardiovascular fitness and strength.
• One may find it a bit difficult to understand what the instructor says as he speaks rather fast and stumbles over his words a bit sometimes.
• Same warm up and cool down offered, which make it monotonous
• Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what is being demonstrated
• Some exercisers, at least in the beginning, don’t seem to be in great form while demonstrating boxing.

• Since Insanity is exclusively SO cardio focused and leg-focused. Legs get tired and one
may feel demotivated by that.
• Without weights, Insanity cannot sculpt the body as well as build muscle.
• Insanity is repetitive and sometimes seems monotonous.
• Insanity can’t really provide you with a ripped upper body except for some changes.
• Insanity Nutrition Plan seems tough to follow as it recommends only five small meals a day, which may not be liked by everyone.

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