Weider Ruthless vs Focus T25 vs Insanity

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Weider Ruthless

If you want to get into the best shape of your life then Weider Ruthless with its 20 intense 20-minute workouts claims to offer you the right solution. It has taken interval training to a whole new level while bringing controlled, functional movements into play. Add to it the complete mental focus that the workouts demand and you can get the hard body you have always wanted.

Weider Ruthless brings to you the training style of International fitness expert Steve Uria who has helped many athletes and Hollywood celebrities achieve ultimate fitness. Thanks to the workout calendar you can stay on top of things with your every day program and chart the map to your fitness goals. You also get a nutrition guide that lets you get faster results.


Focus T25

This is an intense workout program that allows you to get into the best physical shape. It brings to you high intensity cardio, strength and core training that helps you work on all parts of your body. Importantly, you get the results by working out for 25 minutes a day, thus saving you a lot of time and bringing you results quickly. Another highlight of this workout system is that there is no rest involved, which adds to its effectiveness.

With Focus T25 you work on a different muscle group at a time, and go from one move to another without any rest. You can keep working on a muscle group and when you can’t do another rep, you move on to another group. Thus you can stake a claim on ripped body that you always wanted.


Getting that ripped and hard body takes years of work for many. But this workout has been created so that you can get sensational results in about 60 days, according to its claims. It’s a highly intense workout that lasts 45 minutes and targets different muscle groups in your body to give you good results.

With Insanity workout you exercise for 3-5 minutes and then take a really short break before getting started again. This type of Max Interval Training can ensure that your body works at the maximum capacity all through the workout duration. Your body is pushed to limits and has to adapt, which is how you get those results.


Focus T25 Reviews/Complaints


Short but Intense: If you are a busy person with a packed schedule then Focus T25 is the workout for you as it includes high-intensity cardio, strength training, and core training all in just 25 minutes which will give you guaranteed results. With Focus T25 it takes just 25minutes to get that dream abs, lose the baby weight and get the six packs that is sure to make you feel better and look better.

Stop the Diets that shows no Results: Changing eating habits helps, but it is not enough. Focus T 25 gives you the promised results that will keep you motivated to continue the workout without giving up.


Focus T25 not so Focused: Focus T25 may take more than 25 minutes as you try to understand the instructions which are not so clear and the camera not too focused on the moves which can make it difficult for you to follow and you land up wasting your precious workout time on trying to understand the workout.

Repetitive: Focus T25 is really repetitive and full of moves with too much hoping, lateral lunges, and other cardio exercises in plank position that many people will have issues with after doing this for few weeks. The DVDs seem to be composed of the same 15-20 moves that may get monotones and easy for you to give up.


Insanity Reviews/Complaints


Insanity Workout: This is a workout that will push you to your limits, and that is the secret to its success. Here you work flat out in 3 to 5-minute blocks, and take breaks only long enough to gulp some air and get right back to work. You keep pushing your limits – so your body has to adapt. That’s how you get in such insane shape in just 60 days with the insanity workout.

The Complete Workout: Insanity gives you an all over workout for all your muscle groups, so when you complete each day, you have done an effective all over training. This program is the best workout in the market for an active person who wants to power up their routine to get in great shape and lose weight.


Beware of Insanity: Insanity workout definitely lives up to its name as it has some insane moves with lots of high impact, high jumping, fast twisting movements. This workout is very hard on your joints and many of the movements are very unnatural and risky for your body and may cause serious injuries. This program comes with a disclaimer at the beginning of every DVD about the intensity of the workouts and you better take it seriously!!

Poor Quality: Insanity might be a great workout but the poor quality DVD’s could be a complete put off. The workout is quite repetitive and can make your workout regime monotonous and boring and the bad music does not help either.

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