Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell

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What is it? Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell

Vuebell – It is a compact, Wi-Fi enabled secured intercom system and doorbell designed to offer total security to the user’s home. It has integrated Mic, speaker and camera and can be connected to a smartphone through Wi-Fi so that the user can view her/his home and speak with visitors even from outside. In that sense, Vuebell is designed as an alternative to the traditional doorbell system. Also, it is designed for outdoor as well as indoor use if the Wi_Fi network coverage is available.

Skybell – It is a sleek complete intercom security system in the form of a door bell that secures your home 24/7. Its makers present it as an inventive home security system disguised as a doorbell. It comes with Wi-Fi features which connect its owner with any visitor on her/ his smart phone to communicate anytime, anywhere. It is a sophisticated video doorbell that also lets its user see a visitor at night with the help of its full color HD video. It can also be put in the Quiet Mode through its app if necessary, so there’s no disturbance when it’s used.

Ringbell – The Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell allows the user to see and listen to anyone at the doorstep and be straightaway connected through the user’s device paired with it. It sends immediate alerts when the doorbell button is pressed or when its built-in motion sensors are triggered. Ringbell is an advanced video doorbell which works with motion-activated camera, two-way audio and sharp HD video. It’s a hi-tech video doorbell that allows one to answer the door from virtually anywhere through a smartphone, tablet or PC.

What does it do? Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell

Vuebell – Once a visitor arrives at user’s doorstep and buzzes her/ him, the Wi-Fi enabled features connects both instantly via smart phone and establishes two-way communication. The user can view, listen and converse with the visitor directly and keep track of people coming home anytime. VueBell also doubles as an upgraded door monitoring system that raises the safety standards with the help of its state-of-the-art features. It has integrated Mic, speaker and camera with which it also collects alerts. Its built-in ePIR are triggered automatically the moment there’s movement at the door, and the audio and video get recorded.

Skybell – It sends a direct feed alert to the user’s smartphone when it is pressed by a visitor at the door. The Wi-Fi, microphone, speaker and HD video camera features of SkyBell connect the visitor to the user, facilitating instant connectivity to speak and listen directly even though the user is not at home, thus securing home premises. It provides the facility of color night vision, which allows people living in the house see a visitor clearly even at night thanks to its full color HD video. In addition to that, SkyBell also records every video smoothly, which can be downloaded and viewed any time by users as per their convenience.

Ringbell – The Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell allows the user to see and listen to anyone at the doorstep and be straightaway connected through the smart phone, desk top or tablet paired with it. It sends immediate alerts when the doorbell button is pressed or the built-in motion sensors are triggered. Ringbell works with itsmotion-activated camera, two-way audio and sharp HD video. The free Ring app of Ringbell allows the user to see visitors in its HD video and also talk to them with its sharp two-way audio.

How does it work? Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell

Vuebell – After VueBell is installed properly and paired individually with users’ smart phone, it connects them to their visitors even when they are out. Its sharp and ultra-sensitive camera, mic and speaker offer seamless connectivity to facilitate uninterrupted communication with visitors, while enhancing inbuilt security of home.

Skybell – It has a compact HD camera, mic and speaker that replaces regular doorbell. When paired with the user’s device, SkyBell enables her/ him to communicate with the visitor with free app for selected iOS and Android devices. Its video can also be started from its app any time to keep an eye on what is happening at the door.

Ringbell – Ringbell is a home security intercom system-cum-door bell that works when paired with a smart phone, tablet or PC. It works by connecting the user to visitors directly so they can communicate through two-way audio with noise cancellation. It also functions with the help of motion-activated camera, two-way audio and HD video. It also helps the user designate special areas to monitor, customize sensitivity and get immediate alerts when visitors arrive.

Compare Features: Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell

Vuebell Features

  • Compatible with iOS and Android systems
  • 720p HD wide angle camera, Mic and speakers
  • Adjustable volume, multiple songs
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • HD 720P Camera
  • 185°Wide-Angel Video
  • Smart Guard Function (Motion Detection & PIR)
  • QR-Code Rapid Configuration
  • Live-View
  • Real time two-way audio
  • Cloud storage
  • Infrared night vision
  • Multi-user sharing
  • Noise suppression technology
  • Echo cancellation technology


Skybell Features

  • Supported by Wi-Fi
  • Round with 2.8 inches diameter
  • Mounted with HD video camera
  • Motion sensor
  • LED indicator
  • Clicks snaps at a touch of button
  • Comes with theft guarantee facility
  • Easy to install
  • Microphone and speaker
  • Free video recording
  • Quiet mode
  • Color night vision
  • Multiple user features
  • Robust


Ringbell Features

  • 0.9X2.45 inches in size
  • Wide-angle HD video
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 10 devices
  • Night vision
  • Motion-activated alerts
  • Two-way talk with noise cancellation audio feature
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Provides smartphone access from anywhere
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Dual-powered for better connectivity
  • Allows for customised motion zones
  • Available in four colors

Is it weather-proof? Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell

Vuebell – Yes, VueBell is weather proof with superior built quality that allows it to survive in extreme climatic conditions ranging from -20°C to 65°C.

Skybell – Yes, Skybell is weather proof, so one can count on it all through the year.

Ringbell – Yes, Ringbell is weather resistant.

Compare Video Format: Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell

Vuebell – VueBell has a 720p crystal clear HD wide angle camera that provides clear and complete view of visitors at doorstep.

Skybell – Skybell has a 1080p HD and 5x zoom wide angle camera with free video recording.

Ringbell – Ringbell is mounted with a 720p HD video camera with a 180° angle view for total security of your home.

Compare Panning angle: Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell

Vuebell – 1080*720P Horizontal 185° and vertical 120° wide angle lens

Skybell – Up to 1080p HD and 5x zoom

Ringbell – Wide-angle HD video with 180° field of view

Is it smart-phone compatible? Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell

Vuebell – Yes, VueBell with its Wi-Fi features is smart phone compatible so that the user has an eye on her/ his home entrance even from outside.

Skybell – Yes, it is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones besides PC and tablets.

Ringbell – Yes, Ringbell is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones for maximised security.

Does it have motion sensor? Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell

Vuebell – Yes, the embedded unique ePIR motion sensor of Vuebell lights up the blue bell touch button and shows its position for pushing to call when a visitor is at the entrance.

Skybell – Yes, SkyBell is programmed to alert the user even if a visitor doesn’t press its button. It imparts additional security to the premises.

Ringbell – Yes, it provides the user instant alerts when visitors press the doorbell or trigger built-in motion sensors.

Does it have Infra-Red? Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell

Vuebell – Yes, it has infra-red feature.

Skybell – Not mentioned

Ringbell – Yes, it does.

Does it have Wi-fi? Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell

Vuebell – Yes, it is.

Skybell – Yes

Ringbell – Yes

Does it have speaker? Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell

Vuebell – Yes, it does.

Skybell – Yes, SkyBell is provided with speaker facility.

Ringbell – Yes, it is.

Motion-activated Alerts? Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell

Vuebell – Yes, Vuebell features motion-activated alerts.

Skybell – Yes, motion-activated alerts are one of the highlights of SkyBell.

Ringbell – Yes, Ringbell provides motion-activated alerts.

Compare Price Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell

Vuebell – It comes for $99.00 with free shipping.

Skybell – It’s priced at $199.

Ringbell – Its total cost is $135.85 + $10.31 shipping

Compare Warranty: Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell

Vuebell – Extended warranty of 18 months is given on purchase of Vuebell.

Skybell – One year warranty is applicable from the date of purchase.

Ringbell – 1 year warranty is given in case of defects on manufacturer’s side.

Compare Reviews: Vuebell vs Skybell vs Ringbell

Vuebell REVIEW

Vuebell has evoked mixed reactions from people who’ve bought it. On the positive front, a customer has appreciated Vuebell as a ‘nice’ product doing great as a door cam. Quite a few others have also echoed the same view, though a few have simultaneously mentioned certain drawbacks associated with it also. One of them has spoken about the difficulty he faced while installing Vuebell, though the fault wasn’t from the manufacturer’s side. There was a problem with wiring on part of the customer. As a result, he had to start installing the doorbell from the scratch.

Another customer who tried installing Vuebell in his new apartment had to put up a doorbell transformer first and then hardwire it into his apartment’s power. He’s to ensure that a “bell wire” goes from the transformer to the Vuebell to work. He’s said that one can do it only he has some knowledge of wiring and how to run the wire through the doorframe. Without knowing how to manage it, fixing Vuebell would be a difficult task.

Others have not been so positive in recounting their experiences with Vuebell. Some have said outright that they’re not happy with this product. Reasons given by them include difficulty while installing, misleading instructions and even the trouble of having to reprogram Vuebell owing to power outage, router issues, etc. Some have also pointed out the inconsistency with which Vuebell works, as in, the difference in picture quality of images taken during day and night. Images captured by Vuebell during daytime turn out clearer and sharper as compared to those clicked after evening.

Another issue raised by a number of customers of Vuebell is that it’s not compatible with the doorbell chime system of some of them. One user has said that he was forced to remove this system as it wasn’t gelling with Vuebell. Quite a few people have also spoken about problems one faces while storing purchases through Cloud. Recordings stored in Cloud cost quite a lot, so that becomes additional expenditure due to Vuebell. One may find it difficult to sync Vuebell with Windows communication devices, as one user having a Windows phone has complained. She says she can’t find the right application in the Windows domain that can help her handle these cameras.

There’s another customer who’s said that he finds the functions offered by Vuebell inadequate. He says that some of features and functions of Vuebell below average. For instance, its WiFi connectivity is not very impressive; in fact, even areas having strong WiFi signal cannot enjoy seamless connectivity facility due to shortcomings in Vuebell. Customers also complain about losing connection every now and then, due to which Vuebell doesn’t do everything it’s supposed to.

Vuebell doesn’t seem very compatible with iPhone, as several customers using these phones have complained. They are unable to view footage on it clearly. Some of the exasperated users owning iPhones have given up on Vuebell and plan to switch over to other alternatives at the earliest.


SkyBell has been appreciated by its users for the wonderful daytime video it makes and for the color night vision too. In addition to that, assembling SkyBell is also comparatively easy. One customer has described how even his existing doorbell mounted to the brick and mortar wall could match with Skybell’s bracket flawlessly.

Although the components provided by the manufacturers of SkyBell may not be the greatest, most customers say that they feel they can count on it. Its makers also offer free video storage and unlimited free downloads. What’s more, no subscription fees is applicable and one can use Skybell without any hitches.

Other features of SkyBell that have impressed the customers include its ability to detect motion around users’ front porch. Also, SkyBell allows users to change the color of the lighting and offers quite a few features at no additional cost.

SkyBell, however, does bear some features that its customers say need improvement. For instance, initially SkyBell used to set off false alarms quite often, which was due to its motion sensor that was firmly based on the camera detection motion. Therefore, the makers of SkyBell took care of that problem by providing an advanced firmware update for it. As a result, the number of false alarms has reduced greatly.

However, other reviews of SkyBell are not very positive. Some customers have commented that the quality of its speaker is not up to the mark. It seems to be more compatible with the iOS app as compared to others. For instance, its iOS app has the capability to adjust the motion sensor for weeks ahead, which is something Android doesn’t support. A customer has complained that SkyBell is not compatible with his Moto X Pure phone.

Also, although SkyBell detects movements around smoothly on most days, for some reason, it doesn’t work that well when it’s cold. It tends to signal false movements when it’s chilly and doesn’t get connected to the phone very easily. Some users have also said that the instructions available with the SkyBell unit seem to be more helpful for home security system than smartphones.

In spite of these issues, most customers acknowledge SkyBell as a decent purchase, especially when additional steps are taken to make it work better. Getting a Powerline adapter with Wi-Fi or by placing the router near the doorbell empowers SkyBell to perform better, according to those who’ve tried them and got good results.

Ring Wi-fi Doorbell REVIEW

A customer who purchased Ringbell a week back says she was happy with the ease with which she could install the intercom system. Her house is located about 30 metres away from the main street. From the day she installed Ring Wi-Fi Doorbell, it started buzzing frequently. However, upon checking, she’d find that most of the time, no one would be around her main door. She changed the motion zone of Ringbell by making it 5 feet after three days, but that didn’t stop generating false alerts completely although the frequency became less after that.

She says that once when she just checked her Ringbell, it did not pick up her movement. That got her a bit worried. She says that she’s noticed that Ring Wi-Fi Doorbell doesn’t indicate the arrival of delivery boys at times. She’s not able to figure out why it happens. Sometimes the Ringbell also sends late alerts on her Android and iPad. She decided to get some support from the customer service of the Ringbell yesterday and now she’s hoping to find some improvement in its performance.

Feedback for Ringbell from other customers shows that while they are not impressed with some of its features, they have appreciated other things about it at the same time. Ringbell, as per the comments of a large number of customers, is very easy to install. One just needs a hand drill to fix the Ringbell after changing its battery at the time of starting installation.

Quite a few customers find it easy to track if they have locked my front door with the help of Ringbell. The 180° wide angle lens view of the Rin Ringbell camera provides a decent resolution and the infrared LEDs facility that works well in the dark. Most customers have also stated that the images captured on the Ringbell are very sharp and clear.

However, there are some shortcomings in Ringbell which its buyers have pointed out. Most of them feel that one needs to have a strong Wi-Fi signal, without which Ringbell doesn’t work very well. Ringbell also needs a strong bandwidth to avail of functions like alerts and live view features to work smoothly.

According to some users, the motion sensing features of the Ringbell aren’t very accurate. Although the Ringbell instruction kit doesn’t make a mention of this, the whole system works smoothly only if its internal battery is fully charged. And charging the internal battery itself takes not any less than 12-16 hours, which means you’ll probably go without security for so long at a stretch.

Some users have also said that there’s some delay from Ringbell in detecting motion. Many others have also pointed out that the record function of Ringbell isn’t very prompt either. Also, one is required to answer the ring or motion event quickly or it won’t be possible to watch the live video properly. These are some of the issues related to Ringbell, which customers feel need to be fixed immediately for better security.

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