Vitamix S30 vs NutriBullet vs NutriBullet Pro

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Compare Features and Benefits: Vitamix S30 vs NutriBullet vs NutriBullet Pro

Vitamix S30 Features and Benefits
It is a personal blender that claims to offer you high performance as well. VitaMix S30 asserts that it can be the right option for your regular blending needs. If you are looking to eat healthy and make juices, smoothies etc a part of your daily diet then this blender claims to offer you convenience while making them. VitaMix S30 also ensures that you will not run out of healthy options that can be added to your diet, which can now be made easily and within no time.

The promoters of Vitamix S30 unveil it as a singular electric personal blender that boasts of exceptional performance, sleek looks and top quality. It serves the finest blended smoothies, beverages, soups and other varieties more that it whips up effortlessly in a jiffy. The material it is constructed out of is BPA free so all your foods processed in it are safe and fresh. It comes with two different containers you can use- one of 20 ounce and another of 40 ounce container. It features 10 speed controls and a pulse function so that you can select the consistency of your ingredients.

VitaMix S30 is made using high quality components and has a sleek design – It’s these components used in VitaMix S30 are what make it so effective and long lasting, according to its claims. They are backed by the fact that you get a five year full warranty with it. VitaMix S30 is also known for its sleek and compact design, which makes it the ideal appliance for your kitchen worktop. It’s also portable and lets you create healthy recipes wherever you go.

  • It is meant for your family needs and you can blend just the right amount of items with it.
  • VitaMix S30 claims to let you carry your cold beverages with you and they stay cold too. That’s because of the 20 oz container that can blend single servings and double up as an instant travel cup.
  • There’s also the 40 oz container that can let you make sauces, soups and other family meals. The containers are BPA free and double wall insulated to hold temperatures.
  • VitaMix S30 has hard stainless steel blades that can be easily attached to both the containers for your convenience.
  • It also has a powerful 790 watt motor that can crush ice and blend hardest whole food ingredients as well. Variable speed control and pulse options keep things in your hands too.


NutriBullet Features and Benefits
It is a kitchen appliance that extracts food so that it is consumed in its most nutritious and absorptive state.

NutriBullet claims to help anyone who is looking to eat healthy on a regular basis and add years to their life.

Today there’s a lot of emphasis on eating right and we like to get the natural goodness of food products as much as possible. That’s just what NutriBullet promises to bring to you by turning your regular food into super foods. And it does that by breaking down ingredients into their highly nutritious and most absorptive state. That means you not only get the optimum benefits out of the ingredients but get them quickly too.

NutriBullet claims it’s an appliance par excellence as it actually pulverizes not just the usual parts of fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs but also the stems, seeds and skins to dig out maximum nutrients, which it does with its exclusive extractor technology. Nutri Bullet features advantages such as high-torque power base, a 600-watt motor, a special patented blade design including one flat blade and one emulsifying blade. Nutri Bullet obtains fresh, healthy and delicious extracts that promote good health, youthful look and fitness. It rejuvenates you by whipping up the most healthful and delicious natural preparations you can think of.

The problem with juicers is that they remove all the fiber from food items, which is a nuisance. Blending on the other hand leaves big chunks of food behind and you miss out on their nutritional value. But that’s not the case with NutriBullet, which breaks down the ingredients into their highly nutritious state. It contains Extractor blades, which make NutriBullet so powerful and its performance is further boosted by the presence of the Stainless Steel Milling Blade.


  • The 600 watt motor makes it quite effective for your regular needs.
  • NutriBullet comes with an extra large tall cup that lets you emulsify and make Nutriblasts according to your requirements. Meanwhile the short cup claims to have a one handled comfort lip ring to make it convenient for your use.
  • NutriBullet claims to offer you outstanding health benefits that include lowered blood pressure, low cholesterol, balanced blood sugar and relief from migraines as well.


NutriBullet Pro Features and Benefits
NutriBullet Pro is a step ahead of the original NutriBullet as it combines the power of 900 watt motor, 2 sharpest extractor blades along with a host of features that supply your extracts with richest nutrition in an incredibly easy way. NutriBullet Pro is a powerful appliance that works by bursting open seeds, cracking through stems, tearing through the toughest skins to pull out hidden nutrients in the ingredients. The extractor blades, when combined with cyclonic action, effortlessly break down, pulverize and emulsify foods and convert them into the most digestible state so you can access the hidden nutrition inside.

Compare Design: Vitamix S30 vs Nutribullet vs Nutribullet Pro 900 vs Nutribullet Rx

Vitamix S30 Design – It fits easily on the countertop. Its 40-oz container is compact and the 20-oz container can be carried as a travel cup with its portable flip-top lid.

Nutribullet – It’s very sleek and the vertical design makes it compact enough to place in the kitchen comfortably. The cyclonic design feature functions with the power base.

Nutribullet Pro 900 – It is very easy to use and accommodating in design with a towering pattern, power base and the cup that mount on it taking less countertop space.

Nutribullet Rx – It has a vertical design with the power base on bottom and the container coming on the top. It has a pre-programmed hands-free extraction design. There are no switches, plungers, speed adjustments or time settings. It decides the required RPM by intelligently judging and turns for the right amount of time at the right intervals.

Compare Material: Vitamix S30 vs Nutribullet vs Nutribullet Pro 900 vs Nutribullet Rx

Vitamix S30 – BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester with dishwasher safe parts

Nutribullet – BPA-free plastic and comes with dishwasher safe parts.

Nutribullet Pro 900 – BPA-free plastic and some parts are dishwasher safe.

Nutribullet Rx – BPA-free, non-toxic, high-impact plastic with dishwasher safe parts.

Compare Power: Vitamix S30 vs Nutribullet vs Nutribullet Pro 900 vs Nutribullet Rx

Vitamix S30 – 790 watts

Nutribullet – 600 Watts power and its blades rotate at 10,000 RPM

Nutribullet Pro 900 – 900 Watts power with 1.2 horsepower and blades rotating at 25,000 RPM.

Nutribullet Rx – 2.3 Horsepower design with 1700 Watts. The RPM is intelligently decided by its program.

Compare Containers: Vitamix S30 vs Nutribullet vs Nutribullet Pro 900 vs Nutribullet Rx

Vitamix S30 – Two BPA-free containers – 20-oz portable, double-walled container ideal for beverages, dressings, and food prep that doubles up as a travel cup with its flip-top lid, 40-oz container blends small batches of soups, sauces, frozen desserts, etc.

Nutribullet – 1 Tall cup of 24-oz and 2 Short cups of 18-oz. The non-toxic plastic material of containers is also impact-free unlike glass containers. There is also 1 handled lip ring, 1 regular lip ring and 1 stay-fresh resealable lids to make the containers a on-the-go cup.

Nutribullet Pro 900 – 2 Tall cups of 18-oz, 1 short cup and 1 Colossal cup of 24-oz. The lip rings and flip-top to-go lids convert containers into cups avoiding the need to pour into different cups or bottles. The plastic material makes it impact-free and easy to carry.

Nutribullet Rx – The containers are bigger than standard Nutribullet blenders. 29-ounce small cup, 34-ounce large cup and 34-ounce pitcher with vented lids blend for the whole family.

Compare Blades: Vitamix S30 vs Nutribullet vs Nutribullet Pro 900 vs Nutribullet Rx

Vitamix S30 – The blade base is interchangeable with hardened, stainless-steel blades that attach easily to both containers.

Nutribullet – One milling and one extractor blade.

Nutribullet Pro 900 – 2 extractor blades.

Nutribullet Rx – One large turbo extractor blade.

Compare Uses: Vitamix S30 vs Nutribullet vs Nutribullet Pro 900 vs Nutribullet Rx

Vitamix S30 – It can make meals at home or on-the-go whether beverages, dressings, soups, sauces, frozen desserts, or food prep. You can use it as an instant travel cup due to its flip-top lid.

Nutribullet – It makes nutrition-rich beverages like smoothies, juices, veggie drinks, etc. with its power to blend, juice, chop, crush and extract nutrition from all types of nutrients.

Nutribullet Pro 900 – Nutribullet Pro 900 shreds, blends, grinds and chops fruits and vegetables to make rich smoothies, nutrition rich juices and healthy veggie drinks.

Nutribullet Rx – Apart from the standard use of making vitamin and nutrient-rich drinks like smoothies, veggie drinks and juices, Nutribullet Rx can be also used to make hot and healthy soups and fondues.

Compare Speed Settings: Vitamix S30 vs Nutribullet vs Nutribullet Pro 900 vs Nutribullet Rx

Vitamix S30 – Variable speed control and pulse feature create various textures of foods.

Nutribullet – One speed setting.

Nutribullet Pro 900 – Single speed setting.

Nutribullet Rx – Two speed settings with a manual setting

Compare Safety Features: Vitamix S30 vs Nutribullet vs Nutribullet Pro 900 vs Nutribullet Rx

Vitamix S30 – The safety interlocking system switches the machine off automatically when the container is lifted or shifted from the base while blending.

Nutribullet – Very safe to use and locks while use.

Nutribullet Pro 900 – The push and twist feature means it does not switch on unless desired.

Nutribullet Rx – It locks on while usage but care should be taken while touching the appliance when the surface is hot.

Compare Warranty: Vitamix S30 vs Nutribullet vs Nutribullet Pro 900 vs Nutribullet Rx

Vitamix S30 – 5 year full warranty

Nutribullet – One year limited warranty.

Nutribullet Pro 900 – Four year limited warranty.

Nutribullet Rx – Four year limited warranty.

Compare Reviews and Complaints: Vitamix S30 vs NutriBullet vs NutriBullet Pro

Vitamix S30 Review – Pros and Cons
Vitamix S30 is a sleek and compact personal blender that features small containers (20 or 40 ounce) to process foods in if that’s the quantity you prefer. It’s ideal for single servings or to whip up something for two. The blender also boasts of appealing looks that can win over anyone.


NutriBullet Review – Pros and Cons
NutriBullet may claim that it is an accomplished blender that processes ingredients flawlessly. It claims that it goes beyond other brands as it processes not only the usual parts of ingredients but also the stem, seeds and skin. It uses sophisticated features and specially designed blades to do the job. However, a look at real reviews of the blender paints a different picture. Various reports from users indicate that NutriBullet may begin showing problems in not more than two months from the time you begin using it. You may find lubricating grease leaking from the blade unit. You may notice leakage even when the unit is duly tightened and not overfilled, and before you know, the entre lubrication is exhausted. Another issue with NutriBullet is the loud noise it creates while blending. The blade units turn rusty, the gasket leaks and the motor releases unwholesome-looking brown dust. Cleaning off the rust and the gasket is a task and of no use.


NutriBullet Pro Review – Pros and Cons
NutriBullet Pro may be compact and lightweight but it asserts that it packs a punch and goes beyond expectations. It is provided with a powerful 900 watt motor and two exceptionally sharp extractor blades that help it blend root veggies, frozen fruit, chia and more. It tears through seeds, stems and skin to extract nutrients that lie hidden in these parts. It guarantees it supplies abundant nutrition by breaking down food into its most digestible state. You can use NutriBullet regularly to prepare protein shakes, dips, smoothies and more. It doesn’t occupy too much space so you can use it whenever you wish.

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